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Comment by bigred 1 hour ago

I've had stomach issues on and off since my husband passed away.  I went to the doctors and was put on Prevacid for a month.  It went away and then comes back when my stress level goes up.  Unfortunately it's something that I've just learned to deal with.  My recommendation would be to go to the doctors.  Stress does nasty things to us, it may be nothing but I'd rather you be safe than sorry.

Comment by BergenJC 1 hour ago

Has anyone else had stomach issues as part of grief? 

Right after my husband died, I started having pain right in the solar plexus (right under the boobies).  I said then that my heart chakra was hurting.  It was a constant dull ache, punctuated by heartburn and acid reflux.  It went away after a few months. 

About a month before the 1st anniversary of his death, in late September, it started up again.  He went into hospital on 9/22/13 and died 10/5/13.  I am 3 weeks past it now, but the stomach issues remain.  Has anyone else had this or similar?

Comment by brendab 13 hours ago

Great news Susan.  My 4 grandchildren will be with me for the next few days - fall break.  So looking forward to a full and noisey house again!

Comment by booktime (Susan) 22 hours ago

Thanks for the good wishes. All went well - don't have to have one for another 5 years (colon cancer is in my family). It was great to have my sister here - she was definitely ready to do more if need be but her company was great. I recommend getting your brother and SIL, Maggie.

Only twist was going over the paperwork and nurse stated - Ed Babb is your emergency contact. Uh no. So now my sister is.

So I am resting (it was a tough night) and will go back to work tomorrow. So glad it is over!

Comment by bigred yesterday

I just joined last night after a "tune-up" session with my grief counselor.  It was very helpful for me.  My husband/best friend/confidante passed away on 3/16 of 2013 after a very short battle with stage 4 melanoma.  I miss him everyday still but the pain of the loss is easing a little as time goes on.  I'll never forget him or even stop loving him.  We had been together for 20 years.  I have two children that next month will be 18 and 14, both girls. 

Comment by brendab yesterday

Hope everything goes well Susan.  Nanci - thinking about you and hope you feel better soon.  This grief business is so tricky.  Just when I think I am moving ahead I get slammed with a day like yours.  Best wishes for a better tomorrow.

Comment by nsfin (Nanci) yesterday

Having a hard day today. Went to work this AM, couldn't stay...all I did was cry. For the past two days (Mon and Tues) I was at a required work training on Trauma. It really opened up my grief.....thus today having a difficult day. I sought out the companionship of a good friend, another widow. Feeling a little better. The grief seems big today...it has been 18 months since my husband died. Today I feel as if it just happened....not caring if it is day or night, everything sort of foggy, sad and mad that he is not here. I haven't felt like this for a while. Feel like a truck ran me over. Thanks for listening/reading.

Comment by Maggie yesterday
Good luck, Susan...not a "fun" thing to do. It made me wonder who would be with me or take me? No children...a brother and SIL an hour away....I guess they would do it.
Comment by booktime (Susan) on Wednesday

Another first for me - I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow. So today is the prep - ugh. Fortunately my sister is coming down today to be with me and drive me tomorrow.

I am really glad because I had a funny reaction in the middle of the night last time. Ed was right there for me. Now my sister will be.

Doesn't mean it is easy - I miss him.

Comment by widow85 on Tuesday

OK, I'm officially crazy. I have two styrofoam life size skulls out for Halloween. I've nicknamed them Fred and Marty (Fred was my spouse and Marty was his uncle, who died the day after we scattered Fred's ashes). I talk to them.


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