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I'm in Amherst Ohio

I'm in Akron, Ohio

Berea,Ohio....about 20 miles from. Cleveland
Massillon, OH

I'm in Mazomanie, WI, about 30 miles west of Madison, WI

I'm in Noblesville, Indiana just north of Indianapolis.

I am in the Chicago area..anyone out there?

I live near Elgin, about 50 miles NW of the center of Chicago,

Sorry you have had to find this sight but welcome just the same.  I lost my husband Jack 4 1/2 years ago and surviving  Now I want to begin to thrive and truly begin to LIVE LIFE.  Blessings, Teri

I just lost my husband two months ago so I am stunned and still going through a lot of pain. If it wouldn't be depressing for you to meet me I am in Woodstock, Il about an our from Elgin.

Hi Hope.  I'm in Chicago.  What neighborhood do you live in?  I'm in Lincoln Park.


I live in Bull Valley Ill...close to Woodstock. Tell me more about your situation. Perhaps we could meet. I wouldn't mind taking the train in sometime. My husband died 3 1/2 months ago. Its bee really hard. I am doing a little better than the first 2 months but still very raw. He died suddenly of a heart attack in bed one morning...not a clue he was not feeling well. He was 67. My children are grown and I have four grandchildren. Before all this happened I had just retired from a position as a corporate trainer so we good really enjoy those gold years....go figure

Hope,  I've heard of Woodstock but not exactly sure where it is.  I believe you are West of Chicago.  Maybe if you aren't too far from Schaumburg or somewhere near there, we could meet up--somewhere like 1/2 way between us both.  

I'm so terribly sorry about your husband.   My Tom died 5 months ago.  He had been sick off & on for 14 years with cancer.  The last 18 months were the worst--he was hospitalized 8 times and 3 of them he was on life support.  Each time he went into the hospital, we thought it was the last.  We thought we were "ready" but one never is.  He died at home in his sleep as well--most likely of a blood clot or heart attack.  It has been the worst thing I've gone through so far in my life.  We were married 33 1/2 years.  It would have been our 34th anniversary on Oct. 17 so that was tough.  There are so many firsts I will go through this year.  

I wasn't too bad the first 2 months but the last 2 months have been horrible.  I think I was going on auto pilot and just busy, busy, busy.  Now it's really setting in that he's gone.  I try to do things a day at a hour if I need to.  

I know what you mean about enjoying the golden years--Tom was 58 & I'm 57 so still young.  We had so many plans too.



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