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My name is Teresa Sewell, I am 61 years old and retired and on disability I have 2 sons ages 25 and 20 one is a college student currently living with my parents the oldest son is living with me currently we live in Talladega, Ala which is a small town where most of the industries have gone out of business or moved to another state there are no jobs available at all. Several years ago my oldest son had some trouble with the law and now even though he has paid his restitution he cannot find any type of job because he cannot pass a background check both of my sons are wanting to pack up and move to another state so my oldest son can maybe find employment my youngest son can go to college in another state easily but I keep a check every day on my parents who are in their 80's and my brother and sister both live out of state my main problem with moving is the land which my home is built on belonged in my mother's family for many, many years it was passed on to my mom when her dad died since they live in the city my parents gave the land to me and my late husband for us to build a home on we moved into our home in 1995 my husband was not much of a do it yourselfer so not much upkeep was done on the home even though we built the home new the land has kind of grown up there is a barn which is falling down because it has been here many, many years my mother's brother who lived across the street from me before he passed wanted my grandfather to leave all the land to him in his will he cheated my mom and dad out of a lot of land which was suppose to have gone to them for taking care of my grandfather until his death but my uncle would take my grandfather out riding and get him drunk on beer and have him little by little sign over land which was suppose to have been my parents upon his death but my mom's brothers and sisters all verbally agreed that my mom and dad would get all the land upon my grandfathers death while we were still living with my grandfather someone close to the family knew what my uncle was doing so he told my father that my uncle was getting my grandfather to sign over land that was suppose to be his little by little my father found out this was true and he and my mom started looking for a house in the city when they found a house they told my grandfather that we were moving to the city because me and my brother and sister were still small kids my mother worked second shift at a cotton mill and my father traveled a lot with his job and he was kind of a baby sitter for us but his doctor told my mom that his heart was going bad and he could die without any notice and they did not want any of us kids finding him dead while they were at work my parents invited my grandfather to move to the city with us but he refused because we lived in the house that he also grew up and raised his 10 kids in so we moved to the city my uncle lived across the street from him so we knew they would take care of him my parents took care of my grandfather from 1968 until his death in 1988. My uncle died about 3 years ago and his stepson lives next to my house and if I move to another state he is just waiting to bounce on this property as soon as it goes up for sale my grandfather had always said he did not want this property sold to anyone outside the Hayes family even though my uncles stepson has most of the property now that my uncle has died and his name is Smith my grandfather would turn over in his grave if he knew this man had his property because he did not like him at all and neither do I he had a hand in my son being wrongfully convicted of arson just to try to run us off this property so as you can see I am in a handle I want to do what is right for my sons but I don't want this man to get this property either if any of you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate hearing them.

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It all sounds very complicated.

Can you afford to get a lawyer to help?

Maybe they would know what is best for your boy and what to do about the property. 

I agree with Mike. I think you need a lawyer to help with all of this. It's too much for you to handle alone.

My two cents for what it is worth is do what is best for you. The past is gone and is not coming back. All of those people have gone to a better place and no longer have the cares of this world. But as others have do check your legal options.


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