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Comment by david1980 5 hours ago
Kerrie, I just want to let you know that you have been in my thoughts all day. Again I am sorry what happened in your life in one day.
Comment by Leendah 5 hours ago

I have learned it's okay to be sad/frightened/anxious with the chaos in the world.......But it's okay to let it go in a protective supportive environment and this is it.  thinking good thoughts for you Kerrie and sending good vibes.......

Comment by Princess Warrior Widow 8 hours ago

Kerrie, I am sorry.

Comment by Slick 9 hours ago

Oh Kerrie ...I am so sorry,,,,,what an overwhelming ...heart. breaking day..I have no words of wisdom.....but to tell you we are all here for you...this will be hard to get through.....and I will add..you and your sister to my prayers.....please keep us updated....PEACE

Comment by Weaxie 15 hours ago

((Kerrie)) What an awful day. the killing of that officer, your friend's father, was just an incideous act by someone who shouldn't have even been here. That being said, this sadness will be even more difficult for the family and the community-hang on as best you can. My heart breaks for your sister and how scared you must be for her. Hell yeah, you had a melt down!! Cry all you want, this is really hard on all accounts for you. Prayers my friend.

Comment by david1980 18 hours ago
Kerrie, I am very sorry you had this type of day. This has to be an overload on you and some of us on this site can surely try to understand. If I can make a soft suggestion, and it is just a suggestion. Since you know this officer's family they may want ask the investigative agency (jurisdiction) to contact your area's division of the FBI.

Since this act shows to be very a volatile organization it may behoove the department to evaluate any possible interstate movement. As well to gain a better understanding as to what happened to your colleague father.


Comment by Kerrie 19 hours ago

This might turn into a ramble and might be repetitive cuz I am posting in a couple of groups but had to "talk" to some of the people that I know get it. Day begins with finding out that the Pomona, Calif SWAT officer that was shot yesterday, died this morning. He was 46 and the father of one of the girls who works with me at animal control.  Was doing okay until I heard that he died and then I went up into my office, shut the door and had meltdown.  He was shot in the head which was what happened to my husband back in the 70s but ultimately was a major factor in his death due to Hep C.  One of my fellow supervisors, not knowing I was in my office, came in for something and saw me having meltdown...got  big hug and a "It upset me too" type of sentiment.  Meltdowns off and on due to way too much way too soon (Don passed away 9 months ago).  Afternoon comes and my office mate shows up for his PM shift.  got to talking...his 70 something year old mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma.   I have to call my sister to tell her I goofed and can't take her to her followup apt next week re the rotator cuff surgery she is scheduled for on Halloween......as I am leaving to head home, received an email from her saying not to worry about taking her in for surgery because it had to be postponed.....preop chest xray showed a nodule on the lung and today's CT scan confirmed there was a mass.....biopsy to be scheduled later. She called me when I was on train on way home and the floodgates opened again......thanks for "listening"....things have got to get better...do they??

Comment by alwayshopeful (Jocelyn) on Monday
David. Thnx for sharing some of Stevie's history. My husband would have loved this story!
Comment by Sharmann on Monday

It looks as though there are a few of us going through the same feelings. Is this a 3 year phenonmenon we are experiencing? For me some of it is not knowing what is next, and not feeling any excitement or joy in wondering what the next 20+ years holds for me. I feel a sense of ennui, don't really care. I look around my house and have no desire to do anything. I moved into this place almost two years and I have not put any pictures up on the walls. I am planning a road trip to visit family in NJ, so I am hoping that lifts my spirits a little.... Peace

Comment by Joellen on Monday

@ bergen that is what is happening with me It has been 30 months (april 7,2012) since Phil died(we went to sleep I woke up but he did not) but I feel I am just now fully grieving my loss. I went back to work  5days after the funeral and just retired the end of June 2014 and boy it is hitting me like a lead balloon.  The tears just flow; I have no motivation to do anything.  I did before; I did repairs in the house ; worked in the yard; now if I did not have to get up and drive my daughter to work and feed the dog and cat I don't think I would even get out of bed.  I do stuff now but there is no joy, no happiness in what I do. I am lonely and feel so empty.. I feel I have no purpose left in life. yet I go on. It is a struggle and tough but really what choice do we have. well got to go and do something do not know just what :) have a soft day everyone


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