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I burn anything I cook.

And I tell people, "Never leave your iPod on top of the laundry basket, not even for a second."

You? PLEASE tell us. We will laugh, or cry, but you will probably find someone worse off than you, too!

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Jen, set up autopays to a credit card.  It's the only way I can get my bills paid on time!  And then I have email reminders sent from my credit cards to remind me to pay them! 


That's a fabulous idea!! I"m going to do it this weekend...if I!

I agree about Autopay. I have everything setup that way and it helps immensely.  One less thing I dont have to worry about! I highly recommend this..

OH my goodness, Jen, all of my bills are those past-due ones lately, too. I was never like that before Rod died! I just can't remember to send them!! ugh.

Oh wow! It makes me feel SO-O-O-O much better to read these! I was never late on a bill in my life. Now this past year, I'm hardly ever on time.

I was driving with my kids in the car staring at a red light and ran right though it. I saw the light, the instinct to brake never turned on. Two cars missed me. I don't know how...angels I guess. I hate widow brain. I used to be intelligent but now I'm just an idiot.

That's a frightening one, I've done it, too. You're not an're just too distracted from trying to live for two. (((hugs)))

I have received two tickets since Danny died, never had one in the 46 yrs of driving- One for running a stop sign and the other for being on the tail end of a yellow/red light.  The stop sign I swore I sopped at, but he officer said no, I even tried playing the widow card...NOT!!  He just handed me the ticket and had me sign for it.  

I am so glad I am not the only one who pays bills late.  I write the checks I put them in my purse and drive by the post office at least 3 times a day, never stopping in.  Cell phone and tv remote forget it.  I have found them in the backyard, the medicine cabinet, the freezer.  Sheesh I was beginning to think that I was getting dementia.  I once left my daughters car at the repair shop and forgot about it after they called to say it was ready.  It sat there for 3 more days. LOL

Over the years when I would misplace things like my keys, wallet, glasses ,my wife would usually be the one to find them. I used to blame her for moving them from where I had originally placed them. Now when I can't find something, I look up and as for her help from above. When I do find what I was looking for, I say out loud, thank you Kar.

We blame my husband when we can't find things because he used to pull pranks so much :)

Here's one you might enjoy.. I made a couple of pans of lasagna on Sunday... one very small one for me.. after I packed up the two pans and delivered them to the perspective families I returned home to clean up the mess and bake my own personal pan.  I threw it in the oven and cleaned up the kitchen.. an hour later I checked on it, removed the foil and thought it done.. took it out and saw on the side of the pan a clear type plastic....  OMG... I had put plastic wrap on the pan, then foil and put it in the fridge.. Forgot all about the plastic wrap when I baked it.. in the trash it went..  :(  Toast for dinner again..   LOL


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