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Have you registered?  Are you THINKING about attending?  Have questions?  Here's a place where we can share our travel plans, our fears, our questions - and get acquainted before we all land in Tampa March 23-25, 2018!

If you're on Facebook, be sure to "like" the Camp Widow page.  You'll find photos and good info there, too.

  • When are you arriving/departing? 
  • Want to coordinate rides from the airport?
  • Need to carpool?
  • Post your specific questions here ... and get answers!!

Here's a link to the Camp Widow web site:

Here's a link to the Tampa Camp schedule:

On the fence about attending Camp?  Ask questions here and watch this video:  Finding Hope at Camp Widow

Here's the Blue One Transportation flyer for 2018. The rate is $12.  Blue One Transportation Flyer

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It's our 10 year anniversary year and the last year Michele will be giving her amazing Keynotes. You won't want to miss attending Camp during 2018.

The hotel does not provide a shuttle to/from the airport.  If you're traveling alone Super Shuttle is available for $8 per person one way. If you're traveling with someone, then taxis would be more economical at about $15 one way.

The website isn't yet updated with the Tampa schedule and specific workshops, but you can get a good idea of what to expect by viewing what we had at the Toronto Camp. I'll post in here once the Tampa info is posted; usually 3-4 weeks before Camp starts.

We hold an informal meetup on the Thursday for those who arrive early to get acquainted with one another before Camp starts. It starts at 4pm and is held at the Champions Sports Bar located off the lobby of the hotel.  

For any of you going to Camp for the first time, please feel free to text me if you have any apprehension about joining the group on Thursday. I started doing these meetups after attending my first Camp because I remembered how hard it was for me to come that first year not knowing anyone. I'd be happy to meet you in the lobby and bring you in to introduce to others.  Send me a message or PM me in the chat room and I'll give you my cell #. 

And this goes for Friday morning, too. I've seen many a first-timer start to come into registration when the tears started and they turned around to leave. I have no trouble running after you (LOL) but if you have my cell you can reach out and I'll meet you outside and walk you through registration.

You will not regret being brave enough to attend your first Camp, I promise.

I'm excited to be joining you all at camp widow for the first time in Tampa.  Jerry passed away in Dec 2017.  I didn't think I'd ever have anything to look forward too or be excited about again.  That in and of itself is a great feat and gives me hope for better days!  I've never been anywhere outside of a 100 mile radius of my home alone.  I'm nervous, anxious and scared but all in a good way!   

My flight comes into Tampa at 11:50 AM Friday and leaves at 6:30 AM Sunday.  

You've got my phone number if you need anything when you arrive - and you'll find me in the registration area Friday morning. You arrive during the lunch break, so you'll have time to get settled before heading into your first session at 2:15pm. Can't wait to meet you, Rainy.

The schedule for our  Tampa Camp was posted earlier today.  Here's a link to check it out:

My husband passed January 27, 2018. He was 60 and I'm 47. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer August 2015. He went through chemo and radiation and surgery. We had nine healthy months then a recurrence September 2017. The cancer spread quickly and aggressively in December and January. He was my third husband (two previous divorces) and I was his fourth wife (three previous divorces). We were together for 8 years and married 7.5 when he passed. We were epic :-). We had 8 plus fabulous years. Everyday was good. He told me how much he loved me multiple times everyday how much he loved me. We were opposite in many ways . He truly was my other half. I am thankful to have his two adult sons. I'm trying to find my way. I want to make him proud of me. The camp looks interesting. I've read stories of so many people just like me. 

hugs, Epic

I am so sorry for your recent loss, Epic.

I highly recommend Camp, if you can make it. We've had people attend just a couple of weeks out from their loss - and others of us return years after our loss.  I love Widowed Village and credit it for saving me during those first months, but meeting many of my Village friends and others at Camp when I was 11 months out, helped me so much.  Being surrounded by others who understand makes such a difference. Many have become very dear friends - and I've actually attended new weddings for three of them!

If you have any specific questions about Camp, let me know. 


I am looking forward to spending time with some other people who understand my current level of crazy.  I think I need the escape from other people who continue to look at me like I am an alien. 

I come in at 4:30 on Thursday and plan to get on the Super Shuttle to the hotel.  

The agenda looks interesting, although a few different sessions in the same time period look interesting so it will be about making the right choices :D.  

Tony - I'm looking forward to meeting you. I always enjoy meeting Villagers in person!  We have a good number of widowers attending, too, so you'll have that group to get acquainted with. Definitely plan to attend the round table for widowers on Friday afternoon.

The group will more than likely still be in Champions from the 4pm meetup, so pop in after you get checked in at the hotel to meet some Campers before it gets busy on Friday.

And know that if you choose to attend a session and then find that it wasn't what you expected and wish you had chosen a different one that you can get up and leave and enter the other session. Nearly all of our presenters are also widowed and all of them completely understand people coming and going.

I just modified my flight, I am not coming in at 1PM.  I wasn't really thinking when I made the later reservation.  On the plus side, I just save 2000 points on my flight because the new flight is cheaper.  

Well that's great news all around, Tony!  See you in 37 days!

Dear Dianne, Rainy, Epic and Tony and all,

Looking very forward to seeing all of you at Camp in Tampa! I arrive at Tampa Airport at 1:18PM on United Airlines on Thursday, March 22 and

depart the hotel around noon Monday, March 26 to make the 3:13PM flight back home to NJ.  

I've been to camp widow before, and feel very fortunate to be able to attend camp this year. If you've never been to Tampa it's a beautiful city. The Marriott is 

amazing and Soaring Spirits is such a wonderful organization. It's truly a life changing weekend. I'm so looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! 



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