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Widowed in 2015

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Comment by Kaci on April 3, 2017 at 6:31pm
Mary H,
What book are you reading, some of the things you mentioned sound like they could have come from Fighting Forward by Jan Owen.
Comment by Heartbroken Spirit on April 3, 2017 at 3:52pm
Seems like yesterday that Rick passed away. I absolutely hate Cancer!!!! But my life is gaining momentum although I still feel like I am living in a parallel universe. My family and friends are great and extremely supportive but there is a hole in my heart for sure. We had just celebrated our 30 wedding anniversary. I waited so long before posting because it hurt so much to write out my grief. But now, journaling helps. So sorry for everyone's loss!!!!
Comment by Mary H on April 3, 2017 at 8:28am

Happy belated birthday Hope!  I'm sure it was hard, be we all care about you.  My own birthday is coming in a couple of weeks and I plan to ignore it.  Or maybe to lean in to the pain.  I've made a lot of mistakes trying to be strong because I thought it hopeless to ever get past how I feel, but I'm learning now to do just as everyone a little further along on this site has suggested ever since the beginning, to allow myself to feel how I feel regardless of the judgements I or anyone else around me makes about my life and the way I am handling the devastating loss of my husband and the end of my own best years.  I found this great book which put it perfectly that says that grief is the feeling that you can never get over something, that "this one is too difficult."  It made a good case that if you resist your grief it can go on and on for years.  So here's to feeling really sad, and Happy Birthday to us.

Comment by Hope on April 3, 2017 at 5:37am

Trying to come back to life..Mary H. I get that. Its 21 months and counting for me. Thelma and Terry I understand your thinking and mixelated...yes, flat. The world feels flat a lot. I read where its better to accept our feelings than try to change them so I am trying to let go and not try to treat grief like a problem to be solved. Love to all of you. I turned 70 on Friday and it would have been our 33rd wedding anniversary. The love of my life. Everything going forward will be ok I guess but the best years of my life will always have been those with Ken

Comment by alonenow (Betsy) on March 30, 2017 at 2:10am
I am so glad that this group is active again. It is so validating. I have been struggling for a long time because I just didn't care about anything. Still a problem at 18 months but sometimes there are little glimmers of interest and hope. It's a long slog and life will never be the same without our loved ones but it sounds like many are making some progress, baby steps. Thanks so much for being here.
Comment by Mary H on March 29, 2017 at 8:36pm

It's good to know that you'd want to quit though, right?  A little message from yourself to yourself that you'd rather have a different job?  I know its not always practical to follow our dreams, but from where I'm sitting, I'm just trying to have dreams again, trying to care more about the little things so that I don't have to feel so much like I'm doing time.  I think about the beauty the dying often find in life when they know time is short, and I find my time too long, and nothing moves me anymore.  I've been trying to do things for myself, trying to come back to life, and it works for a little while, which is an improvement I guess.  It is a lot like depression, although it feels more like just having a too accurate picture of what the rest of life is going to be missing.

Comment by FitFLNana (Thelma) on March 29, 2017 at 1:10pm

I am in there with the rest of you!  It's been 2 years and one month for me - and I still am not really sure who I am now.  I'm still half of a whole.  Terry, if it wasn't for you feeling the same way, I'd think men are different.  I have a male friend who lost his wife exactly one year after my husband died, and he has been dating now for a few months - met women on a dating website!  That just is no where on my radar.  I think I need to be at a good place myself before even considering that!  I like the live as if it was only 1 more year idea too - except, I'd be like Terry again and want to quit my job - so then I'd be in trouble at the end of the year!  I just keep plugging along and end up back here reading your posts to remind myself that it isn't just me!  Thank you all.

Comment by mixelated on March 28, 2017 at 5:47pm

I am right there with you all on this. It's not exactly depression, but it is a lot like it. It makes me crazy when people are surprised that I'm "still dealing with that." If they think most widows are whooping it up and dancing the conga or whatever after just two years, then it's clear that they haven't bothered to pay attention. I miss him every day. I feel as though time is short, despite my being relatively young, so I am trying to do some of the things I enjoy the most, like hiking. However, it all seems very flat without him even if they're my own interests. (On the other hand, I did go hiking by myself for the first time last week, and that was unexpectedly wonderful, even if I found myself talking to flowers and trees like a complete nut.) I am starting to feel very lonely now and then, but I really don't want anyone's company - I'm not sure that makes sense, but there it is. I too am tired of being tired and lost and unhappy, and I'm hoping to catch hold of something that brings back an interest in life. Maybe I should set a goal to work towards, like backpacking for the first time, or a ten or fifteen-mile hike like I haven't done in years. A big enough goal to feel I've accomplished something, but small enough to be doable.

Comment by Flower on March 28, 2017 at 5:04pm
Bundles and Hope,
I crave quiet time! People always ask me if I am lonely - the answer is no but I miss my husband horribly. I find being around people is very tiring and by the time I have spent the day trying to be normal at work I am done! I make myself go out one evening a week and once at the weekend and I am normally glad I did but honestly that is enough for me.
Comment by Hope on March 28, 2017 at 4:54pm

Bundle, I like that idea of going to your own rhythm. I can't do what I used to...don't have the same desires or interests. I am not a homebody but I do find that I don't need as much interaction as I used to


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