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HI All, I challenge you to type out a 10 point short sentence  list of the things you miss about your spouses !!!  Here's mine!  Feel free to steal from me if one of mine is also yours (BIG SMILE)

1.  He  danced funny to make me laugh.

2. Seeing his car come down the driveway.

3. His pretending to be mad at me

4. Jerking the sheet from my hand when changing our sheets

5. drinking vodka tonics together on the swing

6. eating mexican food together and drinking margaritas

7. his huge laugh

8. sitting on the beach together in Seaside, FL 

9. picnics at the park

10. laying together on the couch, but sometimes pushing each other off the couch LOL 

I love you , Mike! Forever! 

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1.  His really bad but funny Dad jokes

2.  His cooking

3.  His unconditional love

4.  His bear hugs

5.  His laugh

6.  His ability to make things right

7.  His faith

8.  His helping attitude

9.  His friendship

10. Him telling me he loves me every time we would part

Keeping it to just ten? 

Ok... challenge accepted:

-I miss Ed's brilliance and his insight. We were each other's blind-spot coverage. And I miss being able to rely on that. Alot. 

-I miss being asked "So...(trying to be casual) any thoughts on dinner?" It used to aggravate me to no end but over the past year or so, I had made peace with it all. Now I miss cooking for him. (big sigh)

-I miss his beautiful hands, his face, his physical presence and looking at him. I never stopped having a crush on him.

-I miss his voice...and he was often LOUD. :-) 

-He was my favorite date. I miss our errand running and evenings out. We never ran out of things to discuss. 

-I miss the way he would walk out to greet me when I got home from work (he worked from home). I regret that I was EVER on the phone with friends when I got home from work. :-/ 

-He was a hobby pilot and a complete weather nerd. I miss hearing about what clouds were what, what and where the winds were coming from etc. He would always know whether or not it was a good night for lighting a fire based on the direction of the wind. I used to make a gesture like a beanie propeller above my head when he would talk about the weather and he would smile. 

-I miss his crooked kisses. He had permanent nerve damage after a bout of Bells Palsy and when he puckered up to give me a smooch, it was crooked in the most adorable way. 

-I miss the way he/we bought everything in bulk even though it was just the two of us. 

-I miss his hand resting on my hip while he watched me making dinner.

I miss the security of the life we had, the plans we had and that he was my best friend. 


       "Subtle Signs Between Lovers"
  She could touch my heart without using her hand
She made me hear music without a band
She could make me float without leaving the ground
She had a way of saying I love you without making a sound
She was a lady full of style and grace
Who could tell me I was being an ass with just the look on her face
Her sexy way of saying come scratch my itch 
By walking around the house not wearing a stitch 
I could tell by that little pouty frown 
That she really needed a night out on the town
Some mornings I'd wake her and she'd pull the sheet over her head
Meant she was sleeping in and wanted breakfast in bed
With those pretty blue eyes and a squinting stare
Was her way of saying I wasn't being fair
With her hands on her hips and foot tapping the floor
Meant she was getting impatient and can't wait anymore 
The way she'd roll her eyes and tilt her head 
Meant I was full of shit about what I just said 
Subtle signs and expressions understood without saying a word
Communication between lovers that is seen, not heard 
In memory of
Janet "Lee"

Hi Kevin,

   I love  both of your poems. Especially " Intimate Places "....  That says everything I feel.

Thank You!



   You started this last year...  Better late than never.

1.  He was the best dancer ever.

2. He would sing to me while we were dancing ( slow dance)

3. His smile always made me feel good!

4. The way he always took care of me.

5. They way he always made other people comfortable. 

6. He was a true Gentleman.

7. I loved his cooking. And sometimes we would cook together.

8. A was a real family man. 

9. He was my Cowboy! ( If he's watching me make this list, I know he' smiling )

10. We had such fun traveling!


It's only been 29 months 2 years 5 months

1 - Coming home and having dinner ready - He was the stay at home man.

2 - Falling into bed with him at night and having his warm body next to me

3 - His hugs

4 - His big blue eyes

5 - His silieness

6 - His voice

7 - His smile

8 - His love for Christmas

9 - His love for family

10 - weekends together.

1) How she told me she love me. It was with excitement "I love you"

2) The morning cuddle - the alarm in the morning meant she would wiggle into the spot with my arms wrapped around her it was pure heaven and the best my day could ever offer.

3) The Smile

4) The laugh - hundreds and hundreds of people came to her funeral. Almost all of them talked about her laugh.

5) Making my day - silly and simple but boy it would make my day!

6) Her sillyness

7) How she protected me from myself - in life this was wonderful but now in her death it hurts me she had to do this

8) Our walks - often they were golden

9) Her kiss oh how I long for her kiss!

10) Her touch - better said would be our touch me touching her and her touching me. I miss everything but if I was honest I miss her touch! (crying)

 Hello everyone.  I hope this post will help both you and I in dealing with this terrible journey.

1. She was always there to listen.

2.  She laughed at my jokes.

3.  Finding a way to make her smile & laugh everyday.

4.  Spending Sunday relaxing or watching a movie.

5.  Going to estate sales and antique stores.

6.  Going for a drive.

7.  Her hugs.

8.  Her touch.

9.  Her smell.

10. Her Smile.

She left me way too early.  We never expected to say goodbye at 58.  I miss her so much!

1. Sleeping in his arms. 

2. Holding his hand.

3. Walking the dog together.

4. His calls in the middle of my work day just to hear my voice.

5. Planning our vacations..

6. Date night dancing.

7. Wearing making t-shirts.

8. Our secret language of love.

9. Bringing him Jello in bed.

10.Him slapping me on the butt.

I miss Harry so much, His was my best friend and so much more for 7 wonderful years. I'm grateful for such a beautiful Love Story...


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