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I burn anything I cook.

And I tell people, "Never leave your iPod on top of the laundry basket, not even for a second."

You? PLEASE tell us. We will laugh, or cry, but you will probably find someone worse off than you, too!

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Jean, I totally get that.  I just discovered yesterday that I put stuffed mushrooms in the oven, never turned the oven on and completely forgot about it until I went to make dinner last night.  They were in the oven for 3 days!

Jean, good for you for getting the food into the house. I left a perishable grocery item in the car trunk and didn't remember until a few days later when I wanted to use it. At least it wasn't shrimp during the summer!

On another note, not necessarily dumb, more like unusual--I keep finding bruises, scrapes, and cuts on myself and I have no memory of how I got them. I also tripped and went flying 5 feet into the next room and didn't realize I'd dislocated my shoulder until the next day. The funny thing is how time seemed to go really slowly as I was flying thru the air; enough time for me to think, "Oh, oh, this is really gonna hurt!" Just like a cartoon.

Oh well. I heard on 60 Minutes that the brain under stress actually shrinks, causing memory loss, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

I have a lot of these. Recently I pulled my back and needed my heating pad. I searched my house anywhere I could think and couldn't find it. A week later my mom needed to borrow my mixer, well I found my beaters and couldn't find my mixer went to check and see if I stuck it in my pantry, Nope but guess what was in there.... my heating pad! Seriously! I still have yet to find my mixer 

I have a hook for my keys directly next to my door, they go there when I walk in and no where else. I don't have a spare car key so I can't afford to lose them..... although I have been known to not even take my key out of the door at night and don't realize this till the next morning :-/

I accidentally shut the cat in my dresser drawer today.  She likes to get in and lie on my clothes.  I didn't realize she was stuck in there until I was going out, and couldn't find her.  I panicked, because I was afraid that she had gotten outside.  She's an indoor cat because we live quite near the highway.  I was calling and shaking her treat package, but she wasn't coming.  I went upstairs, and I could hear her faintly calling.  I opened the drawer, and she was all scrunched up on top of the clothes, looking pretty ticked off at me.  Poor Boo! =(  I felt like such a bad mommy.  I need to pay attention. 

Susan totally relate.  I have a cat that goes in and out.  She climbed into the trunk of my car once when I was getting groceries out and I shut her in.  Didnt know she was in there until the next morning when I went to drive my daughter to school. and we heard meowing.  Got to the top of the hil stopped and let her out.  She flew out of there like a bat out of hell and went home.  She stayed in for  a long time after that.  Thank goodness it was cold out so she didnt get heat exhaustion.  I alwasy double check now LOL

One night I closed the front door went to bed.  The next morning I heard my cat meowing too..couldnt figure out where she was.  Opened the front door, she was between the door and the screen door...poor cat she is at my mercy!!

I heard our sweet cat, Mr Kitty faintly meowing and looked everywhere... finally found him in the refrigerator! He was fine, if a little shaken up! I have NO idea how he ever got in there!

I have way to many I lost my keys and to this day still can't find then had to spent over $100.00 for a new set. I forget where I put things ,I forget why I walked into a room. I set the coffee pot on auto for the morning but forgot to put the lid on the pot and the coffee over flowed the filter area had coffee all over the counter. I have gotten in the car and forgot where I was going. I have bought something but forgot the bag at the store. Forgot where I parked my car. Thought I lost my keys at Lowes looked everywhere for them then realized my trunk was open I used them for that and yes they were in the trunk key hole. widow brain sucks but at least we have an excuse and not just stupid 

Loved reading these this morning. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind because of all of the strange, out-of-character things that have been happening to me.  Lost keys, forgetting what I went into a room for, arriving at a destination and having no idea how I got there or why I was there, unpaid bills I knew I had written checks for, lost cellphone. Whew - what a relief to know I'm not alone! 

 I turned the oven on and forgot to put the food in.  I went get my dinner out later, and found an empty oven and food still in the refrigerator!

I did the dumbest thing ever today. I mailed a letter without an address on it, only the name. I knew it as soon as I droped it in the mail box, oh well I had the return on it so in a few days I will get it back.

Did you get it back? :)


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