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While people are panicking, cleaning out stores, quarantining themselves it's just another sunny day in New Jersey for me. 

I'm taking certain precautions but not allowing fear and panic to control my life.

Janet's passing changed my view of mortality . Not looking to die but I no longer fear it. I'm at peace with the process, the eventuality and what lies beyond.

How are you handling it?

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Well said - though I fear for my daugther - she is supposed to start grad school in August...and if she wants to find a job - no one is hiring.

I may be very contrarian here, but while all the "lockdowns" (a prison term) around the world make nationalistic chest thumping leaders look like they're "doing something" - and some may actually help - the solution would be to throw EVERYTHING and anything into the search for vaccine and/or meds

Meanwhile - the reality is that we - as a modern society - cannot STOP like we are.  Essentially the world economy crashed.  Stopped.  The airline industry is GONE.  Essentially we right now have 100% unemployment.  The "lockdowns" cannot last for more than a month at most because then society falls apart.

In the past, before the days of vaccines, for example with polio, when there was an outbreak people we scared, took precautions, but everything didn't stop.  We may be curing the disease, but killing the patient.  After this is over, we may very well not have a society to come back to.

I understand the concern people have for their children in times like this.

Hopefully everything will get better, I'm sure it will. But will this be the last time this happens? That I'm not too sure of.

Timelord, it is disrupting all our lives.  We can only hope that over the next couple weeks that things improve.  A couple weeks ago, it wasn’t taken seriously but looking at China, Iran and Europe, I don’t think we’re overreacting. There is real concern that the hospitals won’t be able to handle the influx due to  lack of space and ventilators, making triage a necessity. 

I hope it works out for your daughter and that some normalcy will be restored by then. Right now there is uncertainty and that makes us all anxious.  My husband and I lost half our 401K’s back in 08. Don’t know what will happen this time but I do know worrying won’t help.

Hello Rich, I’m from your neighboring state of Pa.  I live in a county that has reported over two dozen cases so there is probably more out there.  I have questions about the illness which so far, seem to go unanswered.  I don’t feel like I’m in a state of panic but I did do things to prepare—making sure scripts were filled, small amount of cash on hand, a few extra groceries and a bottle of hand sanitizer.  Other than that, everything is closed but grocery stores and I think, pharmacies.  I take walks on the nice days and on rainy days, I jump on my treadmill.

It is a little unsettling financially but worry won’t change anything so all we can do is hope for the best.  I have decided to focus on cleaning out closets and a few other projects to which I have procrastinated—namely, taking apart the dryer vent and cleaning. I hate doing that.  The reason for this is it makes me feel I accomplished something and is something I can feel good about! 

I understand when you say your view of mortality has changed. I know I have learned to appreciate more each day, every day I’ve been given.  We’re going to have to change our lifestyle for a while and take precautions so that we don’t get sick.  We need to accept that because we can’t change it!   I am trying to maintain a positive attitude.


Semi retired, work from home and have a small farm to maintain. Actually this "scare" is going to allow me to stay at home and catch up on much needed projects.Just came back from Shop Rite, not crowded at all but I heard our Governor was implementing a curfew and considering quarantining certain areas.

In one week’s time, we went from 24 cases to 110 plus 2 deaths in the county.   I truly believe that until we can test more, this virus will continue to spread and the death rate will increase dramatically. In Philly, a grocery store clerk just tested positive.  They need protective gear too and I believe it is a sin to force them to work with such great exposure and the risk of spreading the disease. We fight only half the battle here. It’s only now that statistics reveal that the young are quite vulnerable too and are being hospitalized and placed on vents as well. 

I continue to remain stuck inside. I am not at all happy about it but I really want to avoid getting sick while being alone. It continues to amaze me that there are some people that still believe this is overblown.  I am absolutely appalled there are some health care workers reusing disposable respirators. Yes, there is a lot of used during this outbreak but they are disposable for a real reason.  Who even knows if this sanitizing works?  I trust only the experts because unless you understand science, you need to not be a part of making things up or expect that the drs and nurses to work like this!  While they are desperately searching for a treatment, we are still in the early stages even when some drugs seem promising. Some of these drugs are quite potent and could kill the patient even quicker!  I am, however, optimistic that they will find something that will stop the virus from reproducing or slow it down enough for the body to produce more antigens to overcome this nasty bug!

I also live in NJ and work from home. I am concerned for my daughters who live in NYC.  Not worried for myself.  

Our Shoprite is a disaster, out of everything. Our town has an 8pm curfew. 

I am choosing to use this time to catch up on things that need to be done.

The economy is what worries me. So many people with no income now and bills to pay.


The economy is a big  concern and so is my concern for younger people just getting started. While my 401k took a big hit I understand that there are many people that are now out of work. Hopefully this flu thing comes to an end soon.

I don't watch TV and get "news" from the radio. However, the whole thing sounds like a big hype to me. Either they are not telling the whole truth about this virus or we are being prepared for something much bigger in the near future.

Just picked up 30 chicks from Tractor Supply so in a few months it just might be eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Agreed , I am also concerned for the younger people just starting out.

I believe they aren't telling us the whole truth about the virus. Why? I don't have a clue. My neighbor is an ER nurse at our local hospital and she told me the numbers being reported are really low . 

I booked a trip to Peru due to low airfare prices, but the country shut down their boarders. 

Earl, sorry that your plans didn’t work out but I could not believe that yesterday, there was a list of countries where the outbreak is bad and citizens are not being allowed to return to the US.  Peru is on the list, so, you were probably fortunate not to become trapped in that situation.  We all need to be patient for a while until there is a vaccine available.

Nationalistic chest thumping...

Also the US press is not covering anything about work on vaccines treatments etc


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