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As the weather warms and thoughts of summer begin to beckon me somewhere...with an "anywhere but here" kind of mentality, I start my annual battle of the mind about traveling alone. It's not insecurity, mind you. I have traveled a lot on business, but that's always a planned destination with purpose. Not much time to wander beyond the absolutes. A couple of my usual travel companions are tied into family jaunts in the next few months so I thought this might be the season I break out, and hopefully break free of "couple mania"... constant reminders of how great it was to travel with THE one I miss! What's worked for some of you? Have you traveled alone to somewhere exciting by yourself? Any suggestions, ideas?

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Hi Sharon2...I am so glad you are able to do this...I can't seem to pick a destination...can't afford to do Europe and would love to tour parts of the US...can you recommend a website where I can find something similar to what you've done, small groups , in the US....I have no problem taking a train...flying to my destination long as there is a plan and destination....long distance driving is difficult as I have two bad shoulders....any help you can give is appreciated.....keep enjoying..

Slick - you might want to check out this website - you can subscribe and receive a weekly email with tons of info. 

[email protected]

There is also a solo travel forum on trip advisor.   I was in NYC with a few friends last year and it would be so easy to spend time there alone - so much to do and see, much of it very walkable. And don't forget about Canada - with the value of the dollar, it's so affordable for Americans.

Good luck with your plans. None of us know how much time we have where will want to/be able to travel, so it's important to get on it.

Hi Sharon...the link you sent me is an e-mail...I will try entering it differently ..when I click on it , I have to send an e-mail...will also check out trip advisor...thanks a million...PEACE

I have gone on road trips solo since my Husbands death.   I have traveled with my 2 Daughters and Grandson also but they have work and school and their own lives.   I have had no issues traveling alone.   It was a little awkward and strange at first but the more that I did it, it became more enjoyable.   I have met a new friend and we have gone on a few short trips together and are planning more.   I am thinking of going to Europe (2 years from now) maybe solo if my friend can't go with.   I look at the experience as a new adventure.   My Husband would want me to keep going and to enjoy life!!!!

Hi fellow travelers
I travel alone often, i think in yr 1 i was just in fog ville so never really tht abt driving1800 miles to spend summer with family. All went smooth even pulled a trailer. As the yrs came, i found an app tht makes u feel safe. Your friends and family watching you along the way. Oh tech love it then hate it ha! Its called Watch over me. I think theres another one called Kite string or something like tht.

And yes ive been told abt many solo travel ventures, but havent put myself out there yet. Im at 3 yrs 4 mo maybe time.

We should go for it right. Life is to short as we know so very well.

I've been crazy about travel since I was a kid.  Visiting London and Paris as soon as I could scrape together enough money from my first real job just made me want more.  When DH and I met in 1997 and started traveling together, it was truly a match made in heaven.  We visited over a dozen countries together and last year's trip to Iceland was one of our best.  I've also been fortunate to travel on business to London, Zurich, Munich, Delhi, Bangalore and Brussels- some multiple times. 

It's definitely going to be different without DH- not part of a couple but not with business colleagues either.  I'm going to do it, though.  Last month we traveled to Myrtle Beach for my mother's funeral and, since DH's acute myeloid leukemia had weakened him so badly, I did all the driving (20 hours one way, with 2 overnights) and also dealt with DH and his wheel chair.  Most of my family is still in the Carolinas and I'll head there at Christmas.  There will be bittersweet memories but loving family at the end. 

We were supposed to return to Iceland this past August but DH was too sick and my mother also had terminal cancer.  I'd planned to go to Australia and NZ after DH died but decided business class airfares were too crazy for my budget (sorry, I've been spoiled by long-hauls in Business Class). Instead I booked a cruise in April from Panama City through the Canal to Costa Rica on UnCruise, which uses small ships (under 100 passengers) and is focused on nature.  DH was happy for him when I told him about it.  Yes, you pay through the nose as a single, but this was what I wanted to do.  It's also a good middle ground.  I'll have company when I want it but not 100% of the time.  I've got 3 days on my own in San Jose at the end of the cruise.

I really want to sprinkle some of DH's ashes in the places we loved most.  Edinburgh and Reykjavik would be at the top of the list.  I know people all over the US and some parts of the world and would structure future trips around seeing them- not necessarily staying with them, just being able to visit and talk over dinner and coffee so I have human contact.  I'm going to miss talking with DH about what I/we were seeing- he knew European history very well and I could usually fake my way through the local language so we were a great team.  I've also toyed with the idea of just parking myself in one city in Europe at an airbnb place for a month.  What a way to polish my French or my German!

India is the great question mark.  I LOVED it as a business traveler but really need to have company on that one even though I have a friend in Delhi.  I'll probably need a good tour there.

An update on this- I seem to be making up for the travel I didn't do while DH was ill last year.

My favorite Aunt (only 5 years older than I am, married mom's youngest brother) e-mailed and said she was taking a tour to India and Nepal in March of 2018.  I researched the tour and put down a deposit less than 24 hours later.  Perfect!  I think I have enough miles to redeem for the airfare.

In May I'm going to a meeting of my professional society in Toronto.  Haven't been to one since I retired 3 years ago but I love Toronto and registration for the meeting (which includes continental breakfasts, cocktail receptions and a couple of other meals) is free to retired members.

I booked the B&B where DH and I used to stay in Hermann, MO for September.  It will be weird without him but I can still do long bike rides on the Katy Trail, which I always did myself because DH had stopped bicycling years before we met. I may tour the wineries although that seems to be a "couples" thing.  The B&B has a wonderful gourmet dinner that you can enjoy for an extra charge but I've never seen someone there as a single- all couples.  I think I'll skip that.

Finally- this morning I booked a trip back to Ohio in October for a 50-year grade school reunion.

I just hope the planes run on time.  That's always my major concern.



Good for you Athena! I have done some traveling alone - mainly to places that my husband and I had traveled to before. I found that eating at outside cafes was more enjoyable than sitting in a restaurant alone. I went to Sedona, a place Jerry and I enjoyed spending our anniversaries. The first year was difficult as I frequented many of the places we had gone to before but the next time I went I visited different areas that were more of my interest and I had more fun. I have come to a time now when I want to try traveling with women's groups. Please keep us updated. 

I will!  Forgot to mention that over Christmas I put over 2,500 miles on the car in 9 days, going from the Midwest to the Carolinas, where the rest of my family has settled in various places.  DH and I had made the trip many times together.  It wasn't bad at all retracing those steps.  A friend from HS who's been divorced for a couple of decades travels all over and said that, because he's alone, he tends to strike up great conversations with the people around him.  I'm a bit of an introvert, but I'm trying to adapt his perspective.

Hi CarolinaHeart,

   I'm just watching for any answers you get. I'm anxious to get out of here for a bit also. But am nervous. He was always with me. 


I read this quote from the Dalai Lama: "Once a year go someplace you've never been before." I would like to make it a goal to do this. It doesn't have to be someplace far away...but someplace I haven't been before...or, that I might have been many, many years ago and would like to see it with fresh eyes...

   If I were to go someplace, Fly somewhere, who would hold my hand as we take of ? LOL  He always held my hand at take off, then I would crochet once were on the way. 



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