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Born in the 40s or Earlier


Born in the 40s or Earlier

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First post - Aloha

Started by bellgamin. Last reply by Bonnie Jan 6. 8 Replies

My  first post. Aloha from Hawaii. I was born in 1930 when (as they say) dinosaurs roamed the streets of Honolulu.My wife, Imiko, & I had been married for 56 years when she died of cancer. She…Continue

Unfortunately finding myself here

Started by InsideLove. Last reply by Gwamma Jan 5. 8 Replies

My husband died on Aug 28, unexpectedly..I have a grief counselor- her husband passed away at 47 years of marriage too and so, she traveled this path. I do have a grief group, 4 widows 1 widower.…Continue

Joining seven weeks after my wife's death

Started by Neush. Last reply by sis Jan 3. 11 Replies

We seem to have been blessed.  We had a long (43 years) and happy marriage, jobs that we both enjoyed, two daughters and four grandchildren that live nearby, a home and neighborhood we enjoy.  We…Continue

Coping with yearning for dead husband

Started by Noelene T. Last reply by Sun Flower Dec 16, 2018. 11 Replies

 I am new to this group and I lost my husband of 26 years on Valentine’s Day this year. He was 85 and I am not 79. I had been married before but he had not. We had a wonderful marriage and he was the…Continue

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Comment by laurajay yesterday

Faolan.  They've  been here  I think since  2007 or 2008 but  with such an abundance  of  other apple  varieties  including  several in my own back yard  and  many  excellent apple  orchards  and cider  mills  nearby I just never paid  close  attention.  Now  I'm  hooked.  Most intense apple   flavor  I have  experienced.  Maybe  my taste  buds  are changing  as I age?  LOL   ( Our  apple  blossoms  last  barely  a  week in our  yard  but I  marvel at them every   year.....fragrant  as well. Yes  pretty  too.

Comment by Faolan yesterday

We have had Pink Lady apples here in the UK for many years, very distinctive by their colour,  I am looking forward to seeing blossom, it is'nt too far away now.

Comment by laurajay yesterday

Sue...nice  to know  others  remember  our  loved  ones  after  they have died.  in your case, Ray.  Ever wonder how you will be remembered  after  you are gone?  I  do.   Since so many  relatives  and friends have already died  I try hard to bond  with  my grandchildren  so  they will remember  not only how much I love them  but  how  unique they reach are  and how  life is worth  every  effort because  it is  filled  with  good things  and opportunity to make it a better place  comes  from caring  about   others.  I believe  they  need  examples  of aging  and  adversity that are  part  of life and that there is a gracious  way to try to deal with it- beyond  sadness  and  self pity.  If they remember nothing  but  my  cooking  LOL  it's  OK   but  I hope  there  will be more to their  remembering.    Our  family  minister  died   as did  my personal  spiritual mentor.  How  deeply  they loved  and were loved.   It  will   be7 yrs  end of  March  and  I marvel  that I still  recall  NEW  memories of our 44+ years  of marriage.

  Hope   you are   feeling well.  BTW  I have  a new  favorite  apple  variety-  Pink  Lady.   Researching  I find  it  originated  in Australia.  We  have  dozens  of varieties  in the US  but  this  new  find is  superb~  a little  pricy but worth it.  Interesting how  it found  it's way here,too!   Yum.   lj 

Comment by only1sue yesterday

Because I worked in a previous parish with our present minister he knew my husband Ray before he had the bad strokes that marred the last thirteen years of his life. Today was my once-a-month preaching day and I mentioned a camping trip Ray and I went on when the children were young. Afterwards  the minister talked about Ray and in a prayer gave thanks for the friendship they had shared. I must say it felt rather weird but nice that Ray was remembered by our minister that way. It is six years since Ray died so it is good to know he is still remembered by people other than this family.

Comment by Bonnie on February 4, 2019 at 1:04pm

That’s wonderful, Barbee.  Thanks for sharing.

Comment by barbee on February 4, 2019 at 8:15am

Comment by elaine on February 3, 2019 at 7:51pm

Hello Laurajay, sorry to hear you have shingles which I understand is really painful.  Stress can do that and Bonnie, I think we are all a little more fragile after our loss and understand your feelings.  

I went to the UK three times last year, as D wasn't able to travel and he had a quad. bypass in September.    March was our first real meeting, August to celebrate his 75th birthday and Oct. to spend time with him after the operation.  Going back this March for a family wedding so we will have 4 weeks together again.  After many years in Canada it is difficult to make a decision to move back, but who knows.  Time will tell.   Elaine.

Comment by Bonnie on February 3, 2019 at 6:56pm

Thanks to all of you.   I am sorry for your continued grief but it does help to know that I am not the only one still having hard and unexpected times when I am sometimes just sandbagged with a sense of loss.  And sometimes it just takes a different form, sometimes I just feel that the whole world is grey and uninteresting and that I am just drifting from one day to the next.  It will be five years in July and I think this last holiday time was hardest of any of those since he died.  I am grateful I can come here and see that all of my various emotions and reactions aren’t so unusual.  That does help.

Comment by laurajay on February 3, 2019 at 6:54pm

Oh  elaine.  I had  a  long  response  written   to  you after  you hinted  about the friend you met up with  across  the pond   while  back....but it got  swooped  up in cyberspace  and I never  re wrote it  .  Sorry.  I have  thought  of you and wondered  what  was happening.  Happy  for you.   Long  distance  relationships  bring  joy  but  also longing.....I m 10  weeks into recovering  from  nasty  shingles  which I believe surfaced  because of the low grade chronic  stress  since  my  unexpected  widow hood  arrived.  I really  miss my husband more  as I grow older.  Never  expected  such  pain  and isolation.  Besides  the bitter  winter  which will  pass  in time-   Nice  to hear you have  someone  who cares  and shares for you and with  you.  Contemplating  a move?      hugs  lj

Comment by elaine on February 3, 2019 at 5:51pm

Hello everyone, I am back again.  I wish I could cry, but it is difficult as the tears don't come.

Still think of my late husband a lot.  I am now in a long distance relationship and grateful, but this brings its own challenges although we facetime daily. 

Best wishes to you all.



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