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Has Anyone had any 'Strange' things happen in your house since your spouse passed?

Good Morning Everyone

I haven't had much of a chance to post anything recently, but I do read everything. I just had to ask this question. Two days after my Rick passed, December 20, 2017, I was trying to log onto his Yahoo account. It wouldn't let me in, since I was using the password he told me months prior to use. I was freaking out, because all of our e-bills and financial stuff, and emails from friends and our then-running marmalade business, and then Yahoo linked him up to Facebook and then Messenger.  Rick took care of all the financials and contacts since he was retired, and I am still working a full time job.   In my panic, I started going through files, etc,  but nothing.  I then looked over at a dusty Rolodex on the windowsill. I hadn't looked in it for years.  Guess what the Rolodex was turned to?  Yahoo, with his new password.  I knew for a fact that was my Rick.  But in the 3 months (today) since he passed, there has been nothing else from him. Nothing. And it has made me sad to know he's no longer around. He had completely rebuilt our house from the studs up, and built our guest house all by himself, so just being in our house gives me comfort. But I was sad that I didn't feel his 'presence'.

Well, Monday I was getting ready to leave work. I now drive his Mini, which has a fob for a key. I unlocked the door, sat in the seat, and I hadn't had a chance to insert the fob into the ignition when the radio turned on all by itself!  OK, I thought, that's odd. When I got home, my sister, who has been staying in the guest house since Rick's passing, came up and said 'don't ask me what is going on with the TV and radio'.  When I leave for work, I leave the radio on for my dogs, and the TV is off.  She came up to the house about noon, and the radio was off, and the TV was on. Not only that, but nothing worked on the remote....nothing.  Turns out, the TV in the guest house did the same, and then hers changed channels all by itself. She thought there must be something wrong with the Satellite box. She then went into one of the bedrooms where all of his marmalades are stored, and she picked up a jar, and instantaneously broke into wracking sobs, out of nowhere! She left the guesthouse, thinking that Rick was there. She checked the dogs, but they weren't acting differently.

I contacted DISH, took the day off yesterday, and the technician was there for 2 hours, checking and re-checking both TV's, satellite box, everything.......he couldn't find anything wrong. He just re-set everything, and it's working fine again.  Now maybe I'm over-thinking this, but the car radio, the TV's and the satellite going screwy all at once seems strange. Maybe my Rick was letting us know he's still there.  What are your thoughts? Have you been 'visited' by your loved one?

Shoosie   AKA  Steph

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Steph, I believe I have.  I had had interesting things happen.  Like his lost cell phone.  I was getting ready for the arrival of Hurricane Irma and I kept asking Dennis questions and then all of a sudden I was going to get a T-Shirt out of a drawer and there was his phone.  To me that was him telling me he heard me (he "got my call").  My one cat was such a loner and now he will not leave my side.  I always ask him if his Dad is telling him to take care of me, and then there is a loud noise in the front of the house answering me.  Dennis was retired and he used to sleep in a front bedroom during the week and I slept in the Master because I went to bed early and got up early.  He would sleep in the Master on weekends.  He always teased me saying that he didn't understand why I got the $100 sheets and he got the $20 sheets.  After he passed I was changing the sheets and on both spare sets the top sheet was missing.  Gone and I have not found them since.  So I believe he is here watching over me.  Carol

Hi Steph, I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, strange things for sure have happened to me as well. My husband was an electrician and we had a business together for 25+ years, and we did all of the electrical for our home. The night my husband died, I had no idea until much later that night, some lights in a hallway were blinking on and off. I realized later that it was about the time of his death. Lights will randomly blink on and off throughout our home. His beautiful box which looks like a pretty wood pedestal is in a rounded niche in my foyer, where I keep 3 penguin figurines on top, representing us and our daughter, he loved penguins. A spotlight will come on and light him up, I know it is him. My husband also finished a cute guest house (started as a pool house for storage) right off our deck. It's our "love shack" as my friends called it, or the "hut". It was our special place, complete with tv, bed, couch. It's where we slept for years despite having a large home. It was our sanctuary. Since I lost him I spend most of my time there with my 2 dogs. It's where I feel the most safe. One day, my tv screen wouldn't come on, I checked cords, unplugged, etc... and was talking with him. Then I felt him letting me know I could do it. And I did, somehow I figured it out, still not knowing why it stopped working. No logical reason. Another time I came into the kitchen and my keurig was lit up, I know it had been turned off, because I am vigilant about that, since I was the only one who drank coffee. These little moments let me know that he is around and messing with me. I have only had one major experience where I really felt him, I as many of you cannot get to rest at a normal time, more like between 4 and 6 AM, I recall trying to fall asleep and feeling my covers move and an incredible sense of light and warmth engulfing me, and I knew it was him. I have faith that he is with me. I tend to read more on this page than share, it helps me so much to know I am not alone, despite feeling so alone most of the time. I wish you more visits and signs of your beloved. Best wishes on your journey. I am Stephanie as well! Hugs!

Shooshie and Gunnerx2 and senecagirl, I think it's wonderful that you've had or felt signs!  I wish I would feel it.  I have some "God Winks" if you will but nothing that says Jerry's spirit is here on earth with me.  I don't think I ever will.  Jerry told me years ago that he wouldn't be back if he died he was going to stay gone....he was an odd duck.  He did have very good reasons for saying that to me and he was right.  Still though, I've give just about anything to experience his presence. 

I believe it's possible!  He's just being stubborn as usual!  

Misty, well that's a sign in itself.  He's with you when you need him most and you do not even know it    Carol

Carol, most recently I've been looking around at homes in another area just in case I end up moving.  I found one I particularly liked that would be affordable and guess what?  The realtor's name was Jerry S*****.  Granted it's about the most common name in the USA but still!! I took it as a sign! LOL :) 

It is a sign.  I used to miss them all the time, never even thought about it and when I became sensitive to them I realized they are all over.  I have had the same cell phone for 20 years ###1786.  I always gave my number as seventeen eighty-six.  One time a few months ago I said one seven eight six and I almost lost it.  It is my husband's and my birthdays.  I cannot believe I never noticed it for 20 years.  Carol

Hi Shoosie, I also had numerous strange things happen, mostly in the week or 2 after my husband passed in July 2017. And they were all related to electricity or technology. The most prominent one was that the morning after he died four light switches swopped (what was previously the on setting was now the off setting). The day after his rememberance service the light switches went back to their normal setting, as I knew they would. It was comforting to know he was there with me. Love and light.

To this day, the alarm lights up whenever I'm struggling w/an issue especially w/the kids - it flashes in rapid succession ...

Bob had the alarm company on his list to have the service connected the week prior to his death - I assumed he had taken care of it since it kept flashing, but I never received a bill ...

I called ADT alarm services, they told me repeatedly its not connected. I also had 4 electricians look at the alarm system - they've immediately shown me the switch in the electrical box turned to the off position as well as no indication of an electrical current flowing to it. I've never had it connected to prevent confusion between a breach in security & whatever signs Bob might be sending since they provide great comfort & security in what is an incredibly safe neighborhood. It has kept me from running out to get a new hubby as a security blanket, too ...  :-)

It isn't a strange occurrence but I thought I'd put it out here and see what you guys think.

Last week within about 4 days Jerry's daughter and I had basically the same dream.  We both dreamed he was talking to us and didn't realize he was dead.  Neither of us wanted to tell him.  She hugged him thinking she would go through him/I grabbed his hand.  We didn't go through him as we thought.  

I think it's very odd we both had that happen and she told me of her dream without knowing of mine.  

Sometimes I think my husband is saying something to me, but I'm not sure- I could just be talking to myself.  I've read and heard from people that they feel their husband's/wife's presence constantly.  And I wish that was true for me.  But there was one event....    Soon after my husband died, I put my his favorite t-shirt on a pillow and placed it on his recliner.  Then I blew up a photograph of my husband's head & shoulders and tacked it to his recliner above the pillow/t shirt.  One day I came home after walking the dogs and the chair's back and footrest were in the recline position.  This can only be done by sitting in the chair and pushing backwards.  So was it my husband visiting?  I don't know.  I hope so.  I haven't moved it since.  

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you Shelley, Misty, Melissa, Gunnerx2, Jija and Senecagirl.

I still am getting the MiniCooper's radio turning on ....or off....when I get in or out of the car. It's either before I insert the key fob, or after I've removed it, but the radio has a mind of it's own. My mechanic says there is NO way this could be happening before the key is inserted. He even called BMW, who makes Mini, to make sure. So it's just my Rick, letting me know he's still here, even thought I can't see him, but he can see me.

Hugs and Peace


You are very welcome! Sharing these experiences keeps everyone from thinking they're hallucinating which by the way is possible when over tired. For myself, I still get signs from Bob at any time no matter what my mood is ...

BTW, the cruise control switched on excellerating up to 65mph then set to that speed while the kids & I were driving home. I had times when I was driving 20mph on the freeway - that was one of those times ...

Blessings ...


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