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Soaring Spirits International is partnering with Dr. Kathleen Rehl, Dr. Carrie West, Modern Widows Club and Schreiner University to survey the largest number of widowed people EVER!

If you've ever been widowed (no matter how long ago, no matter your current relationship status, no matter the legal type of relationship) we want to hear from you.

This link will take you to the survey, which only took me about 5 minutes to complete. Please check the 'Soaring Spirits' box for where you heard about the survey. The survey closes on October 10.

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I just took the survey and encourage others to do the same.  It only takes a few minutes and is quite easy.

I don't replace my deceased.
I learned to cope w/my loss(es).
I changed my mind about participating when I read the question below.

"I actively look for ways to replace the losses I encounter in life"

I shared your concern with Michele Neff Hernandez, Executive Director of Soaring Spirits. She agreed that 'replace' was a poor choice of words and was not the intent of the question. She has notified the survey preparer.

I took the survey yesterday.    It's important because i'm not sure how much research is done on being widowed and what happens to the surviving spouse in their life after being widowed.   If you don't like a question, skip over it.     

The survey was fairly straight-forward. You can do it without revealing your name or other info. Hopefully the results will help future programs for those of us who experience these losses.

I took many statistical surveys like this one years ago, they are helpful to researchers to categorize widowed people by age, finances, etc. It did not address grief or ask relevant questions helpful to widow/ers. When a new study addresses these issues I will gladly participate.

BTW, I was not able to skip over questions. To complete the survey all questions had to be answered.

Completed the survey. I do look for ways to move forward, i don't think anything we lose is replaceable but there is always a way of finding happiness if you are truly seeking it. Especially now I need to find something good about every day, for the sake of my own health and sanity.

II took the survey. A lot of the questions seemed geared toward resiliency or some sort of "recovery," so not sure what the intent was. Left my name for the chance at the giveaways, hope that doesn't mean I'll get a bunch of emails.

Speaking of emails, I seem to have hit some kind of new age bracket - my mailbox is filling up with "improve your memory" and "avoid dementia" messages, which is a bit disconcerting haha. The date site emails, which started to proliferate shortly after my spouse died, seem to have tapered off. It's like, oh well, she's a lost cause, let's focus on medical issues,



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