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How do you all get through Friday night and then the weekend?  Friday night used to be fun, Mike and I would go out for some mexican food and margaritas .  Saturday's and Sunday's are long and boring.  I miss him so much. 

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Struggling with the weekends myself. The blues start around noon on Friday. Friday night was steak night at our house. In the summer, we spent the entire evening on the deck, listening to music, talking, sharing a bottle of nice red wine. I've tried a few volunteer activities on Saturdays but they are very clicky and I don't feel welcome. I've considered getting a weekend job, just to fill the empty hours.

Definitely difficult on the weekend. John and I used to fish on Friday night. I hate not having him here.

Throughout college until our son was born, my husband and I always hung out on Friday night and weekend literally all waking hours together. We didn't move in together until we got married so we always dragged to leave each other to go home because we two simply were too much in love. Barnes and Nobles dates on Friday night after school/work, shopping and fine dining on Sat, church on Sunday then bookstores dates afterwards. Sometimes we went to movies but not so much after we graduated from college. For 13 years, we had so much fun together as young couples. When our son was born few years ago, our weekend were all about playground, bookstores, parks and so forth. He died in 2016 from sudden illness and my entire world is turned upside down. To begin with, I have always been a homey person, I never liked too much social life or going out too often. But I was so happy with husband so I didn't mind going out with him. Without husband, I simply do not want to go out at all. And the fact I hate to be a single parent, I drag going out on weekend with my son. It hurts me to see other happy family when mine is no more. We have been told many young people do not value or nurture relationship like the way my hubby and I did. We simply were perfect, loyal and committed to each other. I hate to go out with my son without a mate. I hate seeing other happy families. Call me silly because I know I am. I feel bad for him that he is stuck at home with me all day long. I hate weekend.... I used to go out feeling proud having a perfect man to hang out with, and I had such a perfect family. Now, everything is shattered. Some people told me I am young and I should go out... but I don't want to go out without husband. I hate experiencing widowhood at such young age. Why me, I always ask. 

OMG, I'm so sorry.  I'm sorry for all of us.  I'm frightened at age 57 of being a widow already , I can't imagine how frightened you must feel.  Yes I feel like everything is shattered too.  I don't know what to do now.  I have two grown daughters.  Everyday is sad for me, but especially weekends.  I know everybody else is with their wives and husbands , and I'm just here watching some dumb tv show or a damn movie .  

I read a lot, do lots of jigsaw puzzles, and I sleep all the time to kill time.

Glad my toddler son could play by himself and he knows when I need to nap, he needs to play alone in the living room.

I always buy my own books but with the rate I am reading right now, I don't have space to store books when I have no one to build bookshelves for me anymore, and better save money when the breadwinner is gone. Never wanted to get tablets before simply hubby and I did not want our son to get used to the idea of having a gadget nanny. But now I do have a tablet so that i could check ebooks out from the local libraries.

I am on my 18th month without hubby. I don't know how many more 18 months I will have to endure this anger I have.

Hi KayeL,

    I love my audio books I get them for free through the library. I'm listening to one now on my Ipad. I need to hear a voice. I feel much better that way. 

   Today makes 6 months since Paul passed away. ( Brain Cancer)

   I don't feel anger anymore... I feel relief that he no longer has pain. But I'm lonely. I always want to talk to him and be held by him. He was my snuggler. 




In some ways, I've found weekends to be crazier than weekdays.  Maybe it's because many of my activities are centered around my church and so many others involve people who work FT so I end up with multiple priorities on Saturday mornings.  I have a French discussion group on Saturday mornings every other week, I'm needed to work in the church garden Saturday mornings (we have a dwindling number of volunteers but one other great guy who's 80 covers for me).  Yesterday I had to attend a Diocesan meeting to pass a new budget that started with a 10 AM service which I had to attend after they asked if I could read one of the prayers.  Another church friend with season tickets to the Symphony said her husband didn't want to go to last night's program so would I like to?  She and I met another couple for dinner and then we all went to the Symphony.  I left the house for a 7 AM gym workout and got home at 11 PM!

This morning I got an e-mail asking if I could fill in for someone who was supposed to work the church nursery during the service- I know she's struggling with changing her meds for bipolar disease and she's not feeling well.  I have ot get there an hour early because two kids belong to choir members and they rehearse then.  Well, I guess my morning is covered! 

DH and  were homebodies so didn't do anything special on Friday or Saturday nights and that probably helps.  Have any of your tried MeetUp groups?  That's how I found the French discussion group.

Hi everyone,  Today its raining here in Georgia , and Mike and I would have gone to a movie.  I have tried going by myself , it was painful , but I think I could do it again.  I really enjoy the big screen and popcorn, and usually I'm not the only party of one there.  We have a horse farm , so there is plenty to do.  I try to ride one  horse a day.  And there is always stalls to clean and horses to bathe.  Mike was not a horse person, so this is something I did on my own anyway.  It's just hard to walk back in the house , tired, dirty, and hungry and he's not there to greet me.  He was interested gardening vegetables and so I decided to plant this spring in his raised beds.  I'm kind of doing it in his honor.  I even bought a sign that says Granddad's Garden.  So I guess I do stay busy with horses, lawn maintenance , pasture maintenance , and gardening.  I have four dogs too!  Catapan, I love hiking too.  And I have joined a meet up group that hikes with their dogs.  Athena,  Meet up groups are a good suggestion. Three days a week I babysit my grandson, so that helps me feel like I have job in a way and gets me through the week.   Well its time for lunch, so I guess I'll go force myself to eat something. 


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