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i have been having panic attacks out of no where. Any advise on this subject? It is not fun at all. Julie

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Hi Julie, I started my panic attacks during the year prior to my hubby Bill's death.  I was his caregiver.  My doctor gave me a list of soothing herbal teas to help with them.  I chose Lemon Balm Tea.  Got it on Amazon.  It helps along with physical exercise and deep breathing exercises.  Another tea that I find helpful is Tazo Calm Chamomile that I got at Walmart.  Calm chamomile has chamomile, hibiscus, spearmint, rose, lemongrass, blackberry leaves, sarsaparilla root, lemon balm, and licorice root.  As soon as Bill passed, my panic attacks went away, only to reappear a year later.  Go figure!  So I am back to drinking both of them and they HELP.  My Bill passed February 17, 2018.

Thank you. I will ask my Doctor. I have appt next week. Mine started also when my husband got sick.but I was able to control it better cause he was here to 

help me through it. I am just kind of like a fish out of water. I do the breathing exercises regularly.i exercise several times a week, but I need to do more at 

this vulnerable time. It just comes on so suddenly without any real reason at the time. I felt so calm this morning after a good nights sleep and then Bam, it surprised me. I had just come from church. So, therefore, my days planned events changed. Thank you. I need all the help I can get to keep on thru this 

healing process. Stay well and safe. Julie

I want to send the above comment. I hope it went through. Julie

Hi Julie,  I got your reply.  -Mary

If the tea helps, fabulous.  If not, I find counseling is golden for everything.  Even if I don't have much to talk about, just knowing that appt. is there helps me.

I started seeing someone last week. I will continue. It does help to have some one non judgmental 

Listen to your story. She is a great listener and is very positive. What I need right now. Thank you 

for helping. All these suggestions should help. Not an easy journey. Stay safe and well.julie

Thanks for being on this site.  I turn here often for validation, support, commiseration...

We get you.  We're going through it as well.  Never got attacks before losing Bill.  Stopping and breathing helps.  I always say what would he say to comfort me now. 

I lost my husband to cancer almost 7 months ago and have now started having panic attacks. Not easy dealing with the loss, sadness, grief, and now panic attacks.


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