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We can all understand the heartbreak others feel on losing their spouse, regardless of their age.  We know that the youngest, still overcome by the overwhelming rush of new love, feel keenly cheated of all the years they might have had, and the oldest feel as every year was a journey which brought them even closer together, they feel as if they had become a single soul.  Those of us widowed in mid-life can find ourselves awkwardly in between, uncertain where to turn, uncertain of how to go on.  The choice to look for a new love can be especially traumatic in mid-life because we spent so many years in the worlds we created with our partners, and yet there are so many years left ahead.  Some of us have still got it going on, and some of us may have gotten so “comfortable” in our marriages that we find ourselves unwilling to face the rejection we suspect we might find out in the dating world.  Whatever your story is, and whatever your choice is, you can help others by sharing it here.

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I think you hit the nail on the head.  My neighbor was looking for nightlife and was not looking for the same things you were when traveling.    I'll let my daughter know what you told me.    She's not big on wine or fish, but I think she will like it.     I've gotten used to eating alone.   It doesn't bother me.    I think its harder for women than men.   Usually, I bring my cell phone, book or newspaper to read while I'm eating and I'm good.   Whenever I see a woman eating alone, sometimes I want to compliment them for doing that , but I'm afraid they will take it the wrong way, so I don't.   I'm sorry your family doesn't support you traveling.    If you are safe, that's all that should matter.  Hugs back to you!

             Intimate Places

Being kissed by somebody new
It's an uncomfortable feeling to get used to
Having someone new hold me tight
Somehow the feeling just doesn't seem right
I made love to only my sweetheart for so long
The thought of being with another still feels wrong
My body still has it's wants and needs
But it's for my sweetheart that my heart still bleeds
Those familiar hands and passionate kisses
Being touched in those intimate places is what my body misses
But the guilt sets in as my heartbeat races
At the thought of another touching my intimate places

That says it all

 Yes Riley / G ... That really does say it all. 

   How have you been ? 


Hi Riley/G.!

    I've been doing O.K. ... But then I came down with something. Not a cold or Flu. Just coughing and congestion. 

    How about you? What are you up to ? Any plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas yet?  I've been searching for new recipes to try out for those dinners wherever the dinner will be held. ;-)  My youngest sister, Stacy , always has a cookie baking night at her house. So I need to find some recipes for that too. I think they are too use to my old recipes. If you have a good recipe, please send it my way ! ( [email protected] ) ;-) 

Love, Susan


describing it as awkwardly in between is such a good description.


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