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ok,  nothing ventured,  nothing gained.    

if you're interested in getting together for a weekend of 'movies on the couch',  add your forum name, your location, your ability/desire to travel (physical, financial etc.), your availability (approx dates)  and some movie titles you'd be interested in seeing.  *thanks for the no-go-zone movie list Mary-H"  

Soaring Spirits blog from 2012 about movies not to watch if you are widowed.

if you are interested, but don't want to 'publically' post it here in discussion forum,  send me a private message,  and i will keep you in the loop accordingly. 



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I would be interested. I live in Parker, Colorado

Mary H., La Jolla California, a coastal city in San Diego.  It's pretty far from everyone and I have three kids still at home and no family to leave them with, so I can't really travel as far as any of you all are, and you are all so far.  I am going to put my list of movies up, Prometheus, Cloverfield, San Andreas, Planet of the Apes, Self/Less and About Time.  About Time can be kind of hard to watch for people who have lost someone, but it has one of the best lines of widowhood in it, which is "I am not at all interested in a life without your father."  So it's there, but it's well handled.  PS Bobmac, the ship Master and Commander was filmed in is docked here, part of our Maritime Museum group, which is pretty cool, and Camp Widow is here every summer if anyone ever comes down for that, I am here too.

i did not know that !    very good piece of trivia..    i am a nautical 'junkie'..   living on (or very nearby)  the Great Lakes my entire life.  The Inland Seas they call them.    If I am ever down that way,  I will most definitely check it out..   is it a working ship ?  does it actually sail out on the ocean, or just tied to a dock ?   (or god forbid, cradled onshore)

It's tied to a dock, but I think they take all the boats out once in a while, during special events.  I know they take the Star of India out once a year.  The master and commander ship is really nice, smaller than you would think.  They built it for the movie, but true to the style of the age, was my impression, for realism.

We have all the best movie stuff down here in So Cal, of course.

My name is Susan and I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas (originally from Los Angeles). I can't afford to travel, but I'll be with you in spirit. I would suggest the Lord of the Rings trilogy or a couple of Harry Potter movies.

2 of my favorites!

It would be fun to meet all of you! I live in Calgary Canada which is far away as well. I have kids that I can't leave right now. Mary I was going to attend camp widow last year but had to cancel last minute. I'm thinking of going this year. It would be fun to meet up with some of you there! I had friends that went last year and said it was an amazing experience!
In in Calgary at the end of the month for my sisters birthday.
Would love to meet for a coffee if your comfortable with that.

Phoenix, AZ. Hard for me to travel as I have too many animals but would definitely consider it if in the Western US.

Well well well.   aren't we a geographically diverse bunch of movie watchers !    getting together will be no easy task..  

check us out !  

Who'sWhere ?


That's really cool bobmac! We are spread out!


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