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Okay, let's talk about "camp crash."

For those of you who have returned home after living in the bubble of understanding and support that exists at Camp Widow® for several days, please know that feeling out of place in your regular world as you reenter is normal. 

You've experienced a reprieve from judgement and expectation. You've felt free to both cry, and laugh. You've opened chambers in your heart that have been padlocked until very recently. Your soul has been exposed to strangers who have become friends. You've danced with a limp, and done so beautifully. It is almost impossible to put into words the beauty, and pain, that has been exposed in the process.

As difficult as this reentry can be, please know now have both the tools and the community support you need to handle the reentry challenges you are now facing. You have people. You have confirmation that you are not losing your mind, you are grieving. You KNOW that love never dies. You are wrapping your head around the idea that there IS a future for you, despite and because of all you have lost. You are not alone. You are really, really, really not alone.

Lean on your community. Reach out to your camp friends. Speak your truth. Acknowledge your sadness at leaving the camp bubble. But, remember, what you learned, experienced, and felt at Camp Widow® is REAL. You own that knowledge, you've become a part of a community that doesn't end with just one weekend, you are a survivor and that which has been your kryptonite will become your super power.

I believe in you, and I believe in US. Hold onto that belief as the camp crash waves hit, and know, without a doubt, that love lives on and on and on in every heart whose life has been altered by that love. 

Hold on friends, we are in this together ♥ 

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My camp crash didn't come until this weekend when I was walled up alone in "our" big house with a cold. It was one of the worst crashes I've had in the 11 months since losing my husband. Weekends are always tough since most of my friends are married and I don't have kids or family.

I'd love to make some new friends here. Camp was great and I did exchange info with a few people, but except for a couple, I'm having trouble placing the names on cards with the faces. I call this widow's dementia and I've had a bad case of it for a year now.

Also, I'd love to make some new friends in the L.A. area who are in their 50s or 60s, so please reach out to me.




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