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Widowed in 2012

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Comment by Cha Cha on Monday

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself, I'm Charlene. I am new here and still trying to navigate my widowhood journey. Wishing all a lovely evening. 

Comment by Patience (Diane) on April 4, 2018 at 2:07pm

Hello All, I've been thinking of our members of this group. Hope everyone is doing was well as they can be.
Laurajay, I've enjoyed watching Downton Abbey too!
In fact I've been watching with my daughter and my mom. We are now on Season 5. I've been impressed with how the show handled the characters who have been widowed, quite a few characters, Lady Mary, Countess Violet, Isobel Crawley, Tom Branson, Lord Merton.... I thought the writers and directors showed much sensitivity....

Comment by laurajay on March 29, 2018 at 4:18pm

Six years  tomorrow  and I find grief lying anew  on my heart.  Not softer, not easier only real- more so as  the  time passes.  I have the wisdom  to understand  this grieving  process  but I've not mastered much skill in six years of how to live  without  him and still thrive.  I see  beauty and  I identify  with  God's purpose to still live my life as He directs me...but  so many  years  of yearning  for  the mutual nurturing we shared is still so hard to bear.  Weary with  well -doing is not scriptural.  Trying  to find a kinder  way of life... one that  keeps  windows opened  even when doors are  shut closed.  Seeking  light.      I pray  as each of you add yet  another year to your loss  your  own  healing  continues...                    love              lj

Comment by Timelord on March 18, 2018 at 5:26pm

Hello Maggie!  Yes watching with the subtitles is a bit hard!

Regarding the Crown... absolutely watched it!  Incidentally, Prince Phillip was played by Matt Smith who was one of many actors to play Doctor Who :).  The best scfi show..ever!

Comment by Maggie on March 18, 2018 at 2:48pm

Forgot to mention Victoria on PBS. I don't like silly crude comedies either..mostly historical themes, and a good drama.

Comment by laurajay on March 18, 2018 at 2:41pm

Maggie.  Expect  to be swept  away  with the transformations in Love your Garden!  I learned  so much  from that show  as well .  It's  based in the U.K.  so the whole  notion of lovely English Gardens prevails throughout  the episodes.  It is so civilized  and bursting  with  beauty  and caring.

I went bonkers   watching Downton Abbey a while back.  I even bought  the entire  series  on DVD.  My first  marathon  show...almost  got addicted   I enjoyed it so much.  I will check out  The Crown for sure.  All the  subtitled  shows  are a challenge.  LOL  They  talk  so fast  and only  a few  words  pop up  in the subtitles  but I do enjoy  the foreign  drama.  I'm not much for the stupid-humor  shows  or movies.  It brings down an axe  on dignity, decorum and  intelligence.  Not my cup of tea.  I am a refined  older  lady.    LOL   LOL    enjoy  your  viewing      proper  hugs.....          lj

Comment by Maggie on March 18, 2018 at 12:38pm

Timelord...I tried to watch this movie and it really looked good. I like some sci-fi. But it's difficult for me to read the subtitles and not be able to watch the show at the same time. I wish they'd go back to the old "dubbing" in of voices in English...

Comment by Maggie on March 18, 2018 at 12:27pm

Oh I love gardening (not vegetables) but plants and flowers and it is my mental therapy. I have Netflix and will definitely watch that show. I hope you have watched The Crown on is fabulous even if you don't like history.

Comment by laurajay on March 18, 2018 at 10:37am

Love  Your Garden     spelling  correction   sorry  bout  that

Comment by laurajay on March 18, 2018 at 10:35am

Thanks Maggie.  I removed  it to send directly  to Frank.  It sounded  too know-it-all  and I did not want to make it seem as if I had all the answers.  Frank  and I have talked  and I know it's very hard to let go of the dreams we had  with our spouses.  I feel isolated  because I cannot get up and go like I used to   but I live  around  people and activity and  places  that could be helpful  during  emergencies.  I am a realist. Passing 70  woke me up  to knowing  if I want  to stay independent  as long as possible  I had to let go of romantic notions of a knight  in shining  armor  and countryside   frolicking as well as pipe dreams.  Thank goodness I write as a hobby  because there  I am free to express my thoughts   without  exceptions.  Yesterday,  I marathon  watched  N etflix  "Love Your Gatden"  and was in total awe.  Then I cried  and cried and cried.  My  husband planted  me a garden  every year.  Sunrise  and sunsets  we  sat in our backyard  under  an apple tree and...sometimes  talked... but often in silence  we watched  the garden grow.  For some reason  letting go of that  experience has been hardest  of all.   It brings  such longing.   We have lost  so much more  than just the person we loved  so long and so well.   I know  I have  depression but  I work  at being aware  it's ok  as long as I keep growing  in understanding.  As long  as love  still manifests itself  in my life....anyway I'm rambling.  LOL   so I'll close.        lj


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