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I am new to the group and two months old today in this journey.Simms died on 23rd October 2018 our last conversation was about our son's fifth birthday coming on October 25th.He was undergoing treatment for t-cell lymphoma when pneumonia got the best of him.I sometimes get angry at him for leaving me,I realise my life revolved so much around him,I feel he left me to parent our son alone I know it will get better a morning at a time

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Hi Zuri. I am deeply sorry for your sudden loss. No one can no the depth of sorrow but those that has suffered the losses we have. Also, there are a number of younger widows/widowers on this site that I'm sure can identify with what you are feeling.

The anger is normal and so if the feeling of identity loss. Our partners were our worlds and it is a big adjustment to live without them.

I am sending peace and hugs your way. One day at a time...

Thankyou Tess I was feeling guilty about the anger part but getting to know it is part of the journey.Hugs and luv well received

I lost my husband March 18,2018, and I went through some anger too. I don't even know who I was angry at. Sometimes I was angry at myself, and I still go through bouts with it. My children are grown and are going through their own grief plus working hard to keep their families needs taken care of. That's why I joined here. I can write what I need to get out without putting unnecessary pressure on them. I,too, am new to the group, but get better understanding from reading the different posts from those who are where I am and those who have traveled farther than I. I'm 70, and my boys' are in their 40's so I did not have a young child to raise on my own. My heart goes out to you and your son. God Bless

Thankyou so much sis It feels normal to know that it's an okay space to be in. The raising of my boy is tough we were just from holiday and he remembered dad it was tough but we made it 


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