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As the weather warms and thoughts of summer begin to beckon me somewhere...with an "anywhere but here" kind of mentality, I start my annual battle of the mind about traveling alone. It's not insecurity, mind you. I have traveled a lot on business, but that's always a planned destination with purpose. Not much time to wander beyond the absolutes. A couple of my usual travel companions are tied into family jaunts in the next few months so I thought this might be the season I break out, and hopefully break free of "couple mania"... constant reminders of how great it was to travel with THE one I miss! What's worked for some of you? Have you traveled alone to somewhere exciting by yourself? Any suggestions, ideas?

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I'm in.....would be flying from Phila International...

I have been having feelings like that too. 

I met one widow online here who purposefully took several short cruises even in the first year after her husband;s death. She just wanted to know she could do it. 

I have been thinking of buying some simply camping gear to camp in my car - maybe go up into the high country for a coupe of nights - for teh same reason - to know that I can do it. 

On the other hand   - there are some travel groups for single women. It could be a fun.

These links might help to give you some ideas:

Let me know what inspires you


Great ideas, Maria Louisa!!  Thank you for posting!!

I have been wanting to get out and do things since my husband passed almost 11 months ago. But even when I just go to Walmart or something simple like that once I get there though I can hardly wait to get back home. I have though made a 2 night reservation in August to go to Laughlin Nevada. My husband and I really enjoyed going there so that's why I chose to go there. I hope I haven't bit off more than I can chew.

Hi Maria

My husband, Mal, died on 5th February 2018, only six weeks ago and I have been on two cruises. The first with my girlfriend, Carmel, because everywhere I looked at home I got another knife in the heart. The second was with my grandson, Geordie. I came back two days ago. Everywhere, there were couples, people holding hands, and I broke down several times. However, people were very kind. I know I can do it, I can travel anywhere, it is just seeing couples that breaks me up. I feel so alone. My grandson is only 10 and his focus was on having fun with his new friends (fellow cruising children) so I was still left on my own most of the time I would not take a child again. However I love your links. Thank you for  them. 

Hello Carolinaheart, I am new to this sight, and I read your thread last night and it was like God answered. I lost my husband 11-2014. We were full time RV for 7 years. We found out he had cancer 6-1 and he died 11-18. I moved back in our house and sold the rv. Now trying to deside sell the house and hit the road? I miss the rv life. How did you like Rv women?

My Husband died 3 years ago.   This last year I took a few day trips by myself.  Everything went well so I planned and went on a 1 week road trip.   It was so awesome!   I visited my Aunt and Cousins and stopped for 2 nights at Yosemite National Park.   I did some hiking.   It was magical.   My grown Daughters have children and work and are very busy.   All of my friends are either couples or still working.   I thought, if you don't do what you want now while you can, you will be losing out!   I am planning another trip for later this year.  

lizbeth4..I am so glad you enjoyed ...good for you going from a couple of days to a week.....I don't have a wouldn't work for me ..(: I don't have family or friends I could take a trip and visit.....still thinking of what I can do....haven't given up

At almost 9 years out and in my early 60's, I have decided if I want to do some things I will just have to go for it. I bought a little (2 person I think) tent last summer and it sat in my bedroom. In March I went on a retreat in AZ. I have flown alone before, but always had a family member or good friend to meet me on the other end. I made it, found the shuttle and got to the womens empowerment retreat for military survivors. It was great. In April I packed that little tent into my car, drove across the state and went camping solo in the Witchita Wildlife Preserve for two nights. It was beautiful peaceful country and I enjoyed the wildlife.  Then I got a hotel, cleaned up, and went to a concert solo.  Trying to do the things I want and not letting going solo stop me.

Good for you, lyn!  You are an inspiration!

How me hope!

I have one destination where I feel the most comfortable at being. Central coastal California has a little town along the beach called Cambria. It takes 10 hours to get there which is the bummer but once I am there I love smelling the ocean and watching the sea lions along the coast. It is difficult to travel by oneself but if I didn't who would I have to travel with? I am looking at some tours through the women travel sites and there is one - I think - through Odyssey that you pay for air fare and tour at the same time. It is not just for single women but I like the idea that I don't have to worry about getting the airfare separate. I know of one woman who traveled alone to Australia through a tour group and had a wonderful time. 


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