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I burn anything I cook.

And I tell people, "Never leave your iPod on top of the laundry basket, not even for a second."

You? PLEASE tell us. We will laugh, or cry, but you will probably find someone worse off than you, too!

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I took my cell phone INTO the shower....and I once went to work in TWO DIFFERENT SHOES!!!

I did the shoe thing too!  One was camel colored and one was dark brown. Totally different styles and heel heights.

LOL MIne were two different colors, too, and very different styles. No way you could miss it!! But I did, lol.

I did the shoe thing too. I've also worn my slippers to work too!!!

Thankfully I have an extra pair there.

Hi Valerie! me too on the slippers--at least they weren't too outlandish.

Keys and the water in the kitchen sink. 

I live out in the country and everyone keeps their gates closed and if they aren't home they are locked.  I would go out and unlock the padlock on the gate, open it, grab my paper and mail, toss it on my desk, grab my purse, lock the house, drive out and close and lock the gate and leave.  For almost three years, off and on, I left my damn keys in the door of the house.  Unfortunately the keys I left in the door had the gate key on the ring.  I hated having to climb over the stupid gate. I kept having visions of getting stuck and just hanging there until someone came along.   Eventually I had extra keys made and my neighbors now have a set and I carry an extra set in my purse and have another set on my property. It might be overkill but it made me feel so inept when ever I did this.   Funny thing was that after I had the extra keys made I very seldom forgot to take the keys out of the door. 

 For some reason I would be running water in the kitchen sink, turn away to do something and forget it was on.  Had a really clean floor for a couple of years.   

Thank God it's not just me! I was in the checkout line at the grocery store when I remembered something I had forgotten to get.  By the time I got out of the line to pick it up, I had forgotten what it was that I had forgotten! I have to write everything down, because I swear my brain leaks.

I'm with you sib4.  I have lost my keys so many times (found them most of the time).  I have had to get replacements made because some of them I have lost permanently.  I went to visit friends one evening and left my purse in the house.  Yep---the house that I locked up before I left.  When I came home, I went to all the doors hoping that one was open because I didn't know how else I was going to get in (It was 11:30 pm).  Fortunately one of my basement doors was unlocked. 

I didn't used to be this scatterbrained.  It's something I don't want to get used to!!!!


Speaking of keys....I tore my house apart one morning, late for work, frantically searching for my keys.... and they turned up in the FREEZER.

Keys, I too have had extra sets made-  Lost the whole set for the motor home- they are still missing, had to have it rekeyed and that was an expense- finally sold the motor home.  Then I went to pick up some memory bears at hospice that were made for me, returned to the truck, looked for my keys- not in my purse but in the ignition.  I had used my AAA card so much that year it was used up, so I had to call my daughter have her go to my house and get the extra set and bring them to me.  There I sat for almost 2 hours waiting for her to come.  Had a spare made of my truck and van and now its attached to my purse- so If I don't lock my purse and the keys in either vehicle Im good...!!

I have a big plastic jug in my fridge for my Crystal Light. I leave the cap partially unscrewed so that the juice will flow out easier from the spout. One day, I noticed that some of the mix did not dissolve so I went to shake it...and the cap flew off and Crystal Light Fruit Punch went flying EVERYWHERE in the kitchen. I had a meltdown after that...LOL.


One day I was sitting on the couch drinking some yummy coffee...and a little nat or fly flew by my face...and I went to swat it...with the hand holding my hot coffee. Coffee allll over the couch...


There's been a few other dumb moments. A lot of times they frustrate me because I immediately start to think that if I was not alone now, these things wouldn't happen. But then again, I've always been a forgetful klutz...I would just have had Felix chiding me about how klutzy I am LOL...

Oh, so many....

- I regularly turn on the shower and start doing something else while waiting for the water to get hot, then remember 15, 20 minutes later and find the bathroom has become a sauna.

- If I had $1 for each time I've had to call my cell phone to find it, none of us would ever have to work again.

- I lived my whole life never paying a bill even a day late, only to let it all fall apart in the last two years - lots of WE WILL TURN OFF YOUR POWER IF YOU DON'T PAY TODAY- type bills. It's not that I don't have the money, it's that I don't remember to send it to nice folks at the power company. Or the cable company. Or the homeowners' insurance company. You get the idea.

I'm sure there are lots more, but this is a start.


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