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ok,  nothing ventured,  nothing gained.    

if you're interested in getting together for a weekend of 'movies on the couch',  add your forum name, your location, your ability/desire to travel (physical, financial etc.), your availability (approx dates)  and some movie titles you'd be interested in seeing.  *thanks for the no-go-zone movie list Mary-H"  

Soaring Spirits blog from 2012 about movies not to watch if you are widowed.

if you are interested, but don't want to 'publically' post it here in discussion forum,  send me a private message,  and i will keep you in the loop accordingly. 



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bobmac - kingston, ont,  able to travel to anywhere in Canada or USA. available anytime,  except Dec2016,   titles -  Master and Commander,  Pirates of Caribbean series, Weekend at Bernies, Raising Arizona,  Eagles live in Australia.  (Glen Frye,  god rest his soul.)    

I haven't seen Master and Commander or Weekend at Bernies! but love the others.

I would love it. I am in Idaho thus the forum name "Idaho". I can travel- depends how far! and I am up for any movie! lol! once summer starts I am usually very busy but very flexible so you guys name the dates! Ill bring huckleberry popcorn- a popular item here. 

This is Ibelieveinyou (a.k.a. Larry). I live in the Denver area and have limited availability to travel - but I want to be kept in the loop. I didn't see a list of nogo movies.

Denver is good with me! I am from Boulder/Nederland and have a brother in Durango so a road trip is good

I live about an hour outside of Kamloops British Columbia.
I'm all in for a movie on the couch weekend. Hahahaha
Why do we all have to live so darn far apart?
I'm in and it doesn't matter what movie we watch. I live in Southern Maryland. July would be good.
I am so in!

My name is Leslie and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I love movies & I love to travel so I love this idea!

   StarRover - a.k.a. Debbie -   Butte, in southwest Montana. It's only been 5 1/2 weeks for me so I'm only dipping a toe in this pool. Not sure if I will ever want to travel again but I'm trying to stay interested in this just to give my mind brief rests from the pain. 

Time travel movies are faves of mine.  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Enemy of the State. Big. Young Frankenstein. Hidalgo. 

Timelapse is a great new time travel movie you should definitely see if you haven't already.


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