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Our pets often help us deal with loneliness. Here's a spot to share stories about your fur babies ... or to ask questions if you're thinking about adding one (or more!) to your family.

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I guess I will start this one. I had been alone for 2-1/2 years since Jerry's passing when this gray ball of fur appeared on my doorstep. He likes to be loved on and fed and then will go on his merry way for the day. Sometimes he is so annoying when he wants his attention - like last night when I was trying to put shelves in my new cabinet. He just kept on meowing wanted his head petted and rubbed. His name is Smokey. I have also adopted two parakeets (both boys) and call them Bugsy and Tweety. They love to talk (mostly to each other) but that is okay with me because I am quiet by nature and my husband was the "talker". It seems as though in bringing them into my home - life has come back into my home. I have something to love on and nurture. I seem to have more energy when I am home now. Instead of just sitting on the couch or lying in bed I have to get up and take care of someone else again.

I was never really a dog person…my husband had two. When he died I now had the full responsibility of two dogs. The kept me alive in the sense that I had to get out of bed every morning and walk them, feed them etc. They were grieving badly also. The youngest one would sit at the top of the steps every night for weeks waiting for my husband to come up the stairs. The older one laid by my husband chair every night. It broke my heart because I couldn't explain to them why he was never coming home.  Its been two years now, the older dog died May 18th, 2015…it broke my heart. So its me and the younger one. I have learned so much from "my dogs." They love so unconditionally. My dog and I went on a road trip this summer, we put 5200 miles on the car and had a good time. Every time I see the Subaru commercial with the guy who owns an older dog and they are doing the bucket list…..melts my heart. I love my little dog, he is great comfort.  I don't know how I would have gotten thru some very BLACk days if not for the love of "my dogs."

I had two golden retrievers who really helped me after my husband died 2 years ago.  They greeted me and kept me active and moving.  The female was always with me and attached at my hip. She died two months ago and it reinforced the loneliness I feel.  Now I miss her as well as my husband and feel more lost than ever. 

I'm currently looking for 2 small breed puppies -the house is too quiet w/out activity from babies tearing up stuff & barking ...

Its been 2 1/2 years since my miniature pinscher died, I think I'm ready now ....

Ruby saved my life just as I was about to slip into a diabetic coma several times over the first year of grief. I couldn't eat much less keep food down. Since she slept w/me, Ruby could sense when I was in trouble. She woke me up every time by crunching on an empty water bottle; it was the most aggravating noise aside from fingernails dragging across a chalkboard! Arrrrgh

The other time she sensed something major was my husband's car collision on the freeway. My house is on a hill providing a clear view of the freeway 3 miles away. I could see lights flashing from emergency vehicles as Ruby ran around painfully howling -a sound I had never heard from her. At exactly 11:07pm, she stopped we both looked up at the clock & eachother -I heard my husband say, "It was a car collision, there is insurance, I love you guys. You need to go to sleep -tomorrow will be a big day." I didn't comprehend anything I heard, I started for the bedroom feeling happy. I prayed for whomever it was being taken to the hospital by helicopter, then fell into a deep sleep. I learned from the police chaplain the following morning it was my husband who was kiĺled. I said I know, he asked how I knew this. I replied, my husband told me at 11:07pm last night. The chaplain was shocked because it was the exact time of his death (he thought I some how had something to do w/ his death including thinking I was crazy). Then his death hit me, I immediately went into shock. Ruby lay w/me licking my face to keep me conscious. My baby girl is now w/daddy. Bless their hearts ...

My husband and I have had retired racing greyhounds since 1996.  Baby Girl, Mo and Fargo are the three that are still here on Earth with me.   My husband was exceptionally bonded with #4, Jahber, who we lost to osteosarcoma about three years ago.  We were devastated, Jahber was a young hound, but my husband took his passing very, very hard.  I worried for a couple of months that he would grieve himself to death.    After a necessary discussion about final plans (we both choose/chose cremation) last September, I was trying in vain to lighten the moment and said that I had thought to put both of them together (their ashes).  My husband got very serious and said that he didn't want the ashes mixed together but he wanted both containers put in one larger one.   That is exactly what I did.  The hounds are grieving with me.  They have to witness when I have to empty the well of grief.  I am so glad to have their company, they always listen when I talk to them about their daddy.  

On February 4 this year I adopted two kittens. I had had cats all my life and had been sans pet since November of 2014. I lost my husband in November of 2015 and found the house so silent and empty you could cut the air with a knife. It was actually a weight in The atmosphere that forced me down. Since getting my kittens with whom I was smitten when seeing them in a short video when they were a month old. They have brought life and love into my house again I have plants too but nurturing plants while rewarding is nothing like having the love or our pets. Both giving and receiving.

There is laughter in my life now and focus and feel a little more complete now.
What I'm facing is the practical reality that I "should" re-home one of my three pups in order to move on, but I just can't do it. My two old ladies were adopted from a shelter in bad shape -- one having had been subjected to so much that I cannot (would not) even board her to travel. She would be terrified and that outweighs anything else, no matter what we'll-meaning folks tell me. The other little lady has been with me for years -- my constant companion during all my husband's lengthy business travels. She has human eyes -- you dog lovers know what I mean -- and a heart full of love. My little ladies have a forever home here with me. That leaves my newest, a three-year-old paphund (doxy/papillon mix.) Rescued him from our overloaded shelter and he became my husband's dog. He is the one everyone says I should re-home so that I can find a more suitable home myself. (You can't rent,buy a condo or even live in a 55+ community with three dogs. Two is the limit I've found here in SoCal.) I've been told, "your husband wouldn't want you to keep a house you can't afford just for a DOG!" Really? I can't face the guilt of giving little Nick away.

Eventually one of the little ladies will pass, which will be a very sad day, and then I'll be down to the requisite two. Have to hope the money holds out. No matter what anyone says, I think my husband would be angry with me if I re-homed Nick.

I hope it works out for you...  Will the timing work out as you wait?

I don't know whether the timing will work out, Boo.

It takes so much strength just to get through each new day that I haven't any left over to put into this problem. So, so weary; and more than anything I'm exhausted from fear of the future. It's completely draining to go through the days making every, single decision alone, with no partner to share the questions, fears, worries. So I keep pushing the anxiety of rehoming little Nick into the future, hoping the decision will be made for me.

I know what you mean.  My dog story is a bit different.  We rescued our dog in 2012, two years after our previous dog died.  My husband didn't want another one, but he really needed a smaller dog to cuddle on his lap, so we got her.  She is a West Highland Terrier mix.  Once she found out who her 'person' was (him), she guarded him fiercely.  She put up with me but we haven't had people in our home since 2012 without taking her to the kennel or putting her in the car. She loved him and is still looking around for him now and then.   Now that he is gone, I need to be able to have people over without the stress.  Two options.. put her down or see if she can be trained (she's around 12 years old).  I'm trying the training route, but worried about how much it will cost. Guess I'll find out.  

Good luck to you are your pups.


It has been 4 years since my husband passed and I am considering moving away from the home we lived in. After neutering Smokey and bringing him into my home full time he has taken over every window in my house and has graciously given me to two areas I can sit in without his complaining.It wasn't easy bringing in this fully grown feral cat into my home. I cried - literally - for the first week he lived in my home. My nice, neat orderly home became his domain. But, the birds and I have adjusted to him being there and he is so loving and cute that I can forgive the occasional foible he creates. I am planning on moving as I do not want to remain in this home anymore and in true fashion to pet owners (or does he own me?) I am finding myself looking for a home that would would be well suited to both animal and myself.


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