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Hi All,

I am a YWW just turned 30, my husband died 6 months ago, we had no children. I am looking to connect with other YWW who do not have children. I am slowly starting off on my new path in this life of widowhood but it totally sucks. I would love to connect with others that I can chat with.

I was married to my husband for 8 1/2 years and we were together 10 years.  My husband battled chronic illness (Behcet's & Crohn's) for the last three years and I was his full time care taker. My husbands illness did not take his life but a mistake that was made in his medical care. I am slowly starting of on my new path in life and mid august moving to NH to complete my nursing degree.

Please join this discussion and lets start getting to know each other.

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hugs to you, by...

Thank you! Being a YWW is hard but finding others to share this journey with does help!

I was 49 when Doug passed away. We had no children by choice. It definitely made things harder. Other widows had children to share their grief, I was kind of jealous, I hate being alone. Still do its just me and my pets.

I agree not having children makes it harder, no one to make you get up and care for, no one to share the memories of life with, and personally the hardest for me not having that piece of my husband to watch grow and become a great person.

I'm 39 with no kids.  My partner was 42.  He was battling myositis (an autoimmune disease) for the last 3 years of his life.  Now it's just me and the corgi, but my parents and siblings have been very supportive.  

I have fur babies to! Four cats and my husbands dog, black lab/coon hound mix named Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea keeps me going on the bad days!

Hi am 33 was 31 when my husband died. We didn't have kids together but we did from previous relationships. I haven't found anyone in my area who can relate. All my friends don't want me around because they consider me single and afraid I'll take their husbands or something. I've never been so isolated in my life.

I only have a few close friends left from the vast circle of friends I had before. For me I don't feel it was because they thought I was getting to close to their husbands but more they don't know how to handle loss like this. None of us have even buried our grandparents yet. I have been determined to make the few friendships I have left flourish and also meet some great people at support groups.

I am so surprised there isn't more entries to this post. I guess it goes to show just how lonely we truly are. 

I've heard that from so many people.  We can't be around other's husbands as we will attack them or something.  I feel like saying, I didn't find your husband attractive before, I don't find him attractive now, I just want some friends, & support.

Hi, I was 29, am 31 now. We never had the chance to have kids. Tom really wanted to, its a source of great pain for me now. Oh how I wish there was a little piece of him still in this world and a reason for me to get up in the morning. I am also very isolated, but I find I am the one who is isolating myself, I just don't fit into this world with regular people anymore. Cookie, its great to see you active on the board, I have not been very present here much lately.

Hi Without,

I to was 29 when Kenny passed. I would give anything to go back and have children with Kenny, we were just so busy with life, school and always figured there would be time. I say all the time I wish there was a little piece of my Kenny here! I was very isolated at the start of this journey but now attend two grief groups and have a small circle of great friends. I also feel like I don't fit, Kenny and I should be finishing our degrees, starting a family buying a house. Instead I visit his grave every day and try to just do the past I can feeling like half of a whole.

Hi byhisgrace08,

I also always thought we had time, just have to get finances in order first. What a joke that was. I would give anything to see how happy he would have been to hold his own baby. I dont know if widows/ers with kids feel the same. I know that we all feel a new profound sense of loneliness after loss. I just feel like I am alone in the universe (not lonely, but alone, I think those things are different). How do you live in a world without the one person you cant imagine a world without?


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