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HI All, I challenge you to type out a 10 point short sentence  list of the things you miss about your spouses !!!  Here's mine!  Feel free to steal from me if one of mine is also yours (BIG SMILE)

1.  He  danced funny to make me laugh.

2. Seeing his car come down the driveway.

3. His pretending to be mad at me

4. Jerking the sheet from my hand when changing our sheets

5. drinking vodka tonics together on the swing

6. eating mexican food together and drinking margaritas

7. his huge laugh

8. sitting on the beach together in Seaside, FL 

9. picnics at the park

10. laying together on the couch, but sometimes pushing each other off the couch LOL 

I love you , Mike! Forever! 

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1.  Seeing his face light up for Thanksgiving dinners.

2.  Bringing me coffee in bed every morning.

3.  Kissing the back of my neck while I was cooking.

4.  Hauling every single thing out of the grocery bags to see what I got him (putting nothing away).

5.  Making tamales together.

6.  His special nickname for me.

7.  Dancing with me at home when no music was on.

8.  Him screaming when I scared him in the shower then laughing to tears about it.

9.  Him wanting me to knit because he liked the sound of the needles clicking.

10. Cuddling on a cold night.

I miss you Marcus, hope you’re dancing like mad and still telling those awful jokes. Until We meet again my love...

1 - His favorite holiday was Christmas and he put lights everywhere inside and out.

2 - His big hugs

3 - Our spur of the moment trips out of town

4 - His beautiful blue eyes

5 - His sense of humor

6 - Just being with him

7 - Him pulling the sheet over my head and fart

8 - The sound of his voice

9 - Coming home to dinner and getting sit down together and eat

10 - Sharing our days to each other.

I love and miss you Jack, always and forever.  Cancer took you far to soon.

Kim,  number 7  Hahahahahahahahahah!

I love it! Thank you for sharing !

I like the positive idea.  It brought tears to my eyes but it's ok.

1.  He'd do the Jerry Lewis walk down the hall when we'd get home from a dinner out all the way to our apartment and then racing to the bathroom when we got in.

2.  Singing in the car on a road trip while he turned up a song we both liked and grew up with.

3.  The paper hearts he'd cut out and hang from the chandelier in our living room.

4.  Trying different restaurants together

5.  Watching TV in a puppy ball with our Westie on the bed

6.  Going for walkabouts with our canine son

7.  How he'd stop the car on a scenic ride so that I could take photos.

8.  When he'd bring me flowers for no other reason than he thought I'd like them.

9.  When he'd make a Christmas card out of the photos I'd taken during one of our trips.

10.  When he'd ask me if I wanted to fool around when I was very sick and looked awful.

I Love you Sweetheart and I am forever yours!  

Wow great idea and some of mine are similar.

1. The way he said my name.

2.  How he tried to ignore me.

3. Holding his hand.

4. Sitting at the beach surf fishing.

5. Hikes in our nearby park.

6. How he danced to Motown.

7.  Slim Jims and Beer

8. Telling me over and over the types of trees while we walked, no matter how many times I asked.

9. Having coffee together.

10. Arguing over were to travel.

It has been 1267 days since you left.  Damn.  Miss you love you.

  1. Hearing Jeff's voice. Hearing Jeff snore. The smell of Irish Spring soap on his clean body. Jeff's ( formerly annoying) music. Jeff's touch. Jeff's humour (same as mine). Being loved and held. Jeff's Giants and Mets. Jeff's ringtone on my phone. Always being asked "What's for dinner?" Being loved, wanted and needed by your best friend. Why did you leave me?? Why did God take you first? You were 82nd Airborne, surrender was NEVER an option...I miss you more every day, my Jeffrey, my love, my life..for 32 days in the SICU you faught a battle that defied all odds 68 hours in Hospice and I was sitting outside your room having a smoke while your Jump Master called and your jump wings turned to those of gilt and gossamer as you soared through and above the playgrounds of your brother eagles into the arms of God. Jeffrey T Chappina 26 July 1962- Monday 13 November 2017.

Why did God take you first?? Why?? You always knew I was ( and still am ) nothing without you. My life is a neverending hell..I am "living" with Heather..Our Grandson hates me, Ty still hates me, even Nureyev wants little to do with me..When God took you he took everything except my body that's now rotting from the inside out.

All the bull sh**...'tis better to have loved and lost...etc...," God never gives you more than you can handle"...REALLY??!!.."For everything there us a reason"...Footprints in the sand??...your favourite...NO!!! "Only the good die young"...BINGO!!!

I pray that things have improved for you since you wrote this 14 months ago.

1 Our kiss goodbye and saying I love you to each other before leaving each morning

   Our kiss goodnight and saying I love you to each other before going to bed each night

2 The pursed lip pouty look when I annoyed her, sometimes on purpose hoping for the look.

The way she said my name when she really wanted me listen and pay attention because what she wanted to say was very important.

3 How happy she would be every time I came home with flowers.

4 Calling at lunch to see how her day was going.

   Calling each night to let her know I was on my way home.

5 Her strength of will, fierce independence and wealth of faith. Her counsel.

6 Sitting in the grass in the park, side by side, watching football practice, even though that was many years ago.

7 Holding her hand.,

8 Those quiet tender moments together that only we shared.

9 Her drive to be doing something, to go, go, go even though at times it wore me to a frazzle.

10 My best and often ONLY friend for 32 years.

MaryAnn, you gave my life purpose and meaning, I am lost without you.


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