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Widowed in 2017

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My free audio book " It's all about.... moving on "

Started by Wendy Apr 1. 0 Replies

Hi, My husband died in September 2017. He was the love of my life. During the last 18 months I wrote a practical book on how it feels and how to navigate through it. This is the link …Continue

Making new friends

Started by Mike. Last reply by Lala Mar 2. 24 Replies

I read a lot about people who have a great support group of family and friends. But my wife was my best friend and my family is far away. So my support group is digital, either online or on the…Continue

Has Anyone had any 'Strange' things happen in your house since your spouse passed?

Started by Shoosie2. Last reply by eightracker Jan 25. 14 Replies

Good Morning EveryoneI haven't had much of a chance to post anything recently, but I do read everything. I just had to ask this question. Two days after my Rick passed, December 20, 2017, I was…Continue

6weeks out and overwhelming sadness

Started by Luv4Z. Last reply by SweetMelissa2007 Jul 20, 2018. 9 Replies

Today I have an overwhelming sadness . Im sure this is not a stranger to anyone on this site. I get so sad all of sudden . I have 4 kids under the age of 12 and they see me crying every day. I try to…Continue

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Comment by adoption1964 (Kim) on January 4, 2018 at 4:50am

Good morning to all of you who are new widows, I found the chat room quite insightful.  There is a good mix of widows on there, some with less than 1 year and others who have 5+ there is hope.  Moving through and forward is extremely painful at times.  I have been a widow for 8 months and just listening to others helps.  Let's get through this 1 day at a time and together.

Comment by adoption1964 (Kim) on January 2, 2018 at 8:18am

NancyD thank you so much for your support.  I am struggling with how much I should share with my daughter.  She always says she needs to be there for me and her kids.  I try to tell her I am fine and if I cry I cry.  It is really hard for them. Like you I have a a counselor; she is terrific.  I just struggle with how much emotion I should share with them.  I took both of the older grandkids to counseling separately; now my granddaughter she is 8 has requested to go.  The experience more than I expected.  My 14 yr old grandson opened up in a way that made me cry and wanted to make my counselor cry.  I didn't know he felt the way he did.  A short side note we have basically raised the kids they are very close to both of us.  My 14 year old grandson told me that he hates to see me cry and told the counselor that so and why - he said that I was always happy until papa was diagnosed with cancer and he hated to see me sad.  Knife again into the heart.  He was a role model for all of them and it tears me apart to watch them grow up without him and what he is missing.

Comment by NancyD on January 2, 2018 at 7:14am

adoption1964: I could have written your post myself, almost word by word.  I live alone but my adult children and grandkids live nearby and watching them struggle with their grief is really tough.  Our "Papa Bear" was so well loved and life seems empty without him, for all of us.  I am careful about how much I share my pain with my children because it doesn't seem fair for them to have to worry about their mother as well as themselves and their own kids in this season of grief.  

I, too, was starting to do a little better and then got knocked right down by the holidays.  But we made it through and this morning I am holding on to that. I do believe I will slowly feel better.  (My grief counselor says that, and since she is a professional I've decided I should believe her!!!)    

Comment by adoption1964 (Kim) on January 2, 2018 at 5:27am

Hello my screen comes up Adoption1964 -  my name is Kim - I want to keep that real.  It seems that so much seems on surreal or unreal at times.  I am who I am and reality was I rang in the New Year as a widow and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  2018 starting a New Year without my husband was so hard.  I cried most of yesterday.  There is a song by Cole Swindle - "You Should Be Here" it was on the radio yesterday and I all did was cry.  I know this will get better.  I was doing better then the holidays took me down to a new level.  I am crawling back up and out of it.  It is really hard at times as I have 3 grandkids and a daughter living with me who are struggling with their own pain with the loss of her father and the kids role model.

It breaks my heart to see them hurt and at the same time I am hurting inside. Jack was a wonderful man, father, husband, best friend, lover, friend, and papa.  I long and miss for those days that we were together someone to tell me everything will be ok.  In my head I know I will be ok.  I am not where I was at day 1.  I just hurt and my heartaches right now.  I think my saving grace this month will be getting through the year end tax stuff at work. Thanks for letting me share and get out it hurts.

Comment by Jude on December 31, 2017 at 3:17pm

It's been 32 days since I lost my husband. I was numb and frustrated for the first three weeks, now I'm crying, confused, scared and don't have much energy. I'm afraid I'm going to get so depressed I won't be able to get out of bed. I have a full time job and an adult son disabled by bipolar illness who I care for. So not getting out of bed would cause lots of problems. 

Comment by Dianne in Nevada on December 31, 2017 at 11:10am

If you don't have plans this evening, pop into the chat room to ring in the new year with other Villagers. You are not alone. We'll be there for all US time zones from 11pm Eastern to 12:30am Pacific.

Comment by Greg on December 28, 2017 at 9:05pm

Sound--hold on to that dream. What a wonderful experience you had. Do not ever forget it. I am still waiting for my Patti to come to me in my dreams. God gave you a gift in a form of a dream. How blessed you are. Shed tears of joy for what you have received. 

Comment by SoundOfSilence on December 28, 2017 at 8:54pm

I had a dream today of my husband Dan, it is the first real dream of him I have had (that I can remember and was not a nightmare). He woke up and we kissed like crazy, I told him "they said you were not going to wake up" and he cried for me and kissed me, then I woke up and it was over. Oh how I wished it was real and he had really woken up. I cannot stop crying.

Comment by HelensRay on December 28, 2017 at 10:26am

I know here you are AD1964, but at least the first part of this time is over.  Helen went 30th June and I do believe (hope) I am now on the way forward. I think (think!!) and hope I am now past grieving and now in just missing my Helen.  Missing her is bad but grieving is just so much more.  I don't know what the days ahead hold but I just hope I can live but hold on to my good memories of me and Helen.. Ray

Comment by adoption1964 (Kim) on December 28, 2017 at 7:14am

Well here it is a year later since my husband had the surgery to remove his right kidney, ureter and piece of his bladder.  Where is he now, gone.  This surgery was in hopes to extend his life.  Nope I truly think it shortened it; he passed on May 2, 2017 from Stage IV Kidney cancer.  He went so fast.  I have so many regrets these days.  Why did we do the surgery all it did was make a miserable road of recovery and then to go into Chemo/Pallative care for another 10 weeks.  My husband spent his last birthday in the hospital alone in so much pain.  Yes we both knew the risks however in hindsight I would think twice about the surgery.  This grieving process is such a rollercoaster ride.  I think I am finding some anger.  I thought that would have been earlier in the process.  Christmas was ok, he loved this holiday and all the lights.  Tomorrow is his birthday and man do I miss him.  I know all of you on here get the feelings. I have been in counseling for 4 months and it has helped; but I am on a rollercoaster backwards; at least it feels like that.


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