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I am coming up to the 1 year anniversary of my husband's sudden death. How do you cope with such a profound loss? One minute I am fine and the next minute I am crying. People are still supportive, however, it is hard for them to understand what I am going through.  I am moving forward day by day as best I can. I have a great support network of family and friends. I just miss my husband.

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It's not easy.  I just passed the five year anniversary of my husband's death.    I'd like to say it does get easier, but while you may not burst into tears as often, the pain is always there, sometimes harder to deal with and other times easier.   My daughter and I started a tradition after her father passed away, on the anniversary of his death we do something together, maybe have dinner or go see a movie that he would have loved.   We celebrate what we had with him.   On his birthday we do the same.  It keeps him alive for her, she's just a teen right now she was 10 when he died.    I sometimes set up video festivals for us with all his favorite movies.   We  try to focus on the wonderful parts of his life and while I know that will be hard with the first anniversary, I have found that it does help some.   And if you need to cry, you cry.    And don't worry about others, people who haven't been through losing the one person they so loved do have a hard time understanding that the pain doesn't just stop.  There isn't a set amount of time till you suddenly find yourself no longer in pain.  

I hope that you get through this ok.  But know that others have been there too and we muddle through as best we can.   And I'll be sending as many positive thoughts to you as I can. 

Ciao gal it's a year also    for me....and i've the same feelings as you...always i'm missing him, the pain inside me is still intense...and i have friends who understand and try to help...but i survive, i see the life goes on...i'm adapting to this pale life but i regret Every single moment with him....tears are really welcome, dream of him are really a blessed moment trough my nights...hope we can find a way beyond our sorrow...hugs to you


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