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Comment by Anne on Wednesday
But yes, it is good to know that others feel like I do. It makes me have a sense of being normal.
Comment by Anne on Wednesday
Sonja7, I'm only 7 months out. So discouraging to know I'm going to feel like this for a long time. Hopefully I will lose the desire to die. Right now each day is just another day of gloom.
Comment by sonja7 on Tuesday

Oh, my!  Two years out, three years out (includes me), five years out - and we still feel lost each and every day.  On a good day it will be a fleeting thought or two.  On a bad day - well, we all know that, don't we?

Here's hoping we all keep getting through the days (and nights) and keep coming here to find that we are not alone.  Hugs to all!

Comment by Cee on Tuesday

I know that feeling of wanting to go out but not wanting to go out. I am pretty good at putting things off unless they have to be done or I have made plans with some one. I've been putting off going to the motor vehicles but an going to attempt it again tomorrow - time is running out.

 Now that the weather is getting better I don't have an excuse for not going out. I need to find or maybe create a reason to go out. I'm sure I could find something to do if I tried hard.

 I wish peace for you if only one moment at a time.  HUGS to all.

Comment by MFARM on Tuesday

Thanks Maggie and Anne for responding. You certainly know what I'm talking about. Sorry we all have this to deal with? Strange plan: two become one in marriage and then one dies. Never thought about Xanax, but that's worth looking into.I guess we're like that lone goose that's lost its mate.

Comment by Anne on Tuesday
Maggie, it could have been me writing what you write. I feel exactly the same way. Couldn't describe it any differently. And I also need Xanax to get me through the day and to try to sleep at night. I face that lonely scary feeling every day and also worry what it will be like in future years.
Comment by Maggie on Tuesday
MFARM anxiety is my biggest problem. It's like clockwork. I first wake up and it's never a happy feeling, but a lonely one, even when I have plans. Knowing another long day is before me and all that ive been through is always there ...on the back burner and it will move to the front at the most unexpected times. I can at times feel the anxiety begin to build. I can literally feel it coursing in my mind. I think it's the missing him and the daily fight against that lonely scary feeling of the future just below the surface. I take Xanax, but try not to take them everyday. But they do help when I do. It's also an antsy feeling like I'm wound up ready to spring. I probably need more activity to maybe burn some of it off. But I get tired more easily now and I'm mentally less motivated. I wonder what on earth I'll feel like in 5 years or 10, if I live that long..hard to imagine
Comment by barbee on Monday

MFARM and CEE, you have plenty of company!!!! A widowed friend of mine was telling me yesterday she doesn't want to get out of the house and can't wait to get out of the house all in the same minute. It's been five years for her and over two for me. John Denver sang it best: some days are diamonds, some days are stones. We just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Comment by MFARM on Monday

Thank you Cee for responding. My poor houseplants need to be moved. They're not getting much attention these days.When we're caught in this fog, it seems like every problem, even those we can't do anything about becomes monumentaI. Then they prey on o ur mind and eat us up. Sorry you're experiencing the lost puppy feeling as well. You've  let me know I'm not the only one.

Comment by Cee on Monday

MFARM, HUGS dear one. You are not the only one wondering that. Just today I was walking around the house like a lost puppy, just felt uneasy but no real reason. I had a fairly decent week-end and it is finally a warm sunny day. I even moved some house plants outside. But now I am just sitting here, looking for direction.


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