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   Been really missing my hubby Mark today, so I've decided to post a little bit about him and who he was. Feel free to add to the discussion with your on In memory of... So here goes. In memory of Mark Ryan Winchester April 23 1979-January 2 2017...

We were blessed with 12 years of friendship, 11 years as a couple, 5 years of marriage, and 19 short months of parenting our boy together. I am forever grateful for these times and would do anything if we could pick up where we left off. Some of my favorite memories are:

   1. That time we got a good snow and walked to the park behind our apartment to play in the snow at like 10 or 11 at night. We swung on the swings, throw snowballs, made snow angels and just had a great time in a park that looked like no one else had been there all day

   2. Telling your parents that they were gonna have another grandchild using an easy bake oven with a honey bun inside it. One of the best days ever!

   3. Lazy weekend mornings where we'd sleep in, make brunch, and take our time deciding what to do with the day. 

   4. Being a model for God only knows how many photo shoots while you were testing out new gear or just wanted to take pictures of me

   5. You coming home from work and giving me a kiss before doing anything else

   6. Painting our little boy's room together and hearing your brag to everyone about your boy before he was even here

   7. When we had a newborn who wouldn't sleep for more than like 2 hours at a time, and you figured out that playing music helped him. This was a life saver!

   8. The couple of years that we commuted to work together and would stop for dinner and drinks if traffic was awful on the way home. You would always drive and let me get extra sleep if I wanted it

  9. Introducing you to my family for the first time, and everyone immediately loving you

  10. Our wedding day... the smile on your face as you were looking at me and we were about to say our vows. That was amazing. I hope to see the same look when I see you again one day

I miss you and our old life so badly. Life will never be the same. I miss your excitement and optimism even when life was challenging, but most you all I miss your smile and loving nature. 

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Ashley I am so very sorry for your loss. We are never prepared but your husband was so very young.

I too, lost my husband on January 2, 2017. We have been married 42 years but actually been together 45, we started dating as juniors in high school. We hade so many memories but some days it seems I can't remember them.

Tom was ornery, loved to tease and if he liked you he picked on you. If he didn't pick on you, well you had better watch out. He was a song writer, nothing that could be printed or sung in public, but a song writer none the less. He could fix anything mechanical. No matter how bad he felt, when asked how he was doing he would say "I'm okay but you are YOU doing?" He loved to buy strangers dinners when we went out to eat. He never met a dog he didn't like or stop to pet for that matter. He was just an all around genuine "good guy" and boy do I miss him


I'm so sorry.  You are so  young for such a big loss.  My heart goes out to you.  And thank you for this thread... it's a wonderful way to share.  Dan and I were married for 47 years, dating almost 2 years before that.  I was 19!  We were in college....

Dan had a great sense of humor and could tell jokes til the sun rose.   He often thought he should be a stand up comic, but he became a serious college professor instead.  He carried his humor into the classroom when he could.  He influenced thousands of students, teaching them about the world, how to be a critical thinker and appreciate life.

He loved dogs.  He said he "talked dog".. meaning every dog we ever had loved him the MOST.  And he loved them back.

And his love for me was unparalleled.  I wish I could have him back for just an instant to tell him one more time "I love you".


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