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While people are panicking, cleaning out stores, quarantining themselves it's just another sunny day in New Jersey for me. 

I'm taking certain precautions but not allowing fear and panic to control my life.

Janet's passing changed my view of mortality . Not looking to die but I no longer fear it. I'm at peace with the process, the eventuality and what lies beyond.

How are you handling it?

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Fear sells

Having a hard time today, Frank would have been 80 today. Missing him so much, especially with everything else going on. Listening to Patti Page singing "What'll I Do." A mess.

OK, it's been almost 4 weeks since my original post. I didn't think we would still be in "lock-down" mode here in NJ with possibly another month on top of that.

My small farm keeps me busy but I am craving for some good old fashion diner junk food (onion rings and a grilled cheese on rye). I can't even remember what it's like to not have to wear gloves and a face mask when going to the store. Hopefully this all ends soon.

Stay safe and sane.

Sorry   but  "soon"  is  not  the  operative  word  for  this  crisis...  onion  rings   and  grilled cheese  on  rye  is  pretty  easy  food  to  do  justice  to  making  it  at  home.  Here  in  Mi.  they  are  not  as  yet  allowing  nurseries  or  garden  shops  to  be  opened!  Geez  hard  enough  to  not  be able  to  shop  freely for  basics  but  early  crops  for  home  gardens  are  gonna  have  to  be planted  soon  enough and  we  can't  do  that-  Stores  selling  home  repair  and  improvement  are  closed  too.  Grrrr.  I  respect  the mandate  but  don't  like  it.  Safe  is  possible   Rich....not  so  sure  about  sane  much  longer.     lj 


Been picking asparagus for a week. The garden centers here are open. Just planted (all seeds) carrots, squash, sugar snaps, beets, bunching onions and I forget what else. Still have more to go, It's been a very mild winter so I'm starting early. I have friends that live in condos coming over to help with the garden and other projects. They need an outlet as well.


My  husband  was  the  gardener  having  been  raised  in  an  Italian  family  where I  think  almost  everyone  gardened  and  one  generation  back  all  lived  on  farms  they  farmed  themselves...primarily  Pa.  or  Messina,  Sicily .   Really  miss  the  garden  beyond  words.  If  I  think  about  it  too  long  I weep.   Fortunately  we  do  have  a  couple  of  local  Farmer's  Mkts  nearby  that  are  excellent...though  not  the  same  as  barefoot  picking  and  eating  out back ...sharing  and laughing...  You  are  blessed  to  still  be  able  to  do  what  you  love!  Enjoy!

LOL   Big  snowfall  this  morning  but  it's  melting  this afternoon.      

We had snow today here in Cleveland.

In South Dakota - I have food, cat food, wine, and toilet paper. No worries here. Also I am able to work from home so I have a full-time job. The worse part is that I miss human interaction as my cat has not learned to talk yet. 


It's always a one way conversation with cats, mine (well, Janet's)  is the same.

My cats were multilingual. I could talk to 'em in English, German, French, Polish, Latin and even smatterings of Russian or Icelandic (whenever I could recall what I know of those languages). The cats' reactions were always the same: they ignored me.

I am a teacher and am learning how to teach online. I worry about some of my students and how they are doing. Personally, I am learning to garden both flowers and vegetables. For me, being outside lifts my spirits. I try to surround myself with positive praise music which helps.


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