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I have just one grown daughter (50) who is occupied with her own life as she should be. My grandson is away at boarding school which he loves. While I see friends my desire for more time with my little family hurts my heart. Are you in a similar situation? Do you have little family? I find it hard on the weekends when most people are with their families....children, grandchildren, etc. How do you cope with this? It feels a little daunting as I grow older to think I have no family to rely on. I feel that I have to be my  own best friend and advocate. It gets tiring. How about you?

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Great response. I have never been to Wisconsin. Ever been to upstate NY ? Lots of small lakes and streams and dairy farms and killer sharp cheddar cheese. Sound familiar ? :) I'll check in a moment to see if the Friend request processed. I just got home from a very full day. I volunteered at my Legion busing tables and doing dishes (with no hope of promotion LOL) for the annual free turkey and ham dinner, then traveled to 2 small town bar/restaurants who had free food out today. Talk about kindness...theirs not mine. :) I have leftovers to go up the wazooooooo.

@Freebird:  I'm happy to hear that there are other towns that have bars that do a free buffet on Thanksgiving.  The town I used to live in does that and while I never went in the two Thanksgivings after my husband died and before I moved away, I was happy to know it was there.  I miss that place.

I just happened upon the places. My plan after the Legion work was to just drive around in remote state forest area with my sidekick Pups (9 month old puppy) and listen to tunes. That is my usual head clearing exercise. Sometimes I will see deer, turkeys, and an occasional fox. When I saw the bar lights on, I stopped in. What a difference that made. I also saw a lady I used to work with. She was at the Legion, sitting by herself. Her only brother passed a few years ago. She knew my late husband, and I knew her brother. I had told her of my plan to go for a ride (and where) while I sat and chatted with her at the Legion. She motivated and found me at one of the places that was open. So we had each other to spend the holiday with, so to speak. I am so glad I motivated and got my not so happy self out of the house.

Sometimes just getting out of the house has unexpected results.  I have made a new friend that I was introduced to by a very friendly woman who is in my tai chi class at the gym.  Her friend lost her husband about eight months ago and "fixed us up."  This wodow is 20 years older than I am, but still very spry and we enjoy each other's company.  So you never know where you might make a new friend!  Good for you getting out yesterday!

Exactly so as far as unexpected results go ! Thanks for the affirmation on me motivating to get out yesterday. I do that on a regular basis. I go for rides in some glorious state land out in the middle of Nowhere in upstate NY. I take my puppy dog and play different music via my Sirius satellite radio service. Pups prefers country music to rock. I like both. I have a few places along the way for bathroom pit stops and people contact, usually the owners and very few daytime people. I stay for a little while, talk, read the paper, maybe watch some TV. I used to be an outgoing group type person, back in the day. I have decided in recent years that it is often easier for me to be solo, because people's behavior in general, can sometimes make me feel worse even when I'm in a good mood. Either that or it's menopause making me less tolerant LOL. It sounds like you have a great new friend. BRAVO !!!! :)

Speaking of which...I'm heading over to my Legion to assist with packaging up leftovers for the members who could not/did not get to the dinner yesterday. And of course a road trip through my own personal state park area. I'll log on later.


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