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Comment by lonelyinaz 28 minutes ago
Mema its going be alright friend, as u know it totally devastes us, but your stronger than you think. You'll make it through this hell. I dont why you feel your late to your grief, but its ok take your time. Were here for you. Many hugs.
Comment by mema9600 1 hour ago

hi ive been widowed since 2013 but first time to say I don't know where to start.i just started grieving and I feel like im alone

Comment by sheri_baby 2 hours ago

Gail, i am going through the same thing. My sister's husband have bone cancer. He was so close to my husband and I. It just brings up so much pain. Hang in in there. I don't want to do it wither but they were there for me. 

Comment by sheri_baby 2 hours ago

I hope someday to find happiness again. I also wonder if I am doing the right thing. I  am moving down to where my daughter lives. Its only been 8 months. I know I have to sell I have 8 acres and have never cut the grass before. My BIL does it now but I can't expect him to do it forever. I have nothing left here. I have a daughter and with twins that could use my help. I look forward to the new adventure but I have lived here just about all my life. I hate to say good bye....What a great dream Gaining strength. I think that would help to know that they are at peace and happy. I sometimes wonder if he is upset because of all he left me with to deal with. I couldn't show emotions when he was sick  because it upset him so much. I had to do my crying in private and put on a brave face. I keep telling him don't worry I will take care of it. It's hard but I am just taking it one day at a time. Grandkids are coming for Easter am looking forward to it.

Comment by BergenJC 4 hours ago

@Gail:  Let this be a new beginning for you and your sister.   She will need you now.  It is a mitzvah to help her through this. You may even find it helps you heal as well.

Comment by Lakegirl33 5 hours ago
Dear Gail, so so sorry you have to do this again. You have so much to give your sister. She is very lucky to have you. My prayers are with you for strength in getting through this yourself
Comment by Slick 7 hours ago

I'm with you Gail...hearts are touching....I will hold your hand....give you my shoulder to support you whatever you want....don't forget I live in the philly suburbs ...if you need me while you're here ..just shout...HUGS

Comment by Gail 7 hours ago
I need you guys....my sister's husband is on life support and I have to fly to Philly to be with her when she terminates his life support. This is going to be a tough one!

I really don't even want to go, because my sister and I don't have the best relationship. I know I have to because it's the right thing to do. I'm her sister and she needs me. I just hope I can hold it together for her.

This feels strangely familiar bit different. I know what she means when she says she feels like she's in the twilight zone. It sounds horrible to say this but I'm glad it's not me having to go through this again.

Her husband was very controlling and she knows nothing about their financial situation. She doesn't even know his social security number! She said there are mountains of paperwork to go through. What a mess!

Wish me luck and pray or send positive thoughts my way, please.
Love you guys. Thanks for being here for me!
Comment by Colleen 7 hours ago
Oh TY for clearing it up ,still navigating the ways of this page,Haven't been on long,to tell the truth wish I didn't need to be...but has been big help for me..Congrats on a new life coming...That will be good for you...
Comment by Slick 8 hours ago

Colleen ..I;m having a new grandson on the way....Gaining Strength is having the wedding with the center pieces she doesn't like...:) ....I remember when all 3 of my daughters got married..them being very particular about the table arrangements......


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