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Born in the 40s or earlier


Born in the 40s or earlier

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Comment by Maggie 3 hours ago
Been kinda quiet here....hope everyone is ok. I wish I had more to say,but feeling just numb and tired today. Do you ever just feel weary in your mind and body? Will I ever wake up without this nagging feeling of anxiety? ..this thought..why did this happen? What am I going to do with the rest of my life?
Comment by Maggie yesterday
I don't normally do movie recommendations, but I just watch an excellent movie on Netflix call "Still Mine". Similar to The Notebook with James Gardner. Warning...it is a tear jerker, but well done and beautifully acted and so tender.
It made me sad....my thought was "I'll never get to grow old with someone, my husband" but it showed such love between an older couple...you know how sometimes a sad movie can be good....anyway just my two cents.
Comment by HeartsForever on Wednesday

A lot of good discussion on decluttering, moving, make decisions.  I still have so much to go through, but I'm finally seeing progress and I do have ideas where to take or sell most things.  I too, eventually will probably move to Virginia where my only child lives.  I've lived most of my life in the Midwest, so it would be a big change for me, to move away from friends and sister. Its not going to happen anytime soon though.     If I work on even a small project each day that works towards that goal, I count it as success.  Tomorrow I have 1/2 day to sort and carry stuff up from the basement.  I hope I'm still in the mood.  thanks everyone.  I hope my son appreciates it some day, because most of this work is for his benefit, not to be left with a house to clean out. 

Comment by barbee on Wednesday

Those of you who are de-cluttering, hang in there. I know it's hard. Been there and done it. Little baby steps forward means you are still moving forward!

Comment by offthewall on Tuesday

Callie2 - if any words or  numbers on stuff that puzzled me - I looked it upon Ebay (advanced - completed or sold items).  That usually told me what item was and if there was any re-sale value.  I had been a seller on ebay - so I did get rid of some "stuff" and made money - but most was obsolete common things that no one wanted - so out it went!!  (including 10 old AT&T computers to the electronic recycle bin).  It did take me over 1 year of very hard work. Now I want a minimalist approach to decorating - and NO MORE collections of cute or pretty things!! Sold/donated 300 miniature porcelain cats.  Sold bookend collection. Gave working electronics to my son who has a huge attic.  Sent antique furniture to auction. Donated almost all rest furniture. 

Kept 1 antique secretary desk (useful as well as pretty).  Stll have to go through boxes of photos and organize and maybe pay to get them onto electronic storage.  I now hate having clutter after living in it for 32 years.

Kept 1 flannel shirt that I wear a lot - was my husbands - but I stole it from him 20 years ago and only admitted it a few years ago when he was chilly - but said he did not want to wear a womans shirt!!  So.. I confessed and he put it on.

Comment by Callie2 on Tuesday
I wish you all the best, you must be a very strong, determined woman! I still have a shed and garage to sort through but all I seem to get done is a little at a time. I lose interest quickly and have plenty of other more important things to do. So much stuff, I don't know what it is, if it's worth anything or should I trash it? Men and their gizmos. If I were really smart, I would take pics of the many unidentifiable objects and make a book for widows so they would at least know what it is! Good luck, hope all works out for the best.
Comment by offthewall on Tuesday

Thank you for your support. Was in a black hole lst night - much better now AND house is under contract for 3rd time!!! So... maybe I can stay here in this pleasnt condo with nice neighbors. My son, daughter-in-law and 2 granddaughters are 1/2 hour away - so that is reason I chose to move here (Virginia). So once again am hopeful - but will try to continue to live each day as it comes. Thanks to Widowed Village for being here!!
1/2 inch of snow today - which makes everything come to a standstill here - so will exercise in the apartment and do chores. My primary goal is to stay healthy and lose weight & get in better shape to be able to enjoy the outdoors once again. (& keep up with the kids!).

Comment by cee on Tuesday

Off - Go ahead and scream and ..... all you want. We are on board with you. It so often seems one step forward and 2 back.  I feel like I haven't done  anything in the 3 years except gain weight. So I applaud you for all you have done, and to go through all of that by yourself - you are an inspiration. How did you know where to move, family? or do you just like the area?  I thought about moving but the thought of clearing out this house is holding me back.

 I wish you smooth sailing in selling the house and finding another and getting a job. You are so lucky to be healthy and active.  HUGS

Comment by Maggie on Tuesday
Off the wall...I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. Selling at our age is a scary thing for sure. However working for me would give me something to do which might be a good thing, mentally. I have too much free time to think. Best of luck to you.
Ellie I'm awake...are u in the eastern time zone?
Comment by Ellie on Tuesday

Hello, is anyone still awake?


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