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Suddenly Widowed

For those widowed suddenly or unexpectedly by any cause. 

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Went to bed and didn't wake up

Started by Peacefrog. Last reply by Melissa on Saturday. 12 Replies

 September 13, 2018 was like any other day, he worked out at the gym doing strength training like he had for the last three years. He picked up dinner on the way home steak and cheese hoagies.  It…Continue

Life goes on, but it’s so bloody hard

Started by Lal68. Last reply by Lal68 Nov 13. 4 Replies

My husband was 46 and died suddenly.  We thought he had the flu, took him to doctors Thursday and she thought the same. On Friday he had stomach pains so took him back to the doctors where he was…Continue

Random Thoughts on a Rough Weekend

Started by Crabby. Last reply by jlsrdh Nov 7. 13 Replies

Since my husband died 14 weeks ago, I now take 6 pills a day for anxiety and insomnia.  I still don't sleep.I hate eating alone.  I can't even figure out what to shop for or what to make. When I do…Continue

Grief, guilt, and regret

Started by Crabby. Last reply by Melissa Oct 18. 11 Replies

Hello,I lost my husband of 38 years suddenly 11 weeks ago tomorrow. We were empty nesters with two grown children, and two adorable granddaughters. It was a Sunday afternoon, and Don was in our…Continue

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Comment by JenniferR on September 15, 2018 at 10:40am

I hate that he was alone and that we didn't get to say goodbye.

Comment by DIVA70 on September 12, 2018 at 5:49pm

Hello Lost! So sorry for you lost. I lost my husband 4 months ago. One moment I'm talking to him and preparing to bring him home from the hospital. An hour later he was in ICU and died moments later. I still cant believe he's gone. As others will tell you there is no timetable for grief. Your feelings are real and the anxiety you are feeling is real. Hopefully you have friends and family who can be there for you as you go through this unwanted journey. I will keep you in my prayers. 

Comment by shelley on September 12, 2018 at 3:34pm

I'm so sorry, Lost.  My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly.  I remember when the shock and denial wore off.  It was so obvious that my brain had been protecting me. It was awful.  Shock and denial was awful.  Reality was and is awful.  It's all awful.  My heart goes out to you.  

Comment by Tess on September 12, 2018 at 3:08pm

Hello Lost. I am so very sorry for your sudden, tragic loss. It must be such a shock to you.

One month is very recent. There is a fog that will be with you for a while. In many ways it serves as protective until you can sort things out.

I know you had your retirement years ahead of you both, so it is expected that you may feel robbed of those future precious years together.

I'm sending virtual hugs your way. Come back and post often.

Comment by Lost on September 12, 2018 at 11:42am

Hello.  I lost my love husband and best friend one month ago. He was only 61, in good health, we had both recently retired and we so happy.  I came out to our car where he was reading and waiting for me and found him. He had already started to turn blue and purple. His book was in his hands. They tried CPR for a long time with no success.  I am struggling to accept this still, I miss him so much, and I just can not imagine my life without him.

Comment by DIVA70 on September 10, 2018 at 9:07am

First let me say how sorry I am for your loss. It has been four months since the love of my life made his transition to heaven. I was recently asked what I was going to do with the house. My reply was simple. Nothing. This is the house we built and have lived in together for 29 years. I too find comfort in our home. We often spoke about where our next home would be. You see we planned to live until we were at least a hundred. We had already picked out the independent living facility we wanted to live in if and when we were forced by old age or sickness to move. I see no reason to change those plans. I look forward to spending many more happy years in our home. In fact I recently had the landscaping redone and planted fresh flowers out front. He would have loved it! Yes, there are days when I am inconsolable and tears flow like a river.....but moving to another location would not lessen my sorrow. Here is where I feel the closest to my love. Here is where I can still recall the joy we shared during the 47 years that we were married. I know I am fortunate. I am able to financially make the decision to stay. He and I planned it that way and so far God has allowed me to live our plan. Each person has to make the right decision for himself/herself. For me the right decision is to stay and enjoy what we built together. May God continue to comfort you as you walk this road alone until you are once again united with your loved one.

Comment by shelley on September 10, 2018 at 9:04am

I can't imagine abandoning the mobile home in Santa Cruz because John loved it so much and it was where we were happiest and most intimate.  But I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of my life there without him.  It's a 1956 trailer and will probably fall apart if moved.  And John loved the people/friends in the trailer park and all the drama that takes place in the trailer park.  So if moved, the trailer would not hold the same meaning.  If I decide to plant myself in San Francisco, I can go back and forth from San Francisco to Santa Cruz.  Thinking about going home to Syracuse and being with family and old friends also feels good.  And then... I could go anywhere.  I could move to a small town and join a quilting club.  I could move to the mountains and go for long walks every day.  I could move to Florida where I have family and friends who moved there from Syracuse.  For three months  after John died, I could only leave the trailer to walk the dogs and run errands.  Slowly I would venture out to see friends in San Francisco.  John and I traveled often to various places in California and loved seeing small town communities.  It's just been in the past few weeks that I've realized that I can live anywhere.  And now I'm sad again thinking about living without him.  Oh well.  

Comment by Mike on September 10, 2018 at 8:16am

My wife died in December and I am in the same house we lived in for 29 years. For some reason I am very comfortable here. I don’t feel the need to move. There are memories here but they don’t weigh me down.  I think I would be as unhappy as I am in any place I went to. I also cannot imagine leaving this house we shared together. I think leaving would be hard for me. 

Comment by Tess on September 10, 2018 at 7:57am

Frank, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you had made some wonderful memories together in your retirement home before this happened.

That advice is certainly true as each person is an individual and the decision to move is dependant on so many factors. Unless a person is living with a financial burdon, or in a place that is not safe, I would say at least a year is fair.

I am approaching two years, on the 14th. I wanted so badly to be out of my house this year, but fate interceded and I decided I will stay another 9 months or so. It is so very hard to be surrounded by all of our memories of 28 years, but at the same time, it is a reminder of the tender time we shared here.

At this point, I can feel that there is a future closer to my daughter's that I am looking forward to. It will be hard to leave, but I think there is a new leaf waiting to turn for me.

And yes, Syracuse would be brutal for the winters. I hate PA as it is, and am going to DE. Oh, how I wished she lived further south or on the west coast : - 0


Comment by Frank on September 10, 2018 at 7:28am

My Susan went to sleep Sunday night and did not wake up Monday morning.  She died in her sleep from a silent heart attack.

There is a thought within our community that one should not make any major decisions in the first year.  The shock is so traumatic, that it takes that long for one to be able to function even minimally.  For some they should be told two or three years.  "It" affects us all, in varying degrees.  Usually the first thing we are asked, I know I was, "What are you going to do with the house?"   My kids asked me that within the first few days. I've known many who just cannot stand to live there with all the memories, and sell almost as fast as the house can sell.  Others tough it out and as they become more grounded, continue on or then sell. In my case this was a vacation/retirement home.  We did not live here day in an day out.  Neither one of us dragged the other up here to live the others dream. We both wanted to live up here equally.  I told the kids that I was not selling and that it would take the County Sheriff and a team of oxen to pry me out of here.  Six years (this December) later there are times when things touch my heart, that I wish she were here to share, but mostly I have settled into a routine.

I'm glad I chose to stay where our/my dreams are.

I'm from Upstate NY also, Greece NY, between Rochester/Buffalo right on the shores of the lake.  When I lived there we had one traffic light, in front of the fire house and it was flashing yellow and turned red when there was a call out.  Now that town is huge! 

Those first few winters would be murder for me if I were to move back to Syracuse!  lol




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