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A statement was made tonight in Chat that I've been pondering. Who would notice if we didn't show up in chat much less facebook which many seem to be a member of? I know I am guilty of not contacting someone who is usually in chat in the evening and that is something I am going to work on changing. If you aren't in chat or on facebook and I have your phone number I will be calling to check on you. It's just to ease my mind that you are okay. I know a few who come in to chat occasionally because they are usually busy doing something else but who is to say they could have fallen or something more serious could have happened to them and we think 'oh they are busy'.

I think for my friends on here who don't pop in all the time or even if they miss a day I'm going to start checking on them to make sure they are okay. Many of us live alone and several live in the country without a neighbor for miles or if they have a neighbor they don't check to see if they are okay if the go MIA for a day or two. Just some food for thought. Something we might want to start considering.

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Hi Janet

As we were discussing last night in the chatroom, here is a great resource on pricing out medical alert devices!  Some are cheap enough to not have to eat spaghetti and ketchup!



I gave all my contact info to the place I volunteer M-W-F and told them if you can't reach me, send the police to do a welfare check. I think about if I fell and hit my head. Or anything else that might incapacitate me.

 Not quite ready for a Medic Alert device yet, I hope. But when I am sick I bring my cell phone upstairs with me. (no landline)


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