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 this is the perfect site to journal, and express any thoughts and feelings we all go through at these terrible times. Its is helpful to read what others are feeling, thinking too. The responses from others show a connection. It shows we all have some of the same experiences, we are not alone on this hard, difficult journey. I have a need to read anything I can on grief to help me understand everything I seem to go through.

So, I want to share a great site for fantastic information on grief. 


every week a new article is published. I signed up for their email, and every Wednesday or Thursday morning there is a new article.

This week was:  5 benefits of grief journaling

I recommend these articles:

   Grieving the death of a spouse or a significant other

   Coping with the conflicting emotions of grief

   Secondary loss--one loss isn't enough

   A balanced approach to coping with life after loss

   What's your grief style? ( aka coping for your kind of crazy)

   We don't recover from grief, and that's okay

   7 ways to treat yourself with kindness while grieving 

just type the title in their menu bar 

I hope these articles help



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Jlsrdh, thanks so much for that link. I’ve already done some investigating and there are some insightful, well-written articles on there. 

Thank again,


Thanks, jlsrdh, for this website, and for the articles you recommended.  I've found it really helpful.

The book that has been most helpful to me is "It's Okay That You're Not Okay."  I'm reading it for the 3rd time now-- partially because of the grief fog that plagues us, and partially because each time I read it I'm in a different place and get different things from it.

Thanks for sharing--


Thank you so much, jlsrdh!  Your posts have meant a lot to me & I'm going to check out

I appreciate that you have brought your wisdom to our site here.

Part of why I came on here is so that I could journal my thoughts. I just wish I knew my husband was in that bad of shape, I never thought he was near death.  


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