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Comment by pipin yesterday


A very difficult day for all Americans sending you all a little strength to get through it. Remember you are all stronger than steele as you have so much love to carry you through. Just do your best. May your God go with you. Pip

Comment by david1980 yesterday

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.........


Comment by Weaxie yesterday

You too Jocelyn, many hugs and gobble gobble :)

Comment by alwayshopeful (Jocelyn) on Wednesday
During this season of thankfulness, I am grateful for all of you. You have made my journey and healing as a widow so much easier to bear.
Hoping you all have some treasured family and friends to share a warm meal with.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Comment by Slick on Tuesday

Dave55 ..thank you...yes it is a journey with so many bumps in the road...

david 1980......thank you also.....this is the first year I have not had any interest in the holidays ...the first 3 years after Bill passed I put a tree up , decorated, shopped, and cooked for the family...not this year....I have no interest...I am no stranger to loss....my daughter passed at 21....17 years ago so I have had many holidays without someone precious to me...this is all different to me this year......

I'm feeling that maybe it being almost 4 years alone......Bill was one of my last loved ones to go home....that maybe I'm seeing my life clearly..I have put it all in the hands of God and am sure I will survive this too as I have so much....just having a hard time ....knowing I have to put some space in between me and my two daughters.....they are all I have left....and I will be lonlier...I guess...I;m anticipating.....PEACE to all...

Comment by david1980 on Tuesday
Slick. these are difficult times of the year. My brother just passed in July and my wife went into a coma on Thanksgiving Day of 05. I want you to know that we care for you. and realize how frustrating this journey can be at times.

I am suffering from be polarized, I feel it the most at this time of year. I fight it every way I know how, but it comes back to haunt me. I do know they are always with me upstairs. as I think about them everyday.

Always remember we are all searching together for answers that you are facing at this moment in time. Your are not alone, and you have been placed with us to keep walking along together.

Comment by Dave55 on Tuesday

Hugs Slick, yes that takes time.  To find a friend to share with.  There's a lot of fear as well bearing our souls to another, even to a best friend.  Good luck with your journey.  The rewards are worth it.

Comment by Slick on Monday

thank you all.. I have the aquaintances... and am among the living....it's the private things that you only discuss with someone close that I need...with all my friends being gone...closest ones passed young...mine and Bill's friends have vanished......i need someone for me who I can share my thoughts with.....

Comment by Leendah on Monday

I just wanted to respond to Slick that I had some good and bad luck with Meet ups in the area, some good times hearing music and playing cards, and listening to motivational speakers.  But I don't believe it's always a place to meet long lasting friends, they are acquaintances that I see once in awhile but not necessarily want to hang out with.  I like what somebody else said on this site - it is being "out among the living" to feel what happy conversation is like again to find out again what makes you feel motivated and excited about life........

Comment by Slick on Monday

Thanks rose.and dave55.I have joined 5 meet ups in my area...one no one but the organizer showed up....another we met for dinner..and I sat alone since the entire group were 20 year friends and all had their phones out making plans to go to different shows together.....and the others...all the ever planned were happy hours..which I 'm not interested in....I have pretty much tried everything..have gone out alone....joined dating sites....talk to everyone...there's nothing else....and the more space I put in between me and my daughters the more alone I'll be...not a happy thought..God bless


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