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Born in the 40s or earlier


Born in the 40s or earlier

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Comment by Callie2 on Tuesday
Maggie, I share your thoughts exactly. I had just turned 59 and we had been retired for only a couple years. No one expects the rug to be pulled out from under them! Well, it's not the way we planned things but we soon realize that we are not always in control, so what we can do is try to make the best of things and figure out what it will take to make us happy. That can take some time cause we first need to get to know ourselves again-who we have become. But yeah, life goes on and we will be better off if we decide we are going to try and be happy.
Comment by lonelyinaz on Tuesday
Maggie you are in my thoughts we are walking the same time line. The pic of your adorable little love warms my heart. Hugs holidays just so hard.
Comment by Maggie on Tuesday
3 years.. I can't imagine it, but I'm half way there already. Time is so weird. When you're young, you think you have all the time in the world, but suddenly you find it has speeded up as you reach retirement. Then you think, "oh we have years yet to enjoy our retirement time together and then... the unthinkable happens....he dies. And then time almost comes to a standstill for you. Each day now drags on sometimes endlessly and yet here I am at a year and a half...so quick..too quick. And the future, when I am feeling down, doesn't seem to come fast enough. My thoughts are with you sonja7. And Only1sue...nothing sounds better than a warm hug and another head on the pillow. Last night I had some clothes piled on his side of the bed and in the dark the silhouette I invisioned for a moment, could have been the shape of his body...such a longing I felt. And please do stay around with us Azgal1242... It's a wonderful group
Comment by laurajay on Tuesday

sonja7   I will hit 3yr in 2015    I hope your assessment about  things getting a little less intense is correct...cause I'm  about drained dry.  thx

Comment by sonja7 on Tuesday

Dear friends, Today is the 3rd anniversary of my husband's death.  While I have shed some tears last night and today, it seems that this anniversary is somehow less painful than the first two.  (Knock on wood!)  I have noticed that the group 'widowed in 2011' is not very active anymore. Perhaps the three year mark is a turning point for many of us? I can only hope that it is.  Hugs to all of you who have helped with your insightful observations, suggestions, and  sharing of your deepest personal feelings. All of it really helps!

Comment by laurajay on Monday

only1sue -  not to get personal too much but if you dealt with an invalid husband for many years than it is easy to understand  why you might still want a companion again...we were all robbed but more so those who were caregiving and in some ways alone even then.   I hope joy touches you on the shoulder and you turn to find it is just what you need and want. 

Comment by laurajay on Monday

Okbobbo...I'm going to differ with you.  I think grief comes in plus sizes.  1x  2x  3x   and beyond.  But I get your underlying meaning and agree with it.

Comment by laurajay on Monday

azgal1242   Please keep posting.  We need you to show us  that while our grief is the same the truth is life does go on and being older you give hope top those of us who understand that widowhood is one thing to grieve  but the changes and challenges of getting older are very, very real.  The combination a double whammy.

I am so happy you came here at 80+ and I hope you will continue to share your strength of aging with those of us coming up behind you.  I expect we might have a cyber party on your 90th.  Ok.  Let's start at your 84th.  LOL  ((hugs))

Comment by Callie2 on Monday
How true!
Comment by Okbobbo on Monday

To all of us:

Loneliness comes in only one size ; Extra Large.



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