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It's always hard to accept that we will be getting new members each year. Please know that you are welcome ANYWHERE on the site. A few members who were widowed in 2013 will join you so that you don't feel so alone here as it is early in the year. 

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Comment by Seeking peace in VA 13 hours ago
Mikes wife- thanks for the support. I'm two months out and my son thinks I should have been able to think about someone else's grief but my own. Actually, I agree with him in some ways, but the thought of putting that outfit on again just killed me. I woke up full of anxiety, depressed, and so tired of all of this. God, I just want this to be done. I want to feel normal again.
Comment by mikeswife 22 hours ago

Seeking Peace dont worry it will be fine. Everyone will understand and if they dont well ..... I'm at 8 weeks and there is just no way I could do it. Support the family in whatever other way you can if you can.

Comment by Gary'swife yesterday

Seeking Peace..it's OK.  Don't feel like a coward.  You have been through so much, and going through so much more with the suicide.  Take care of yourself, that's all you can do at this point.   Your grief is so new.


Comment by Gary'swife yesterday

Vettegirl - so sorry for your loss.  People here will understand.  I am your age, and my husband was 64 when he died..ill for for the last 3 or more years.  Of course your husband was a very special man, and rest assured you were a wonderful care giver.  One day at a time.


Comment by Seeking peace in VA yesterday
Have decided not to attend the funeral for my son's friend tomorrow. I was fine until I realized the only dress I have that fits me right now- I've lost about 15 pds through all this- is the dress I wore to my husband's funeral 6 weeks ago. I completely lost it. Called my son to cancel- he's disappointed, but I just can't do it. I feel like a coward.
Comment by Vettegirl yesterday
My husband passed away February 19th after being chronically ill for 15 years and a final battle (4 months) with very aggressive brain cancer. He was 62 when he died and I was 56 (now 57). I have 3 wonderful step children and 12 amazing grandchildren. These kids have been a part of my life for 27 years and they are one of the greatest blessing I received from my marriage. I also have three loving dogs who keep me company. My kids all live out of town and 2 are out of state. I work a lot now and have some good friends who provide as much support as they can. It is just an uncomfortable situation for all. I miss my husband very much but I am trying to live my life in a way that he would want. He always motivated me and I know that he would be very upset if I just stopped living life because I know how much he wanted to live and how hard he fought through his many battles with illness after illness. So I visit him every Sunday at our gravesite and tell him all about the week and the kids and my work and everything.
He was a special man and I miss him. I live my life to honor him. He was a 100% service connected disabled veteran and I am honored to have been his wife for 26 years. Hope everyone finds peace as we move forward along this very strange and lonely path.
Comment by SDS yesterday
Today marks the 6th month since I lost my husband. It has been an up and down day but I survived. This is only the second time I have posted but I visit this site often and take great comfort in a lot of the advice that is given by all of you who are walking this same difficult road. It really helps to know that I am not alone and one day soon (when I'm feeling up to it) I will share my story. I wish you all a peaceful evening.
Comment by Shirah yesterday

{{{{{{{{everybody}}}}}}}}}} hugs and prayers...it seems we all have some challenges to face...and get through...my heart is on overload after reading all this...may G-d bless and give us wisdom.

Comment by sugr-plum (shelly) yesterday

On another note... My son went to grief camp on Sunday... I hope to hear from him in a few days... but he's a typical teenager... I'll probably have to wait until he comes home next Sunday :)  I hope they give him the tools he needs, and that he meets some other teens that can help him in ways I can't.  

Comment by sugr-plum (shelly) yesterday

Seeking Peace, if you can't make yourself go, don't feel bad... you can support this family in other ways... just like those around you are supporting you... they will understand.. :) 

For the new comers... Sorry for all your losses, I love this group of ppl, and I'm sure you will too, but its heartbreaking to see all the new members... I'm a few days from the 4 month mark... back at the beach... (my happy place)... today, the fog was so thick, that you couldn't see the waves come up and hit your feet... I felt at peace... I can relate to that visual... the fog is thicker some days than others... and when I really got lost (beach patrol should have started looking for me lost!) I didn't really panic.. just kept walking...knowing that eventually (as in life) I'll find my way :)


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