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If you were able to travel back to the first date with your spouse knowing what you do now and unable to change the future would you have went? 

For me I would have arrived early, just that much more time to spend together.

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Yes yes yes... I was so blessed to have had him in my life.  So blessed to have been his caregiver. My husband was and is my everything.

I would do it all again . Zero regrets. And I know he and I will dance this dance again

I love that you would have arrived early for that little more time!  My husband told me 2 weeks after our first date that he loved me. I said for him to tell me again in 6 months.  He said it again for the rest of his life....

It was a miracle met you and live with you a wonderful are the bright star in my sky, and the dark side of the moon..could we start again please ? Roxi

I would not want to go back if it meant seeing her go through Hell all over again. One time down that road was enough. At least the first time I thought I could help keep her alive. I couldn’t do it. The thing I feared the most happened anyway. I wouldn’t want to see her suffer again.

I would be early and would take more pictures, more videos, more momentos.

Twas better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. I would choose it over and over again. Especially because if i hadnt then my kids wouldnt be!

Without hesitation I would do it all over again. We were 18 and 19 when we began to date, however we knew each other since probably 5 and 6. Our parents were friends. I wouldn’t know where to start in a long story but truly I could not have hoped to share my life with a more wonderful wife than Sue. You hear about living long enough with a person that you’re able to finish each other’s sentences, yet we had a long enough marriage that we could both start and finish them. We listened to a lady a few years ago saying how she intended to work on her marriage in the coming year. On our way home we just looked at each other and at the exact same time we both said “work”. And of course we both had a good laugh about it. Our life together (the part just between Sue and I) just didn’t seem like work, but pleasant, comfortable, rewarding, filled with trust, and most any other adjective along those lines. I really admired her and felt honored to be her husband, and am glad that she knew I felt that way. It all reminds me of a line from a Taj Mahal song that we liked, that I don’t remember any cold days darlin’, just the warm warm ones. As many of us have, I’ve experienced other loses. My parents were killed together in a automobile accident, Sue’s parents both passed after late life illnesses, one of my older brothers died of cancer and I’ve lost some friends also, some were close, and I was present when some of them passed. While these were all terrible in their own way, they just don’t compare to the depth of the loss of My sweet Sue. Although I do not know what the future holds for me, and I miss her greatly every day, I have been a blessed man. And again, without hesitation I would do it all over again.

Thank you so much for this Jim. I feel the same.


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