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   This is my first post to the group!

 I lost the love of my life February 11, 2018 to colon cancer. My husband and I would have celebrated 30 years together last June. It would be an unforgettable trip!

But as life happens ,God had other plans. I've been a part of different grief groups and that has really helped but then there's the immense loneliness  that I feel without my husband right by my side. Sometimes I still can't believe he's really gone.

I've made the decision to sell our home because it just doesn't make sense to be in our  large house all by myself. I became an empty nester and a widow within a matter of 5 months. I've gone from a busy, crowded house to no one but me house. Some days are better that others.

Running is my therapy but my husband,  a huge supporter was always there when I got home.

I still have joy as a believer, I know what's ahead must be amazing because what was behind was incredible! 

Thanks for listening as I shared my first post!

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Hi Margie,

I, too, lost my husband to colon cancer. He passed away 12/7/2018. It’s been very difficult for me as well. I sometimes think about selling our home, as it seems too large, too quiet, and too remote.  Most of my support is an hours drive away. It’s hard for me to get the energy to get out of bed, let alone drive an hour to be with friends and family. I worry that I will miss the house we shared and planned on growing old in. I guess I’ll know when the time is right.  I haven’t been able to address what to do with his belongings. I think packing it up would be too painful at this point. This house is just so quiet now. It’s deafening. Some days are better than others. I think it’s been especially rough lately, as it was his birthday yesterday. It seemed like I was just getting to the point where I could accept his death, then grief smacked me in the face and left me paralyzed once again. It sometimes feels like it’s all just too much. I’m inspired by how you run and how it helps you. I used to be a runner in my younger days. I remember the runners high I would get during and after a run. Perhaps I will try it again. Thanks for your post. It meant a great deal for me to read that today. It gave me a small sliver of hope. Something I haven’t had in a long time. 


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