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Thursday was my 15th anniversary and the past few years I have done one random act of kindness for every year I would have been married.     i did 15 this year.

It went as follows:

1) had the server pick someone and I paid their bill at the local pupuseria in Highland Park for lunch

2) had the server pick someone and I paid their bill at Bobs Big Boy in Burbank for dinner

3) sent a check to Soaring Spirits for a campership

4-7) left Blaze Pizza gift cards on random cars in Highland Park

8-11) left Starbucks gift cards on random cars in Burbank

12-15) left Target gift cards on random cars in Burbank

Many times i talk with widowed people or read posts here and they are not sure what they should do on their anniversary.     I've really come to like doing this and it actually makes me look forward to my anniversary each year as a day to celebrate.

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What a nice idea.  It is a positive way to celebrate a day that will always remain special to us.  Giving helps to release serotonin (a brain chemical) that gives us a sense of well-being. Thanks for passing that along!

That is a lovely idea Lupe'sHusband - how you've incorporated gratitude into the loss. I am so sorry for your loss. While I hate that I have to be here at all, what I love is ideas from others, like you, that help us move through a little easier, this whole next season of our lives. Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks,  I'm already looking forward to next year.

I'm so happy you did this, Steve.  I started doing it four years ago and I do look forward to it each year. I include a little card that tells the receiver that I'm doing this to honor what would have been our (whatever number) wedding anniversary.

I do the same Dianne.   I write a message on the little envelope that I am doing this in honor of my anniversary and that my wife passed four years ago.

lovely idea...I suggest  you put some money aside , however for the future-you never  know--next month  will be/would have been  our 50th...sigh   He used to bring me  my favorite  yellow roses  for  about  thirty  some  years until I told him to save  for our 50th  for the special flowers...we laughed.  Up  to 44yrs there were flowers but  more often they  came as surprises  of love  on  non red letter  days...

Now  5 1/2 yrs later  I struggle  just to keep my home ( on a fixed  income)  pay my taxes  and  utilities  and  eat.  Unexpected, sudden death  is not easy.  I could  not  implement  your wonderful  idea in my life  but  I can pray  next month  for 50 people  50 special prayers  and I believe  I will.  Thank you for sharing Lupe's husband.  God Bless you.(  On our anniversary  I light  a candle  and sing  to him  and the angels  who watch over me now that he is gone.)   

thank you


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