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Born in the  70s

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Comment by Lifeunknown17 on August 4, 2018 at 6:12am

Hello beautifulbreeze70.  I too have just recently joined this group site.  I had to laugh, then cry, the other day when i 1st seen your screen name. My recently past princess, used to use the 70 on most of her names.  as she was born in 70. My Wife, had battled lung cancer for 10months. lost the fight just this past June. We had a very short 8yrs together.  I had just read your post in an email. I FEEL yer pain.  Too bad we cant give and receive hugs over the net.  dont know about any of you, but i could sure use a crying sobbing hug.  sucks being a guy dealing with this type of loss. well in my case it does anyhow.    

Comment by AJ on August 3, 2018 at 4:51pm

Hi beautifulbreeze70, I hear you. My husband went to the gym one morning at age 45 and never came home. He left me and our three kids aged just 7, 6 and 2 at the time. It’s been 5 years now and the success and happiness of our kids is what I focus on. I’ve just finished two Saturday morning games of field hockey for my eldest and youngest and even now I think of how dearly he would have loved to be cheering on from the sidelines and I know it would have been him not me that jumped in to ref today. And it would most definitely have been him that unblocked the toilet I discovered when we got home!! I’m different today than I was. I’m proud of the ‘manly’ things I now do without blinking an eye and I know it is teaching my kids resilience when they see me step in when their friends mothers squeal and back away from things that just need to be done because their husbands can do it. I used to be one of those women so I understand but it is a lonely path we walk now. I wish you all the best as you now learn to walk this path none of us chose. 

Comment by t2 on August 3, 2018 at 12:01pm

Hi beautifulbreeze70. I’m so sorry. There are no words. It is comforting to have this site to come to to vent. 

Comment by beautifulbreeze70 on August 3, 2018 at 11:48am

Hello Everyone,

I just joined.  My name is Laura and I am from Sacramento, Ca.  I lost my husband 3 months ago, he was only 49.  It was a heart attach.  He kissed me goodnight and the next morning he was gone.  I have struggled to find any type of group for people our age online or in person. I have the support of fiends and family but really need to connect with others who are going through the loss of a spouse.  At age 47, with our kids all grown and the last one about to turn 18 in September, I just can't believe that I won't be spending all my time finally with him.  I too just sit and think, how could this have happened, how can this be my life now.  I try to remain grateful for the time I had with him but there are more days than not that I find myself screaming inside "I want more time" and I don't understand how to process that overwhelming feeling of how can I go one more day without him.  But you do, you go on for your family, your kids, and hopefully yourself just to honor your lost love.  It is a comfort to read all your posts and know that I am not alone.  

Comment by Lostmyeverything on July 22, 2018 at 5:34pm


Hugs to all.

I was 45 when my husband passed 19 months ago. I relate to your comment, 'I can't believe this is my life', I hear myself saying that to myself often these days. When that pops into my mind, I try to think of my children and how grateful and blessed I am to have had  two loving children with the man I loved so dearly... and try to push the exhaustion aside, praying I will one day have energy again. Love to all, Denise

Comment by AML on July 22, 2018 at 4:13pm

Hi Linz, 

I'm not on here very much either but I saw your comment tonight and just wanted to let you know I understand.  I just turned 45, and lost my husband/best friend/everything almost 9 months ago.  I'm tired, too, and today I just miss him so much.  I'm just starting to be intentional about trying to take care of myself better.  I love that you try to remain grateful, I do too.  Wishing you peace and continued healing.  Amy

Comment by linz on July 22, 2018 at 10:26am

Hi all,

Haven't been on here in a bit and I know when I'm having a hard time I always find such kind and encouraging shares so thank you to all. It's been 17 months and it's so hard. I miss my him so much and I try to keep a brave face on but sometimes, I really don;t want to. Thank you Kim for reminding us that taking time for ourselves and needing a break is truly needed. I always feel guilty about that. And yes, I am tired also and at 45 sometimes I can't believe this is my life. But, I always try to remain grateful. Thanks again for just being supportive and listening.

Comment by AJ on July 20, 2018 at 12:13pm

Hi Kim, welcome. I’m Australian, though I currently live in Auckland with my 3 kids. I struggled to find any online support for young wids in NZ or AU hence this is where I like to hear from others who sound the same as me. It’s nice to know others who are living a life we did not choose also have good days and bad. I just ticked over 5 years and really I just feel tired! Too tired for someone who is 43. My kids are good and that’s my benchmark. Keep well. 

Comment by Jess on July 20, 2018 at 6:30am

Hello. It has been over a year since I have been on this site.  This site helped me when I felt so alone, it is a sucky group to belong to but here we are.  It has been 2 years and 9 months since my husband died, I have a 26, 21, and 11 year old.  He was 37, I was 44.  I see how fresh the pain is for many of you and I see how I am not alone at feeling lonely and not comfortable in this "new normal" after two years.  I can say that I have accepted the fact that he is gone.  I did counseling, I got on medication, and I have stayed focused on healing me and the kids.  I realize that I am here, still very present in life and that I can honor him best by living the best possible life.  We did not sign up for this, I know I much rather be growing old with my love but it just was not in the greater plans of life for me and I have a curiosity for what is in store.  I have really bad days and unfortunately my family gets the short end of the stick on that.  It is ok to be angry and it is ok to question.  I find myself with more good days than bad but this is a new part of me now and I do not believe it will change because that is how love is.

Comment by Kim on July 19, 2018 at 8:17am

Double Dunker, it is extremely imperative that you take time for yourself.  Don't feel guilty for needing the break because you can't care for others if you aren't taken care of yourself. It took me a long time to learn that and I am still working on it 2 1/2 years later and I'm still working on not feeling guilty when I take me time and do things to pamper myself. 4 months is still very fresh so allow yourself the time you need. 


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