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Have you registered?  Are you THINKING about attending?  Have questions?  Here's a place where we can share our travel plans, our fears, our questions - and get acquainted before we land in San Diego.

If you're on Facebook, be sure to "like" the Camp Widow page.  You'll find photos and good info there, too.

We also have a CWW2014 event posted here in Widville that you can RSVP to and see who else is attending.

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It's just 10 weeks until Camp Widow West!  Take a look at the event schedule posted on the web site:

There are some new intensive workshops being offered - and two different times to do the message release Saturday night. 

Who's going?!?!

I'll be there.   Glad to go again.  Best thing I've ever done for myself.  I had a lot of fun last year and I'm looking forward to more, now that I know people.

I am thinking of going. I am super scared to go alone. Any advice would be great!

You won't be alone long, this is a very inclusive group. This will be my 5th!!

It is not just the camp and being alone. It is also the traveling to get there and back. For that matter doing anything alone scares me as well as anything new. 5 years wow that is awesome. It must be wonderful to go back so many times.

I understand, Angel. That first venture out alone is a hard one, but you can do it. It's truly amazing what we can do because we have to. And you'll know when you're ready to give it a try. Camp Widow is a wonderful place to start. I can't emphasize enough how powerful it is to be surrounded by so many who just 'get' it. And you will feel that the moment you arrive.

Maybe try going out to eat alone first. Even if it's just a fast food place. Learn how to sit at a table alone. Take a little drive alone to a scenic location.  Go to a park or botanical garden and walk around. Each little step you take, you'll get stronger. There may be days when those steps go backward, but those help you get stronger, too. 

I married at 18 and had 41 years with my guy. Learning to do things alone was very scary. Trying new things has been scary. But what choice do we have?  I felt I had to keep living in order to honor the life we shared. So I did it and you can, too. Don't be too hard on yourself. Listen to that inner voice. When you feel strong - try something, anything. We'll cheer you on!

Hi Angel, I'm not going to CWW but the first CWE I attended in SC, I drove by myself from where I live in Florida to Myrtle Beach, SC - it was about a 9 hour drive.  It was my first drive that long by myself.  I also stayed at a motel on the trip there which was also a first for me.  I didn't even make reservations ahead of time, I just got off an exit when I was getting tired where there were a couple of motels.  Everything was new and scary but I did it and was proud of myself for doing it.  

This last February, the Tampa retreat was my first event to attend. I flew from WA to FL.  I made myself sick with worry and fear. I don't know if this will help you, but for me, I like being familiar with the surroundings when I travel. I suggest, if you fear traveling alone Google the airport layout so you understand where you are going (terminals, baggage claim, taxi pickup or rental car pickup). You might not feel so lost and disorientated if you know where everything is located.  If it helps, Google the route from the airport to the hotel so you understand the distance.  Get familiar with the hotel and what is in the surrounding area. This will help if you want to take walks around to catch your breath.

My biggest fear wasn't the traveling alone, it was meeting new people. I've thrown up so many walls to protect myself and my situation since my husband died. I didn't think I was ready to let new people in, expose myself, or even have the strength to be in a group of people that already knew each other. I remember thinking, "Camp Widow??? They make a camp for this crap? You got to be kidding me!" Nope... they do make a camp for widows and it was the best decision I made for myself. 

I will admit... I hid in my room a few times between workshops and cried my eyes out.  I was emotionally exhausted by the end of the weekend. It's not always easy "sharing" or "listening" in the workshops. But... I left FL with new ways of working through my grief, new relationships, new resources, new outlook, and yes I left smiling and a realization that I laughed for the first time in 8 months. 

There is something about being there that makes you feel instantly welcome.  You don't have to know anyone. They already accept you the moment you walk through the door. They get you. They get the grief. They know you are hurting. If you breakdown and cry, they are all there to help you cry and help pick you back up. They get it. 

Needless to say, I’m all paid and ready to go!  :)  I hope you join us. 

I keep coming back to this thread and am conflicted about going, I live 1 hour away from San Diego. I have never been great at big get togethers, my fear is that I'd spend the whole time alone. My fear is that everybody there already has they're group of friends they are comfortable with and they stick together and feel comfortable within that group and I'd struggle trying to meet new friends?

Oh Enzo ... I know EXACTLY how you feel. You are where I was before attending my first Camp Widow. Same exact thoughts.  Keep talking here in Widville with others who will be there - it helps to "know" someone to look for on that very first day. Plan to arrive late Thursday afternoon if you can. We hold an informal "Widville Meetup" at the pool bar and it's a great ice-breaker in a smaller setting. And the San Diego camp generally has our largest widower attendance, too. 

I'm the volunteer coordinator and will be stationed in the store/registration area most of the time. You can always stop by and I can introduce you to others.

Not sure where you live in California, but we have regional groups that meet twice a month. If there's one in your area, you could meet with them and get to know others who may be coming to Camp.  Here's where you'll find their events posted:

Hope you'll join us, Enzo. I can pretty much assure that you won't regret it.

Here's a link to view photos from last year's San Diego Camp:  Camp Widow West 2013 Photos

Thanks for the encouragement. I noticed in the Facebook photos it looks like there is a formal night? Will I need to bring my suit for formal night? Will there be a formal night? Thank You


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