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I posted this on Facebook but wanted to get feedback here too.

Has anyone used any dating apps? 

Have you had any success using them? 

Which ones are the best?

Any feedback you want to share. 

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Ultra if you lucky enough to find someone  who really is adapt for you...go on! I'm walking in a desert  full of people that i can't compare to my lost one! Ciao Roxi

I personally don't subscribe to dating apps but if you must then be careful 

Thanks for the feedback.  Its still a mind blower to think about dating but I've decided that I just have to let things happen and that's that.  I will always miss my girl, but she gone and I can't do anything about that.  

I'm so thriiled that I get to give you my input. I was very lonely and thought that maybe I was ready to try seeing someone. HAHA. I ended up starting a relationship with a nice enough man. But as time went by, I found that I was very critical of the things he did, I could see so many faults. I did'nt act like a witch or anything. These were just my personal observations that I kept to myself. He kinda feel head over heels for me, but I didn't feel anywhere near that, but I kept trying to make it work. I did write in my journal that I knew I wasn't in love with him and in all fairness I should break up with him. I did try to break it off but he cried like crazy, so I stayed with him. This whole process took about a year. He had a lot of problems because of past marriages, and I became aware that this was a very toxic relationship. Thank goodness we have since broken up, I'm so relieved. But now I am kinda fearful of will he do something weird. Like mess with my car,you know stuff like that. I am so grateful for the lessons that life teaches me, and this was a very good one.Here's what I learned, don't use plenty of fish, don't rush into things, and that I am nowhere near ready for a relationship. For now I'm just going to enjoy my dog, my horse, and let nature take its course. Hopefully I will meet someone special. But the best relationship I ever had, with my husband Mike, came out of nowhere and all of the pieces fit together easily, no struggle. Thats what I hope to find. Take your time and good luck.

Hopesmom you said well..."came out of nowhere and all of the pieces fit  together easily, no struggle" was the same for me with my loved one. I am looking for that magic, nothing struggle no efforts at all...i hope we'll can really find our second soulmate...hugs Roxi

Right... the pieces just fit together with Sandi. From the start as we were learning about each other it just fit and felt so right. I’ve dated a couple of people now. Very nice but not right. I find myself forcing it, trying to make it right. So, I just live with my memories and wait. 


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