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If you were able to travel back to the first date with your spouse knowing what you do now and unable to change the future would you have went? 

For me I would have arrived early, just that much more time to spend together.

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We had some hell years that made us all the more devoted to one another as well as stronger as a couple able to overcome diversity ...

Out of all things, our worst problem was Bob's parents. I ignored them. Bob did not tolerate their favoritism for their other grandchildren & bigotry toward me. They went round & round over it for years. Consequently, after his death I cut them out of our lives ASAP. It's been 8 years, so we don't know if they're still alive. Regardless, we're good w/having them gone since our peace & happiness are all that matters ...

In a flash ! Like SweetMelissa,we had hard year's early on, what family doesn't ? But that deep, heart felt love was always there.... And our appreciation for one another only grew stronger! Yes, I would do it again !
Yes, in a heartbeat! Especially knowing what I know now I would realize she is the most perfect woman in every way possible and I would not miss a chance to see that smile or wrap my arms around her in a warm, lasting embrace!

There would be no hesitation, I'd do it over in a heartbeat.  But it brings up a memory.  A few years back I had read a short story by Stephen King, about a man entering the afterlife to find he has a choice.  He can go back to his birth and relive his life exactly as he did the first time, or he can end it in eternal blackness.  This story struck a raw nerve with me and I talked to Vicky about it.  She was several years deep into a terminal cancer, and she said she couldn't go through all this again.  That may have been the saddest moment of my life.....still.  I would never hesitate.  We had the most incredible run.  I loved her so fiercely for 24 years, and even through 8 years of treatments and surgeries we'd done so much.  In all honesty, I'd give anything to do it all over again.

No hesitation I would do it all over again. July 5 will be four years since I lost Bob. The first two years were very difficult. Now I spend more time thinking about all the good times we shared. Peace to all.
But I need to know ... do you believe in the afterlife? Do you think you will meet your spouse on the other side? Wouldn't that be a glorious reunion! And then not to have to do it all over again because you would have eternity to spend with the one you love. This is what I think about the most - will she be there - will she be waiting ... sometimes I wish departing this earth in order to be with her again would be the ultimate joy. Yes, I would do it over again, but I rather think about spending every day of forever with her ...

I don't know whether I still believe in an afterlife anymore, but I always did feel as though I had known Judith in some previous life. We were a hand-in-glove fit for 30-plus years--30 of them married.

I believe that finding true everlasting love is more than chance. There is/was a reason.

I'd definitely do it again- we were together for almost 20 wonderful years, married the last 13.  I knew going in that I'd most likely outlive him since he was 15 years older.  We married late in life but made so many memories together. 

Not sure if Id do it again with anyone else, though.  I'm 64 now.  In a new relationship I'm more likely to end up as caregiver sooner (although the reverse could happen, I know).  Even though I had the best of circumstances with DH (the slide downhill was pretty swift, he was sweet to the end) I don't know if I want to go through that again with someone else.

In a heartbeat.  No hesitation. He was the best 43 years of my life.

Same here.   I'd do it all over again in a second.    No regrets.

Hell to the Yes!!


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