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If you were able to travel back to the first date with your spouse knowing what you do now and unable to change the future would you have went? 

For me I would have arrived early, just that much more time to spend together.

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I have often thought about this as well. If I knew my world was going to be shattered into a thousand pieces would I Love her. The answer is yes!

Oh! Yes! Oh! Yes!

Yes, without a moment's pause.  When I saw my husband, it was a reunion, not a first meeting.  My soul sang out, "Oh, there you are!  I've been waiting."  Now I am waiting again...

Yes, without a doubt. 2nd marriage for both of us and 32 +, he was my soulmate and gave me the best years of my life.


Without any second thought, my answer would be a resounding YES!  In a New York Instant!  My life and time (35 years) with Susan was the happiest time of my life.  I would love to go back and relive it.  But, that was me. 

Susan was diabetic from age 18, and had in her last 10 years was nearly blinded by the disease, had a heart attack and heart surgery, five spine surgeries, two kidney transplants in between dialysis sessions, and a fall that resulted in a subdural hematoma and balance problems and lots of physical and mental therapy.

No, I would not want her to have to go through that life again. All that time I was/am in perfect health. The Good Lord brought her home and gave her a halo. She went through Hell on Earth.


...and again, and again...

Your post just reminded me of something I ised to say to my husband often throughout our marriage. We met when I was 31...used to say to him we should have met 11 years sooner- as we used to ski in the same resort, surely we had crossed paths. Would not have changed a thing, jad I known I would lose him so young- he was everything!

Absolutely, positively!

It just so happens that our first date was 44 years ago today.  He has been gone 7 years now but those 37 years we were together were the BEST! Love and miss him every day.❤️


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