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Comment by Shirah 3 hours ago

{{{{{Elea}}}}} yeah, get it...the being half that is left of a couple thing.  It's my constant companion.  It's always hard when I meet people who are not aware that Pat passed in  Feb.  Brings it all back not that it is ever far from me.

Have  a blessed day all.  Shalom

Comment by Elea 6 hours ago
Thanks for your messages of support! I had a few good days but today again I was hit by the realization of how lonely I am and that this feeling of the absence of my closest person will not fade away...it will just stay on and on. Yesterday I had a drink and tapas at a seaport terrace where we would often go during our holidays( this year I amhere alone) and all of a sudden a couple we got acquainted with by mutual friends and who we had over at our house as well, stood right in front of me.I was reading a novel,never go anywhere with sthg to read,to have a"silent" companion.... They were asking me why I was there alone and where Lou was. I had to tell them what had happened almost five months ago. They ended up having a drink with me amd later on we had dinner together .the evening was pleasant but I grew so aware of my "single"status,of just being half of a couple,even though both were very kind and compassionate. Today I was at the beach and I thought life is so empty now,yet it is so beautiful....and that again hurts as well. Hugs to all of you
Comment by Dave55 yesterday

Hi Gordy's Widow, that's a good thing to remember that the lost loved ones are all around.  It won't stop me from going to visit the cemetery and having a chat and a cry, but it helps.

Comment by Gordy's widow yesterday

dear Elea, Just ride the wave... sounds dumb... but all the things you are feeling are valid.... in a little over 30 mo I lost 4 family members, including my husband and father and 2 aunts I was close too. I t sucks... no other way to put it ... I thought my big strong hubby would get better as well. Cry scream do what ever you have to, to relief the pressure... but remember to sleep and eat.... take care of yourself..... the pain does lessen with time... only time... I am 2& 1/2 yrs out some days it seems like yesterday ...hang on...((hugs)) 

Comment by Gordy's widow yesterday

slick our loved ones are not AT the cemetery.... they are all around  us...  you can remember them any and every where (( hugs)) 

Comment by Shirah yesterday

Slick...no guilt here...this is your day to remember as you can.  The Jewish people have a custom, on the anniversary of the decease of a loved one they light a yartzeit candle and it burns about 24 hrs.  It's a nice way to remember.  Do what you can do.  Love and prayers.

Thanks for the support, this vulnerable feeling is the pits.  Like Wildflower I am clueless.  I don't understand how relationship stuff works in this world.  I was innocent and naive when I met my husband and now I feel even more naive.  I've always been a very affectionate person, must I change my personality?  I don't understand where the boundaries are.  Or what they are. 

Have a blessed day all,  shalom

Comment by Slick yesterday

Shirah..........((((((((((((HUGS BACK )))))))))))))

Comment by Slick yesterday

Thank you all so much for your love and support.....I woke this morning...and the tears have been running for two hours.....17 years since I've seen my daughter......God how I miss her...I realized I could't go to the cemetery this year...since Bill passed  I am having a harder and harder time going ..so I have a candle lit with a picture of her and I .........if I can go out later I will try to go ..but I know she isn't there and heard me talking to her this morning....and understands.......God bless....Life is really hard sometimes...

Comment by wildflower yesterday

Had a routine medical appt. today at a hospital not connected with my doctor.  Took me by surprise when they were going over my info and mentioned by husband as my contact person and I had to tell them he was deceased.  Was able to hold it together but had a cry on the way home.  Thought to myself I should have just said yes as what would it have mattered.

Comment by wildflower yesterday

Elea welcome to this site.  The place no one wants to join.  Sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.  It is such a difficult journey.  I have felt like I'm on a roller coaster, been hit by a tsunami and this is all normal.  Please take care of yourself.  And yes I have had guilt for many things and sometimes it still slaps me in the face like a wave.  You did the best that you could and were hoping he would be better.  We all need hope.  My husband was diagnosed in March 2013 and died in October 2013 and we had hope everyday that he would go on.  It was how we made it through that time and lived for each and every day that we had left.  Please be gentle on yourself.  You have had many losses.  Just take it a day at a time or an hour at a time.  Peace. 


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