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Has Anyone had any 'Strange' things happen in your house since your spouse passed?

Good Morning Everyone

I haven't had much of a chance to post anything recently, but I do read everything. I just had to ask this question. Two days after my Rick passed, December 20, 2017, I was trying to log onto his Yahoo account. It wouldn't let me in, since I was using the password he told me months prior to use. I was freaking out, because all of our e-bills and financial stuff, and emails from friends and our then-running marmalade business, and then Yahoo linked him up to Facebook and then Messenger.  Rick took care of all the financials and contacts since he was retired, and I am still working a full time job.   In my panic, I started going through files, etc,  but nothing.  I then looked over at a dusty Rolodex on the windowsill. I hadn't looked in it for years.  Guess what the Rolodex was turned to?  Yahoo, with his new password.  I knew for a fact that was my Rick.  But in the 3 months (today) since he passed, there has been nothing else from him. Nothing. And it has made me sad to know he's no longer around. He had completely rebuilt our house from the studs up, and built our guest house all by himself, so just being in our house gives me comfort. But I was sad that I didn't feel his 'presence'.

Well, Monday I was getting ready to leave work. I now drive his Mini, which has a fob for a key. I unlocked the door, sat in the seat, and I hadn't had a chance to insert the fob into the ignition when the radio turned on all by itself!  OK, I thought, that's odd. When I got home, my sister, who has been staying in the guest house since Rick's passing, came up and said 'don't ask me what is going on with the TV and radio'.  When I leave for work, I leave the radio on for my dogs, and the TV is off.  She came up to the house about noon, and the radio was off, and the TV was on. Not only that, but nothing worked on the remote....nothing.  Turns out, the TV in the guest house did the same, and then hers changed channels all by itself. She thought there must be something wrong with the Satellite box. She then went into one of the bedrooms where all of his marmalades are stored, and she picked up a jar, and instantaneously broke into wracking sobs, out of nowhere! She left the guesthouse, thinking that Rick was there. She checked the dogs, but they weren't acting differently.

I contacted DISH, took the day off yesterday, and the technician was there for 2 hours, checking and re-checking both TV's, satellite box, everything.......he couldn't find anything wrong. He just re-set everything, and it's working fine again.  Now maybe I'm over-thinking this, but the car radio, the TV's and the satellite going screwy all at once seems strange. Maybe my Rick was letting us know he's still there.  What are your thoughts? Have you been 'visited' by your loved one?

Shoosie   AKA  Steph

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I believe that these strange events are visits from our person from the other side.  

Hello, I'm new here.  Lost my wife Mary in March of 2017, complications from Alzheimer's, a month before her 74th B'day.  We had been married for 45 years. 

My desktop PC is on a regular desk in a spare bedroom, the desk having the usual two small upper drawers and two lower larger drawers on each side.  Shortly after her death, the lower left drawer would open a few inches, followed later by the right drawer doing the same thing.  I couldn't understand what was causing it, and it began to drive me crazy.  I contacted a medium with whom I had gotten questions answered previously, and she told me that Mary's opening of the left drawer was her indication that she is with me, and the right displayed how she was doing.  This still occurs, almost two years later, and only when I'm sitting here.  First the left, and then the right drawer, and they are opening farther out than when this began.

For the first six months or so, I got quite a variety of signs, which have pretty much tapered off, save for the continual drawer openings.

Shortly after she passed, I had our two kids over to help me clean out her things (I'm watching my left lower drawer open as I'm typing this). Our
daughter went through her clothes, jewelry, underwear, etc., sorting out what to be discarded, what could be donated, and what she wanted for herself. A few days later, I went to open my bathroom drawer where I keep my underpants, which are folded and arranged in a stack, front to back in the drawer. Lying across them were two pairs of her underpants! Of course I asked our daughter if she had put them there, and she said, "oh no dad, I threw all her underwear away".

Before I had our walk-in closet cleaned out, I had looked for a pair of jeans of a style that she used to wear, which had an elastic waistband, but couldn't find any. This closet, BTW, was jam-packed with her clothes. Anyway, awhile later, I happened to look into the closet again, and there, lying on the floor directly in front of me was a brand new pair of the jeans I wanted!

One evening I was in our family room, which is right off the kitchen, watching TV, when all of a sudden a loud crash occurred in the kitchen. Somehow, one of the pans was dropped noisily inside a wok (where it had been sitting previously). At another time, while dozing on the couch, I felt a thumb and
fingers as if stroking the sides of my chin, something she used to occasionally do.

I had made myself breakfast one morning, and after eating, strolled around our backyard. For about a second or two, I could smell breakfast cooking, the way it was when she used to do it.

Not too long after she died, I had asked her to show me some energy. I was sitting in here at the computer, where I have horizontal mini blinds over the window. I had the window open, but it was calm, no breeze. All of a sudden the blinds were rippled from top to bottom, several times, as if someone were running their fingers down them.

Our daughter Elizabeth who worked in the next valley over, would stop at the cemetery on her way home from work, to visit her mother's grave, every day initially after the burial. Mary apparently didn't want that kind of morbid activity. Elizabeth told me that after awhile she had been unable to stop at the cemetery; her mind would simply ignore the fwy offramp to the cemetery, and she would find herself turning off at the normal route home.

Mary and I had both smoked, I with Marlboro and her with Salem, but I quit in 1981, and she followed about a year or so later. A few months after her death, our son, who has psychic abilities, told me that "mom has taken up smoking again". Now how they do this, don't ask me, lol.  Anyway, some months later I was outside on the patio behind our bedroom sitting room, looking at a tree sapling in a planter area that I had planted awhile earlier. All of a sudden I saw smoke rings! They were blowing from right to left, rings, and some puffs. I immediately went into the bushes area to see if there was a fire of some sort, but nothing was there. I walked back out on the patio and they started again. I couldn't believe it! I KNEW it was her! So I later checked with our son,  and he told me, "yes, it was mom, and she showed me the cigarette she was smoking. It had a green ring around the filter." That is the trademark for Salem. I actually saw a manifestation from the other plane of existence!

On Mary's grave marker, under her name and dates, I had them inscribe, "My Delicate Flower".

Last year wasn't the best for me; I lost Mary in March, and later had to have Prostate surgery, in June. A few months later I had to go in for a  
follow up with the doctor. I'm a physically sensitive guy, and couldn't handle his probing of me before the operation, at which time he called me some disparaging terms. So in the follow up, he indicated that he was going to need a biopsy to determine if I had any cancerous cells in my prostate gland. The nurse who assists him told him that the hospital had samples. I exclaimed relief that I wasn't going to be subjected to further probing. The doctor mentioned something about my sensitivity, and I replied, "no you didn't say that; you called me a wimp, I distinctly remember". He sat back, as if searching for what to say, and then expressed, "you're a delicate flower". She actually manipulated what he spoke! 

I'm comforted by the fact that her spirit energy is always with me, but frustrated in that I can't see, hear, or touch her.  I was a real basket case for prolly the first six months or so.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope some may find it interesting.


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