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Comment by Gaining Strength on Wednesday

Hi Pat,

Alisa looked really beautiful in these pictures. So sorry. (((((((Hugs))))))).

My Mom died of lung cancer in 2007. Horrible disease. My husband died of Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer)in 2011. Another horrible experience.

Comment by Slick on Wednesday

Pat I am so sorry...I have no idea what made me think Alisa was your daughter...I guess I have mine on my mind...I lost Bill to lung cancer also...horrible , horrible disease...My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow......God bless and bring you all the peace you need 

Comment by Weaxie on Tuesday

Hugs Pat...I'm so sorry. Her picture is beautiful and I'm sure she was, too. Peace

Comment by spikesdad (Pat) on Tuesday

/Slick, Alisa was my wife. She died from Lung Cancer on 8/20/2012. I am using her picture as my avatar in her honor. Thank you so much for kind words.             (((Hugs)))

Comment by Slick on Tuesday

I am so sorry.....Pat....Alisa was your daughter.....?

I lost my Melanie 17 years ago on the 26th she was 21 .....I'm here is you need me..(((((((((HUGS))))))))

Comment by spikesdad (Pat) on Tuesday

It will be 2 years tomorrow that Alisa went to heaven. This feels different from the 1st angelversary. last year I had not yet stumbled on to WV. I was groping in the darkness searching for a way to deal with day to day life. There are still many issues to face and many may never be resolved, but if that is the way it will be, then at least I can accept things I have no control over. 

Comment by Weaxie on Tuesday

(((Gail))) One thing I know for sure for me, is that the weekends are the worst even after 18 months. I'm hyper-sensitive to all the "marriage" stuff I see around me in the grocery store, church-if I go, families at the beach and Lord help me if I don't figure out something for Saturday night. The weekends are very hard for widow people, no doubt about it. I look so forward to Mondays now, when in my old life, I dreaded them so much! Enjoy your "week" and I hope next weekend is a better for you. Peace

Comment by Gail on Tuesday

This past weekend, I felt like a balloon that someone had let the air out of.  I felt like I was just careening all over the place and finally fell on the floor in a heap.  It was a lonely and long weekend.  

Took my dog to the vet and overheard a conversation between another vet and a client...they were talking about how long they'd been married.  Oh boy!  I felt like I was going to lose it, but I managed not to.

I wish all of us PEACE!


Comment by Gaining Strength on Tuesday

To All,

By the time life is finished with us, we would all be tough, strong survivors. When you were a youngster, did you ever imagine that you could survive all this? Probably not. I wish I knew then what I know now. My best wishes to all at WV.  We have all earned these stripes (and wrinkles).

Comment by Weaxie on Tuesday

Yes, I was thinking the same thing-you do rock Slick! I admire your strength.

I feel like I am smart, bigger, and learning a ton. I feel good that I have survived some really sucky years (his cancer) and am surviving the loss of my very best friend and love of my life.

I don't like the part of me that seems to judge some really good friends. I want to scream at them "What is your problem?- Wait you don't have any problems!" Makes me sad and mad at myself.


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