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Has anyone had a ceremony of spreading ashes from a cruise ship? I am thinking about doing that and wonder if there is anything I should be especially careful to consider. I am looking at Carnival Cruises to the Bahamas..since as I understand, one can actually spread the ashes as opposed to just placing the entire  biodegradable container. I would appreciate any info..Thanks!!

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I have not done this, but I have several friends who did it with Princess Cruiselines. They were satisfied with their choice. I don’t know the details. I think the best thing to do is to call the cruise line to find out their procedures. Peace to all.

Thank you Bobby..I do plan to call cruise lines but just wanted to see if anyone had info I should reference when I call. Thanks again for your time!

I just found this information on the internet. Go to and ask your questions.

Ashes  can  be  spread quietly  without  ceremony  at  the shore  with  no  don't  need  a  cruise  or  cruise  ship  to do this. Same  body of  water.  I Guess  if  you  are  wealthy  enough  to  take  cruises  your  mindset is  different  and  that's  OK.   Whatever  floats  your boat.

Hi laura...I thought there was a law the ashes had to be a certain distance from shore? Guess it wouldn't  matter since the ashes are sterile? I am going to take my first very large ship  cruise for a few days..out of Miami ..I live in Florida. Some of my relatives are joining me and it will be a family memorial/celebration for my hubby who died 9/11/19.  I agree it would be the same body of water and the ashes will actually go around the world..I think :) My husband was a navy man and wanted this..Thank you laura for your response! 

Seems  as if  whenever  you  see  photos  of  this  ash  disposal  method....most of them  just  go out  into  the  air anyway...but being a navy man  it's nice to  think  he'll  still be traveling  around  the world to  some degree.  Sorry for your recent  loss.   Good you will have  family  with  you for this

solemn occasion.

When my sisters and I went on a cruise to Alaska, my sister spread some of her husband's ashes from the back of the ship. We went down to the lowest point of cabins and there was a door to a small balcony where she left them go. She did not ask anyone, and there was no one around except us. It was also just a small amount. He had always wanted to go to Alaska. 

Hi sis...Alaska was a consideration but we are going to the Bahamas, I think..My husband never had any desire to go to Alaska so we would help him depart sooner :)..but he will be with us everywhere in spirit :) and I feel he would be just fine with that.

Thank you for sharing..I would guess others have done spread ashes privately too. I was surprised to hear so many have spread ashes at Disneyland and Disney World. Thank you again for responding! 


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