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Born in the 40s or Earlier


Born in the 40s or Earlier

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40 years

Started by Carol E. Last reply by Groundhog43 Feb 26. 16 Replies

I'm new to this group. I lost my wonderful husband suddenly Jan. 23 2019. I can't believe it's been a year and it is still so painful. He was my partner and the person I could trust and count on. …Continue

Married 62 years

Started by phyllis. Last reply by Sleepless In Seattle Jan 8. 37 Replies

I lost my husband Barry who was 87 years old on August 27, 2019.  We were married 62 and a half years. W Although my children try to be understanding, none of them really can fathom how lost I am…Continue

Spreading Ashes in the Ocean from a Cruise Ship

Started by dolly. Last reply by dolly Dec 28, 2019. 11 Replies

Has anyone had a ceremony of spreading ashes from a cruise ship? I am thinking about doing that and wonder if there is anything I should be especially careful to consider. I am looking at Carnival…Continue


Started by Judyrose. Last reply by Cee Dec 25, 2019. 6 Replies

Hi I’m new to the group. I lost my husband May 29,2019 after 48 years of marriage. I keep hoping it will get easier but it’s not some days it’s worse. Some of the things I have read on here have…Continue

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Comment by Faolan on Monday

Elaine, I am so sorry to learn your son has cancer, it must be devastating for you. Our Prime Minister has been dragging his heels over this virus, the press and the news scared people silly, and they descended on our supermarkets like a hoard of locusts, stripping shelves bare. It is good you can still work at your age, and I am sure it must keep you from dwelling on things too much. It is hard when we have to cope with serious problems alone. Keep safe, stay well.

Comment by sweetlady on Monday

Hi I lost my husband now 20 yrs ago and it stop lol hurts I’m 74 still work 

now not because of this corona virus. I’m worried about getting sick and paying my bills   Congress is not helping us only rich cos and our so called leader doesn’t care   He says go to work. He’s not accountable or responsible isn’t tha t a shame. Can’t go out as I’m afraid not to get sick. My son married one is sick with cancer and he has to go to the city for treatment.  I worry about him too   It’s so depressing   I cry all the time. Elaine

Comment by barbee on Monday

The Born in the 1950's group has started a fun quiz. Hop over there and participate or just read the questions and answers for a little bit of an uplift.

Comment by laurajay on March 21, 2020 at 8:50pm

thx  Bonnie and  barbee.   Yes  just  talking  to loved ones helps a lot...but  I think  we  have  quite  sometime  before  corona  sweeps  through  and goes away.  I've  heard  we  are about  10 days-2wks  behind  Italy in our  outbreak...  Our  local  hospital - a big prestigious one is  without  supplies...they  have  no  face  masks  etc. quite  bleak.   Limited groceries  available  little  or  no  meat    not  the  best  produce  bread  sometimes  same  with  milk  and eggs   hit  ot  miss-  barbee     senior  facilities here  are  allowing  NO  one  in  or  out!  Glad to hear  you  did not  move into  one---yet.   My  grocery  shopper  serves  some  where  she  has to  leave  pkgs outside  the  facility.  Lots  of  stories.  I'm very  grateful to  have  and own my  home though I  have very little  money I  do  have  equity-    I  saw  one person walking  a dog.  No  cars  moving  and  I  live on a corner.  I have  lots of things to  do  here  both  chores and  hobbies  but  looking  at  the  world  can  be  scary---  rambling  on  to  unwind.   Keeping  you  in  prayer.    lj      Hugs  back.....barbee  you  hug  your  man  one  extra for  me  ok?  please  do keep  in  touch.    Twilight  Zone  can  get you  kind  of  off kilter. 

Comment by barbee on March 20, 2020 at 9:04pm

As many of you know, I found a wonderful guy a couple years after my husband of almost 50 years died. We are still together. He just turned 85 and I soon will be 80. Both of us struggle with body parts that no longer work well and brains that work on and off! But we are not alone. It would be delightful if any of our children contacted us, but they are busy handling job layoffs, and their children, and trying to make sense of this COVID chaos. 

The two of us experienced some lingering Depression and all of WWII in our childhoods so we kinda remember rationing and the fear that overtook our world. Now it is happening again. We have no close neighbors and the nearest store of any kind is six miles away. We've heard their shelves are bare. We have food and a nice home and, lucky for us, no financial worries. We are acutely aware of how fortunate we are! We had planned to move into a retirement center earlier this year, but I got sick and we postponed it. We are so glad we are not in a facility with 200 other seniors, since we live only a few miles from Life Care Center in Kirkland, the epicenter of this virus. Isolation is no fun by any stretch of the imagination.

Be careful. Be well. "The older we get the braver we must be" is really true. Let's keep in touch. HUGS.

Comment by Bonnie on March 20, 2020 at 5:56pm

Laurajay, I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time.  This isolation isn’t easy for any of us but it sounds like it has been especially hard for you.  I hope your family can find ways to stay connected with you while we all try to ride this out.  I know just talking to my grandchildren has helped me.  One called this afternoon just to check on me and I felt so much better after.  You always find a way to find a degree of strength in hard times.  I know you will now too and in the meantime I hope we all get through this quickly and find once again whatever is now going to be our new normal.  It seems to be an ongoing challenge.  Stay safe.  Stay well.

Comment by laurajay on March 20, 2020 at 4:28pm

Bonnie...glad you  are safe

Comment by laurajay on March 20, 2020 at 4:27pm

If  this  continues  as  I  believe  it  will  for  sometime  just  because of  the  magnitude  of  it...I'm thinking  of  asking  my  family  for  a  drive  by  visit.  I  live  on  a  corner  so  I  will  ask  them  to  park on  the  side  of  the  house 20 ft away  and  roll  down  the  windows  so  I  can  blow  kisses  (  gently)  to  my  grandchildren  and  maybe  sing  a  silly  song  together  or  have impromptu  prayer...My  8th  anniversary of  my  husband's  death is  Mar 3o.   Losing  last year  to  isolation because  shingles  was  a  bummer.  I  had

hopes for 2020...still  do  but  plans  change because of yet another  virus.   A  lot of  slow  deep  breathing will  quell  anxiety  .  It  would  be  comforting  to  hear  how   others in  their  70's  are  doing.

Comment by only1sue on March 19, 2020 at 2:15pm

I have been self isolating as I had an operation last Monday and was supposed to stop driving for a week. A kind friend brought me fresh fruit yesterday and as I always keep my food pantry filled I have food. I am not sure how I will cope if this continues for many weeks though as I have always been a busy person. I think it is harder in a way for people like me who usually work in the community to stay home knowing that many people in need that we usually help are out there alone. Using your phones and social media to keep in touch should help but I am sure we will all be glad when this is over.

Comment by Bonnie on March 19, 2020 at 8:56am

Hi all.  Thanks to Laurajay for reminding us that while we are the most at-risk group in this current unimagined crisis, we also do have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on in combatting it.  I have been in a self-imposed quarantine already for two weeks as I had just been through several airports just as the immediate intensity of the crisis struck and I feared exposing my friends here many of whom are not only past 70 but also immunocompromised for various reasons as I am myself.  But I’ve been fine, and so far while there are as of last night two confirmed cases in my town, I am also quite optimistic that because the entire world has rallied to contain this threat we will defeat it.  I hope all of you are remaining positive and taking care.  I had to laugh at my son recently when I strongly advised him to heed all warnings.  He works primarily from home and lives in a rural area.  He just laughed and said, “No worries, Mom.  Self-quarantine is a life-style for me!”  It is for many of us as well—the silver lining to the feeling of isolation and loneliness we sometimes feel.  Wishing that all of you remain safe and well.


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