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As the weather warms and thoughts of summer begin to beckon me somewhere...with an "anywhere but here" kind of mentality, I start my annual battle of the mind about traveling alone. It's not insecurity, mind you. I have traveled a lot on business, but that's always a planned destination with purpose. Not much time to wander beyond the absolutes. A couple of my usual travel companions are tied into family jaunts in the next few months so I thought this might be the season I break out, and hopefully break free of "couple mania"... constant reminders of how great it was to travel with THE one I miss! What's worked for some of you? Have you traveled alone to somewhere exciting by yourself? Any suggestions, ideas?

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Hi Prissy!

    I hope you have a great trip in June. As for the TSA, I hate what they do to us at the airport.  Since we always flew to see our son, I would tell myself, " Seeing my son is worth all of the abuse the TSA dishes out " ...  

    I hope you have a great time ! :-)


Hi Prissy,

    Have you gone on your trip yet ? How was it ?



   I'm glad you had a good time. I'll soon be making my first ALONE trip. It's scary and exciting all at once. 

   A trip to New England sounds PRETTY. I would like to go sometime during Fall Season. Changing of color in the leaves :-)  But then again, it's also pretty here if we have enough rain to make the trees turn beautiful colors in the Fall. 

   Again, I'm glad you had a good time.



How I envy anyone who travels alone whether they have family and friends to visit or simply go somewhere alone....I have not been able to do it...although I would love to....I am not intimidated by it...or shy.....I just cannot figure out where I would truly enjoy myself alone.


   Is there a place you ever wanted to see but didn't?  You may not be intimidated by traveling alone but I sure am. Anyway, I hope you find a place to travel to. Even if it's just for a short trip.



Susan .....I guess probably places like the Grand Canyon, Wyoming,I;ve seen the NE, SE, caribbean....several times....I just would like to make sure there's some activity where ever I go....I can sit home alone...I;d really like to share this...even if it's with strangers...sometimes I find they're the best....:)

I lost my DH Steve on March 2nd. We traveled for about 3 weeks every January which included a 2 week cruise. Of course this past January we had to cancel but we had booked our January 2018 trip back in 2016. I haven't cancelled that one yet but I have no idea what I will do. I might be willing to travel with a friend I am comfortable with but as of yet none of those friends are able to take the entire 2 weeks. Would I dare go alone? I'm not certain. Steve and I were such wonderful travel partners I fear I might be setting myself up for an unhappy two weeks. On the other hand, I have always loved it and some days I actually consider going it alone. I suppose time will tell. I have until November to make that decision. I'm so happy for all of you who have traveled with success and I have understanding and the utmost compassion for those unable to face it.

If you purchased travel insurance, you may have an out.

I have traveled alone for five years now. I hate paying the single supplement, so I look for trips that either don't charge one or keep it to a "reasonable" (at least to my mind) amount. Traveling alone is "different", but your schedule is your own.

The cancellation or change deadline is in November and We always purchased travel insurance so the ability to cancel isn't in question....I'm just not certain if I want to. The decision for me is complicated by the fact that these cruises were "our" thing. We loved them and we traveled so well together. It was always perfect in our eyes. So it seems the obvious thing would be to cancel..but for some reason I'm just not quite ready to do that. Hopefully I'll be able to come to a reasonable conclusion prior to the deadline.

I definitely see the benefit in travel without that single upcharge. Was your first trip alone difficult? I truly have a hard time imagining a vacation wiout him.

Happy you're taking the time you have to sit with this decision. Listen to your 'gut' and you'll know when that November deadline comes whether this is a good thing for you to do or not. It's different for all of us, but I've found that I know for sure what decisions to make if I just listen.

I planned a 'vacation' just a few months after my guy died ... it was just to get away from all of the holiday stuff going on at work. And it was to a place we had never gone to before, so it felt safe. Ended up that my adult son decided to join me so it wasn't actually my first alone vacation (although he stayed out all night and slept all day so it kinda felt like I was alone). It wasn't easy being there without Vern, doing things that I know he would have enjoyed. But each trip I've taken without him I've felt that he was there beside me, loving that I was experiencing those things, cheering me on to live my life. I did Camp Widow and Brave Girls Camp and some art retreats that helped me realize I could do the airport/taxi/rental car/hotel thing by myself - but those weren't to places that had been important to us. It took me awhile to feel comfortable to return to Maui - a very special place for us - but when I did it was perfect. You'll know when.

Thank you Dianne for your encouragement and wisdom.  I know it is different for everyone but hearing about others experiences does help.

Take care


    I hope you find someone to go with you... A best fiend... A cousin...  A great neighbor ?   ...  Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your cruise. :-)



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