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I posted this on Facebook but wanted to get feedback here too.

Has anyone used any dating apps? 

Have you had any success using them? 

Which ones are the best?

Any feedback you want to share. 

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Ok this is my area so, what you’re doing is going back to your comfort zone. Back to doing what you’ve been doing so there are no surprises. Life just goes on without issues. I do it all the time. You will never forget Sandi. Never. Your sub-conscience is blocking your thoughts. Just go with it. Don’t blow it off as not going to work out. Even if it didn’t you’re not worse off than you are now. If you weren’t worth it she would have kept talking with you. Just do it.


I’m giving up hope in these sites. Doesn’t matter what kind of profile I use. Funny, serious, both, long short, nothing. Even the ones that thought It was funny just say so and then they’re gone. All it does is ruin one’s self esteem. I’ll be off all of them next week. Deleting my pictures and then the profile descriptions. Their loss. I know who I am and I’m happy with it.

Ultra if you lucky enough to find someone  who really is adapt for you...go on! I'm walking in a desert  full of people that i can't compare to my lost one! Ciao Roxi

I personally don't subscribe to dating apps but if you must then be careful 

Thanks for the feedback.  Its still a mind blower to think about dating but I've decided that I just have to let things happen and that's that.  I will always miss my girl, but she gone and I can't do anything about that.  


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