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Love is Like the Wind, You Can't See it But You Know It's There

I borrowed that quote from the movie "A Walk To Remember", but as I was washing dishes this morning, it felt so strong in my mind and heart. I was washing the sugar and creamer bowls, when I broke into tears. It would seem like I was losing it if anyone had been here, but when we got these bowls, my husband put the sugar in the creamer container and the creamer (powdered) in the sugar container. When I asked him if he realized it, he replied that he did, but since we use far more creamer than sugar he had reversed them. Anyone around would not understand the bond over those bowls, but that doesn't matter, I can feel it. I feel his love often in the stomach area just under my chest. It feels like a slight kick which takes my breath and pushes tears to my eyes. When this happens around anyone, they want to console me, but I don't feel I need to be consoled at those times. I feel it is a personal moment between my husband and myself and love is like the wind, they can't see it, but I know it's there. 

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I love this so much.  Because of the little things no one else would understand.

I broke just reading your lit'l story.  It is us who have to carry these little things,

that mean so much.

Thank you for sharing, some days I feel I am going crazy-then I read these

and realize, "we all are in the same boat"


I just felt there would be those on here that understood where I was coming from, even though I'm sure we all feel like we are going crazy or having a total breakdown. My husband and I were a part of each others life for 49 years, married 43, when he passed from a cerebral aneurysm in March. Needless to say, everyday brings connections, but some come through stronger than others. Also, one day I'll be fine in a situation, and the next day the same situation can send me in a tailspin. That's why I joined here. My sons and sisters and friends want to protect me from the pain. I know they mean well, but they can't see the video that plays in my mind. I'd probably go nuts if I didn't have so many good memories to counter the pain. God Bless

protect me from the pain

I guess I don't want to be protected, per say.  I finally had the strength to read his last texts to me.

I don't want protected from this, I just want them to stand beside me, let me be me.

If I stumble help me back up, but it's ok if I stumble, we all do it. (many times a day)

Something reminds me of him everything I do, everywhere I go.  Some of the things make me stumble,

but it's ok.  Hugs... we will get through this.

Crying is not the worst thing.  It can release a lot of tension & sadness.  People are so afraid that they might say something that will trigger a tear or two.  We should broadcast to everyone that we don't need them to trigger any tears, thank you, we have plenty of our own.


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